Sire Ma Frozen by TVB Over Lesbian Love Scandal?

TVB has ordered Sire Ma (馬賽) to stay home for two months after her dodgy responses to her latest relationship scandal angered the public.

A third place winner in the 2008 Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant, Sire quickly won over hearts with her girlish charms and cute, petite frame. Her goddess-like image easily translated to job opportunities; she was often seen in prominent supporting roles alongside TVB’s biggest artists. Sire also became a favorite of acclaimed director Lee Tim Shing (李添勝), who trusted her with major roles in Bullet Brain <神探高倫布> and the upcoming No Reserve <巾幗梟雄之諜血長天>.

Content with her career progress, or perhaps in need of a break from work and her recent bout with depression, Sire requested for two months off and traveled around Europe in early August. Little did she know that an ordinary trip could possibly destroy her entire career. This week, Hong Kong sources reported that Wang Ziqi (汪子琦), an elite member of the mainland entertainment industry, had paid for and accompanied Sire during the getaway. Photos of their intimate behavior raised speculations that the two women are in a romantic relationship.

Upset by the media’s discovery, Sire quickly claimed that Wang is simply a good friend and that everything was taken out of context. She also boldly declared, “Time will show what type of person I am!” While some remained curious, many wrote the news off as yet another piece of unfounded gossip.

Before anyone can applaud Sire for her defiance against the tabloids, video evidence came to light on November 6, showing Sire and Wang Ziqi kissing passionately during their time in Shanghai. Sire’s earlier statements completely backfired. Netizens flocked on her Weibo to call her a liar, making no effort to hide their disgust.

Virginia Lok Sends Sire Ma Home

Sire made no comment after the video surfaced. TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲), historically the go-to person for mending public relations disasters, seems too busy to handle this latest nuisance. Ms. Lok said, “I have to work on tomorrow night’s sales presentation ceremony, and don’t have time to handle this matter. I will talk to her later. She will stop work for two months for now. She still has a long contract left.” Although Ms. Lok hesitated to comment on whether Sire is being frozen by the company, she agreed that this incident could have an impact on Sire’s career. It is not clear whether Sire will appear in Wang Ziqi’s upcoming movie.

Rumored co-star, Adrian Chau (周志文), spoke of Sire’s love scandal, “Sexual preference is a personal choice.  I cannot comment on it. An artist has her own private life. Personally, I feel that the incident was magnified because Sire is an artist.”

Producer Lee Tim Shing said, “It is most important what her own personal preferences are. In today’s society, it is not a big deal anymore.”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. I never really liked her so i won’t miss her even if TVB froze her.

    My dislike towards her has nothing to do with her sexual orientation. I just never enjoyed her on my screen. She wasn’t captivating and her acting was below average. I felt like TVB was trying to sculpt her as the next Charmaine Sheh …

    Glad she’s not going to be on my screen for awhile. I have no problem replacing her with Shirley Yeung. I find Shirley having the same potential to play the roles Sire is getting.

    1. Sire Ma’s acting is far behind Chermaine Sheh. Last time I watched her was the drama with Wayna Lai – Bullet Brain. Her acting was so irritating. Never like her at all!

      1. Charmaine was also irritating and cannot act only know how to show the teh Pau look when she first debuts and unfortunately she is still irritating to this day. Only difference is she has strong eq and know how to butter the right ppl in the tvb kingdom

      2. To Nigel, I disagree that Charmaine’s acting is bad. She’s one of the good actresses if you were to ask me.

      3. Charmine’s acting has been questionable throughout her career, sometimes is good or sometimes is bad or really bad.

      4. When Charmaine first started out, she was very stiff and I didn’t like her one bit. But over the years she’s improved and is now one of the top actors around.

    2. Sire Ma is much much better than Eliza Sam. if TVB gives so much opportunities to Eliza, I don’t see why not to Sire.

      And I thought HK is quite open minded, how can not accept lesbian relationship? look at that singer, what’s her name? Anita Mui disciple. She came out in the open to support gay rights too.

      Joey Yung too is rumoured to be les with her. What is big deal?

      Give Sire a break, hypocrites!!!

      1. It’s pretty ironic how most of them don’t make such a big deal about her relationship but someone create a much heated argument just because she “lied” about it….what a load of crap. Really, HK media and netizens have such a unusual principle about “lying” which she never confirmed nor denied the relationship.

    3. yeah she’s not my favorite. i prefer shirley yeung more than her. i dont understand why ppl are so piss by her sexual orientation. she’s not the first or last.

