Has “Rosy Business 3” Gone Kaput? Magazine Reports Cheung Wah-Biu Not Returning to TVB

Earlier on, TVB had previously earnestly discussed with famed golden scriptwriter Cheung Wah-Biu (張華標) for his mighty return to TVB this October.

Cheung Wah-Biu was initially scheduled to come back and churn out a second highly-anticipated sequel to the TVB blockbuster hit, Rosy Business《巾幗梟雄》, together with original producer “Tim-Gor” Lee Tim Shing (李添勝), main leads Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯), Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and the rest of the original cast and crew of “Rosy Business”.

However, the magazine recently received news that Cheung Wah-Biu was asked and persuaded to stay in Taiwan by Jimmy Lai (黎智英) thus abandoning plans to return back to TVB.

Upon hearing about this piece of news, the reactions given by the male and female main leads were as different as chalk and cheese.

Wayne Lai replied in deep disappointment, “All happiness for nothing in the end.” Whereas Sheren Tang instead responded, “It’s best if Wah-Biu could return to TVB slightly later because it wasn’t easy (for me) to await for War and Beauty《金枝慾孽》 to shoot another sequel. If we go according to the original plans, the filming schedule of both “War” and “Rosy” would clash with each other, which is truly such a pity.”

Source: iHKtv, Mingpao Weekly

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com.

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  1. sheren’s answer in the detailed article reflected my same thoughts. God has its plan, just go with the flow.

    the first two series used cheung which resulted in astonishing ratings and i’m sure everyone wants him back but there are plenty of excellent writers waiting for the chance to get recognize too.

  2. Oh well. It.may take a while to produce a really good script anyway and it just wouldn’t seem right if the third one isn’t a modern one which makes it harder for tvb since it’s not where it’s strength lies nowadays. Most the time it produces better quality drama using a ancient backdrop, to me anyway. Sad.

  3. It was a bit sad because Sheren had to choose between WAB2 and RB3. IMO, RB3 wouldn’t be the same without her because the selling point and strength of the series lies on the chemistry and collaboration between Wayne and herself. Therefore, she chose RB3?

    Since many of the artists in WAB like Gigi and Bowie are not returning to TVB, whether they use the same cast isn’t as important anymore.

    If Cheung is going to return to TVB ever, I would rather he come back later, after WAB filming. I really want to see Sheren in WAB although I find her a bit old for a concubine and it would be weird for the Emperor to favor her, but she was still one of the reasons why WAB was so successful. 🙂

  4. “However, the magazine recently received news that Cheung Wah-Biu was asked and persuaded to stay in the Mainland by Jimmy Lai (黎智英) thus abandoning plans to return back to TVB.”

    The version I read is different. Cheung wanted to return to TVB because he was unable to get use to the life in Taiwan and he was away from his family most of the time. So, he decided to go back to TVB so that he can stay back in HK. But, the boss wanted to keep him in the company. So, the boss allowed him to stay in HK and wrote his script in HK. That’s why he didn’t go back to TVB.

    He went to Taiwan not Mainland.

    1. @Kidd:

      Oohs, may I kindly know where did you read the article from? If you don’t mind, could you kindly post the link here instead so I can translate it for everyone to read? Thank you in advance! 😀

      Oh yes, just googled it and you’re right, thanks for pointing that out, have made the necessary amendments! 😀

      1. @Kidd:

        Thanks! Erm but it’s the same article link that I translated the article from, listed it in my first comment lol. I think you read the magazine article scans provided? I couldn’t read the first magazine scan as it refused to load on my server, some error detected.

      2. @Kidd:

        Thanks for the link! Just what I needed since I already have the 2nd part of the interview, just missing the 1st part!

        Will read it and hopefully translate it soon! 😀

    2. Kidd,
      In his Mingpao interview last year, prior to leaving TVB, Cheung Wah Biu sounded as if he were disillusioned with TVB politics and how the system works, such as poor compensation of the scriptwriters, lack of recognition of the writers, and the producers’ poor attitude and lack of disrespect.

