Sheren Tang’s Half-Nude Photos Exposed

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TVB’s grand production series, No Regrets <巾帼枭雄之义海豪情> was aired on October 18th in Hong Kong with positive reception. Since the initial episode, the series has focused on Sheren Tang Shui Man’s domineering character, Cheng Kau Mui. Landing such a exemplary role, perhaps it may be related to Sheren’s handling of her own life’s ups and downs over the past two decades.

Since her parents divorced when she was a child, Sheren grew up in a single parent family. Her first boyfriend in the entertainment industry was veteran actor, Alex Man Chi Leung, who acted as a lover, mentor, and father figure to Sheren. In 1996, Sheren was involved in a love triangle with fellow TVB colleague at the time, Kong Wah, and his wife, Mak Kit Man. Allegedly, Sheren got drunk at a TVB party and publicly admitted that she loved Kong Wah .

Following the Kong Wah scandal, TVB froze Sheren and did not promote her for a period of time. During this time frame, Sheren stripped for some advertising jobs. In one weight loss ad, her shirt was unbuttoned and she posed in a black bra. In another ad, her bare back was revealed.

Sheren’s boldness can seen in her early career. In 1988, when she was only twenty-two years-old, Sheren posed in a topless cover photo for Ming Pao Magazine. The photo aroused heated discussion in Hong Kong at the time. In the photo, the side of Sheren’s breast was exposed. In Loving You II, Sheren had a bed scene with veteran actor, Chung King Fai. In a 2004 TVB movie with Michael Tong Man Lung, Sheren filmed an explicit love scene where she revealed her back.

In her youth, Sheren showcased her bold and rebellious side. Her real life experiences may be even more legendary than Cheng Kau Mui, the character she portrays in No Regrets.

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Jayne: The photo that shocked me the most was Sheren’s topless photo for Ming Pao Magazine. Back in 1988, it was virtually unheard of for a TVB actress to pose so sexily before the camera. Nowadays, it is peanuts with the amount of cleavage seen in the Anniversary Awards show.

Sheren has bounced back stronger after each failed relationship. The most controversial relationship was of course with Kong Wah.

12 comments to Sheren Tang’s Half-Nude Photos Exposed

  1. Aly says:

    These were definitely bold pictures that she took a while back. It’s definitely pointless to for the magazine to publish these photos. But I hope she faces these pics responsibly and will make her an even stronger individual. None of that “I was naive” kind of excuse or act as if she was victimized, because she did pose for these pics at her choice. I think she is such a great actress because she has been through a lot in her personal life and career. She lived in a single family and joined the entertainment industry at a very tender age, so she must have been manipulated, lied to, and have faced several failed relationships-with Alex Man, with her crush on a married man Kong Wah, and with that-forgot his full name but last name was Cheng, I think? She has been through a lot, and I commend her for sticking around and waiting for her breakthrough role and script. Very happy for her that she can finally attain a successful career after so many ups and downs. Hope she finds some luck in love soon.

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  2. pandamao says:

    there was nothing shameful about those pictures or the various “sex” scenes she were in.

    there’s nothing that needs to be bounced back. no matter what the magazine is trying to do, her image won’t be affected. she’s not an angel, she’s just a very talented actress.

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  3. Funn Lim says:

    Excuse me but have you seen those ads with TVB actresses endorsing slimming products or centre? I tell you those are more scandalous! I was shocked with Myolie’s endorsement and what she wore. Basically these are more shocking than Sheren’s.

    And TVB movie with a sex scene? NOW that is unheard of! I am shocked at TVB’s boldness but she’s an actress who knows what she’s doing.

    As for Kong Wah, I heard about that. To be more accurate, I believe it was a one sided love at that time. I wonder does she still feel something for him, that’s why she is unmarried?

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  4. Danielle says:

    Funn, I have seen the Myolie slimming ad photos too! That was really shocking I tell you!

    Sheren’s are nothing compared to the others.

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  5. Rach says:

    Funn, do you remember watching an ATV series I Have A Date With Spring starring Kong Wah and Sheren?

    These old pic of Sheren is NO BIG DEAL. There are even more ……… onces. You need to wash your eyes after looking at it. LOL

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  6. Funn Lim says:

    Rach, yes I do. But I don’t think there was an affair, physically or emotionally that is 2 ways.


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  7. HeTieShou says:

    I think that it seemed like TVB was more conservative back then so it was sort of a big deal for Sheren to pose in those kinds of pictures. But now, it seems like they are modernized so Myolie’s slimming ad pix are no big deal.

    Also, I think especially after the big Edison Chen scandal, the audience and general public are no longer going to blindly think and believe that these artists(male and female) are innocent virgins regardless of how they look like and claim to be.

    I must say that I do commend Sharen on being so brave and not giving up regardless of all the ups and downs in her life. She is a strong person and talented actress. She worked hard for everything she has today. I am glad that her perserverance has paid off and she is achieving the success that she has long hoped for.

    I remember her falling in love with Kong Wah and how sad it was. I thought that falling in love with a guy with a girlfriend was bad, but with a married man. Boy, that must have been really hard and painful…I guess it is just fate… Hope that Sharen will find her true love soon.

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  8. ShaeMinkew says:

    Sheren may have done things in her earlier years that she regrets (or does not regreat). Who are we to judge – have we not done stupid things ourselves at different levels. As a fan, I think she is one damn good actor and thats all I care.

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  9. Tempest says:

    What’s the big deal? Ohnoes she showed a side of a boob in a photo shoot and had a love scene in a TV series, are we still in the 1950’s, even then people did more outrageous things in the name of art. I’ll /facepalm and go into shock if and quite possibly never, she wears no underwear and a short skirt and gives the camera a candid. Which I hope never happens because I have a lot of respect for her. Till then lets keep the criticism over this nonsense to a minimal. And so she loved a married man, big deal, she admitted it, it’s not a crime to love to love someone and sometimes you just can’t help it. She didn’t break up their marriage and she apologized and realized it was wrong. Enough said.

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  10. hannah says:

    actually, i dun care what she has done in the past. i mean, who doesn’t make mistakes? the most important thing is that she has learnt from them. i believe that her life experiences have actually honed and shaped her acting skills. to make her become the people’s tv queen that she is today.

    she brings depth and joy to my tv watching. that’s all i care about. so go, sheren!

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  12. Judy says:

    Now Sheren can look back into her younger days and see how amazing she looked 🙂

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