  2. well, that’s a wrap on her career. She ain’t getting nowhere after this. good job!

    1. well nobody told her to lie and caught red handed as a liar shortly after lying. bye bye sire

    2. You too are cruel. Eliza sam supporters, i supposed. Eliza SUCKS big time, in case you don;t know.

  3. Sexuality is not a choice, what’s wrong with the world? If I could choose, I would choose to be straight. Do you know how hard it is to be looked down upon by the majority of the world?

    1. I think it was her deliberate lying that irritated everyone and her choice is significant other. Her partner right now has a whole laundry list of scandals …
      Most artist try to dodge but she instead lied about it … In her interview, she bashed the reporters as liars when in fact it was her. She could have addressed the media better and not upset any netizens.

      1. yeah i agree with you, it was her attitude towards responding to this topic. sire could have simply not commented or admitted to it, but her attitude…it just rubbed me the wrong way.
        also like you said, who her partner is…she’s bad news

      2. Yup, and now the media is going to be even more ruthless with her since she accused them of being liars.

      3. agree it was her lying that made it worse and made netizens got disgusted, not her sexual preference. she dig her own grave. when netizens already disgusted with you it will be really hard even if tvb back her up.

      4. She is not lying. She is just being defensive.

        Taken on the same context, Andy Lau lied too abt his marriage. Jackie Chan lied too about his affair. An da hosts of others all LIED.

        Which celebrities haven’t lied before??????????????

        Even yoi, the commenters have lied.

      5. Sire got her PR training from 620, she is doing so well… off.

      6. It’s hard to be asian, living in an asian country, and to be gay. She was probably unprepared and lying was her first instinct to protect herself. She’s not ready to come out, so let her be. Honestly, who hasn’t lied before.

      7. @bad boy – very true. Everyone lies in the industry but it’s the tone of the response that makes the difference.

        Andy Lau did not go and say the reporters were fabricating news, he just smiled and laughed about it. Dodging and lying are two very different principles.

  4. Well, it’s obvious that TVB and the entertainment industry are not as receptive to gays and lesbians as people think………just like Denise Ho coming out to brag about being a lesbian……she just ended her career even though she would like to believe otherwise.

    1. lol You must be kidding right? Denise’s career has better than ever! She’s always been a very honest and true person and her come out just won her even more supporters! Her decision to focus on Taiwan and Mandarin has garnered her even a bigger market! Not to mention Taiwan awards both in music and movies are very supportive of her!

  5. Jayne – random question, are you planning on doing a spread on the new TVB calendar? I’m excited to hear what others have to say about this year’s calendar.

      1. yay! i generally liked this year’s compared to last year’s, some were very good but some were just a major flop.

      2. Thanks for all your hardwork. I hope you are getting some recognition from all your dedication 🙂

    1. I like the calendar. It’s nice. Everyone look happy.

  6. It seems like HK still has no respect fro those who prefer a relationship with the same gender. I don’t see how when two people are in a relationship should bother or affect other peoples lifestyle, it’s simply none of their business.

    As for Sire being called a liar, it’s totally understandable why she denied it in the first place. It took many artistes years to even come out and for her it seems like the relationship is still at the early development of a relationship so she’s not going to come out right away. If media asks her if she is involve in a certain relationship just a day after photos are published of course she’s going to deny it and I don’t see why we have to call her a liar. It take years for artistes to come out which is already difficult enough given how society views any sort of homosexual relationship…what makes them think she’s going to come out in just a day? Besides she never actually denied it either she basically hinted in her response she needs more time which everyone deserves. Also she don’t need to clarify anything to anyone even if it’s caught on camera, it’s nothing illegal she don’t need to explain anything to anyone…..HK media and netizens are just so nosy these days it’s ridiculous.

    1. she did accuse the media of blowing things out of proportion which she seem to imply media writing fake things, but no later the reporters come out with more racy pictures as proof

      1. She said a majority of what the media wrote in general are lies she never said specifically what they were lying about besides there were more things they said besides her being involve in a relationship so I don’t see how that makes her a liar? Besides she already said she needed more time for people to see who she was and that basically answered the question without stating “yes I am a lesbian,” can you imagine what would come out of that? Even worse, it’s just that the media are too dumb to interpret her answers. Honestly she did nothing wrong and those that lash at her probably barely even knew her and those so called fans that turned against her weren’t fans in the first place….those that claim they care about her and want to know this and that are just fake too, there is a huge difference between caring and just straight up nosy hypocrites which most of them are.