      Mr. Cheung did work very well with Producer Lee Tim Shing, whom he described as one of the few “humane” producers who treated the staff well and offered them car rides home when staff had late nights.

      I suspect Mr. Cheung came to the realization that if he were to return to TVB, the “system” did not really change and thus, he will encounter the same problems as he did before.

      1. I think Cheung had a fight with Lau Kar Ho or at least not on a good term

  5. I am actually more excited to watch War and beauty sequel than another sequel of rosy business.

  6. Maybe I’m the only one that feel good for RB to not have season 3. Wayne and Sheren have 2 seasons together, the third one might be not successful. 過 猶 不 及

    1. Wayne looks like he’s excited to make one though, I feel quite sorry for his disappointment. Aww Wayne, don’t be sad.

  7. I bet Sheren wanted to take up the offer for RB3 instead of WAR, with the unexpected news from Producer Cheung, Sheren can now take up the offer from WAR without thorough considerations. I also agreed with the above, wonder what character will suits Sheren due to her “age”. Maybe the evil Queen?

  8. Fox, no you are not the only one who don’t want a Rosy Business 3. I also don’t want it. I liked the first one and thought the second was absolutely brilliant. This is because I loved all the actors, the script was good and I also love dramas set in the 1930s. However, I think they should just say to themselves: “great we’ve done a good job, lets end it at that and go on to the next project”. So many films in Hollywood make mistakes like that. The first is always good and even the second could be equally so but the third is never as good and sometimes so bad it can lose money. Look at the Halloween films, they’ve made lots of them and apparently the later ones were all flops. Jaws was the same. I am not saying that I would not watch it if they do make a 3rd; I would, as I am a great fan of Wayne Lai but I just have a feeling that it would not be half as good as the previous two.

    1. I don’t want RB3 either. Thing will get boring if repeated too many times.

      But, I would love for Lee Tim Sing and his team to make another ‘The Conqueror’s Story’. 😀
      It’s been a long time since LTS has made a series set in ancient period.

  9. Kidd: Never heard of “The Conqueror’s Story” – who was in that and was it aired this year?

      1. I think the version with Shek Sau and Lawrence Ng is better than this one :P.

  10. Thanks – now I remember but I didn’t watch it. What was the one Adam Cheng in with Lisa Wang. I didn’t really watch it but it was also a period drama made around 2003 and he had a patch on his eye or something. Think they played husband and wife but it seemed quite a complicated story which was why I had to give it a miss.

    1. Since I understand perfectly what was going on, I didn’t find it complicated. 😀

    2. I also didn’t think that the story was complicated at all. I hate that one annoying girl though. She was not only evil, but annoying as well. I felt the actress also overacted as well.

      1. Who was this girl who was not evil but annoying?

        Should be Sima Ping Ting since Sima Ping Ting is evil.

      2. Should be Shirley’s role :P. Kidding. Shirley’s role died is the reason why I keep going with Blade Heart.

  11. I find it difficult to understand ancient dramas as sometimes they speak in the “old Cantonese”. Just like some of Shakespeare films they use the old English and unless you know the story beforehand it can sometimes be difficult to follow. That is why I tend to watch the modern series or stories set in the 1930s where they use modern Cantonese dialogue.

    1. Pineapple, it is really not that difficult. However the most difficult which I admit I could only understand 3 out of 10 words was that Justice Pao TVB version. That was the most ancient sounding cantonese. Or rather mandarin but spoken in cantonese. I had a hard time understanding.

    2. Haha, dunno why I’m more interested in these old Cantonese than the modern one.

  12. Well, I really find the ancient ones difficult to understand. I can just about get the storyline by guessing but definitely would not know the meaning of every word they say. Am not keen on the modern dramas either even though I find them easier to understand. As I mentioned before, my favourite period is around 1930s – during the gangster era. Dunno but that time of life really fascinates me.

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