Sharon Chan’s Journey in the Entertainment Industry

Before Sharon Chan (陳敏之) began her acting career, her ultimate dream was to become a successful singer. With her tall height and curvaceous body figure, she entered the entertainment industry at the young age of 15. Soon after, Sharon auditioned for a music company and became one of five students to a Japanese music teacher.

Recalling those days, Sharon said she had felt like she was dreaming. She woke up each morning questioning herself whether everything was real. Entering the music company was a chance for her wish to be granted. Unfortunately, two years later, the music company decided not to remain in Hong Kong for further developments. Sharon’s dream to become a singer was crushed.

“It was like falling from heaven to hell. I spent two happy years, but I couldn’t believe it ended as fast as it began. I lost my sense of direction, and so I thought I should go back to being a model. However, the music company helped us look for opportunities. They asked me if I wanted to join TVB,” Sharon said.

As a television lover, Sharon was glad of the offer. After a successful audition, she became a host for a game show. Sharon admitted she was very lucky to have had a decent position as soon as she entered TVB, instead of portraying cameos like other newcomers. “Although I didn’t have many opportunities when I was in the music industry, I gained valuable experience. In TVB, nobody looked down on me, and we’re like a family. I have good relationships with my coworkers.”

In terms of filming dramas, many of Sharon’s characters are likely to be unfavorable among the audience. However, Sharon does not mind. “I really like these types of special roles! Although some characters were not good people, they were new opportunities for me. The best part is that I am able to experience a life that is hard to approach in reality. This is when actors get all the fun.”

Most people would think of “Hot Legs Queen” when Sharon’s name is mentioned. This deeply rooted image can be a good or bad thing. “Being praised is of course good, but I don’t want to be only known as ‘Hot Legs Queen’. I don’t want the audience to focus on my legs when I’m portraying other characters.” Sharon exclaims that she would like to challenge herself by playing a mentally disabled person, in order to stray away from the sexy image.

Most Memorable Experience

When asked about her most memorable experience over the years, Sharon speaks of collaborating with Leslie Cheung (張國榮) at the age of 18. “Although it was more than ten years ago, it’s still the most memorable. We filmed a music video together, in which we were in a disco. He was surrounded by a group of girls, and I remember we were already extremely excited to watch him from far away. Suddenly, he chose me and placed my hand on his chest. At the time, I felt so nervous and excited to be able to touch Leslie Cheung’s chest! I wanted to have numerous outtakes, just so I could touch his chest some more.”

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  1. she is stick thin, dont quite see the curvaceous part….haha

    1. yeah I also want to say that, didn’t know she has a curvaceous body until now..

    2. Haha, exactly. Curvy body would be someone like Liu Tao, have meat on her body.
      Sharon Chan is no way considered to be curvaceous body.

  2. I quite liked Sharon in FF. To not be known as the “hot leg queen” she should probably stop showing them off at every opportunity!

    1. She is proud of them and not afraid to show them off.

      1. Then don’t complain why others see her as “Hot Legs Queen.”

  3. Like Sharon.. Gotten a bit too skinny lately but then her poplarity really went up after GJ so busy with more jobs. Hope she’ll get some rest and keep up with the good work!

  4. I really like Sharon. Glad that she’s getting more leading opportunities such as the series with Roger and and the upcoming one with Dayo Wong and Kate.

  5. I personally like Sharon’s acting more than Kate Tsui’s acting. I’m glad that she is getting more opportunities! And I didn’t know that she entered the entertainment agency at 15! So young:P

    1. Agree! She tries to hard with her facial expressions, to obvious at times.

  6. I like Sharon. Always have. Years ago she has always portrayed a bad girl. But she has played these roles well in that I’ve despised her characters. I still love her as an actress for her gutsy portrayal of baddies. No one else seems to wanna do these roles perhaps in fear of loss of fans. I still like her. Sharon is v pretty. I admit she is very skinny but I heard she fell sick in hospital and it explains her major weight loss. I would prefer her to have more meat on her bones. Either way, I still like her!
    Go Sharon go!!! I can’t wait to see u more in ur new roles 🙂

  7. yay!!

    I can’t wait to watch another drama that stars sharon!!!!

    She’s so much better than Kate Tsui.

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