    2. I totally agree with you! Even though I am indifferent about her acting, I don’t think it’s fair for her career to go downhill just because of her sexual orientation. She probably wasn’t ready to open up about it so it was just self defense to brush off those questions from the reporter. It would have been weird if she answered “Yeah! I’m lesbian!” lol

      1. Haha, your comment made me laugh. But I do agree with you though. How come many people expect an answer: “Yes, I’m gay” ??? from her.

        I mean, if you are an actor, would you just answer “Yes” to a straight question like that. These questions are very sensitive and it’s funny how people all expect that if they catch you, you have to say yes. If you don’t say “Yes”, they automatically assume that either you’re gay or you lie. I don’t mean lying is a good thing, but sometime, lying and doesn’t want to say the truth are two different things. She doesn’t have to tell everyone that she’s gay or not. It’s her choice. It’s her right.

        If she doesn’t say yes, they call she’s a liar. If she says yes, they probably still against it and her career would end anyway. So why would she have to say yes since she couldn’t win in either case ????

        yes, it would be weird to me too if she just says: “yes, i’m gay”.

  7. TVB is so conservative… tsk tsk tsk… she can act better than Fala or many others okay… Hope she will find opportunities elsewhere instead.

    1. It is not tvb that is being conservative, it’s Hong Kong that’s being conservative. There’s a huge difference. Sire ma acting is no way better than fala. She has stiff facial expressions or even none. Can’t even understand what sire ma says when she speaks.

    2. Sire Ma can act? Please go watch Bullet Brain, then come back.

      1. Don’t judge with just that Bullet Brain. That show sucks. Go watch Silver Spoon and Will POwer.

      2. In Will Power – Sire acts exactly like she did in Bullet Brain. Seriously i see no difference in how she portray that character

    3. Surprised that you said “Sire Ma can act better than Fala Chen”! Very poor judgement on good acting.

      1. @HolidaytvbLOL:

        Are you the same person or are you just accidently using the same name ???
        If this isn’t you, then I’m sorry. But if it were you, then you are just a hypocrite.
        This is what you (or not you) said before:

        October 24, 2013 at 6:06 am HolidaytvbLOL………. says:

        “This article is all about the stupid triumph in the skies ii and holiday is one of my nick name holidaytvbLOL…….and holiday ko in that show Is quite good but holiday is such a crazy hen because she is likes to learn to drive a aeroplane n wants to become a pliot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

        “Oh yeah!!!!!! I still remember that she was was having a baby and Samuel and issac have to look after her………and holiday ko had no where to live because she went to Samuel’s house to live and she is like a crazy hen seriously not lying 100%”

        You called Holiday “a crazy hen” and now you said you love Fala so much. You think Fala’s acting is better. Oh boy, really??? You jump from disliking to liking too quick, my friend.

        Again, I’m sorry if it’s not the same person.

    4. Sire has high potential. Love her acting skill in Silver Spoon and Will Power.

      1. Define potential. She been in this industry since Miss HK, she is mediocre at best actress that was lucky to get a lead role through her looks.

      2. B.S., her acting is been stale. Potential… really laughable.

  8. sire’s own fault. most netizens were turned off that she she’s caught lying and accusing media making up news while turn out it’s true!

  9. No one is saying she being a lesbian is wrong. That I think all can agree, whatever our preference may be. I think her colleagues have defended her from the wrong angle. Her problem is “Sire quickly claimed that Wang is simply a good friend and that everything was taken out of context”. Unless she is as passionate with all her female friends (some are like that), that is what backfired. Perhaps she should have enigmatically said “I am happy, truly I am, thank you for your concern” and leave it at that. Maybe seeing the pictures won’t say much but the video is damning to counter her denials. They are more than just friends. Sire Ma especially was acting like the young girl totally in love with her older lover. Quite obvious.

  10. I’m astounded by the homophobia witnessed here. People who say Sire Ma deserves to end her career because she is a “liar” probably don’t say the same when Charlene was revealed to be married, or when Raymond Lam finally admitted to dating Karena. No, here’s the ugly truth, you don’t like the “truth” that Sire Ma is seen kissing a girl. But it’s easy saying “OHHHH, SHE LIED! HORRIBLE!”. Have you been hounded about your sexuality? Or your private life? Jesus Christ people, give the girl a break.

    As for someone who wrote that Denise Ho is bragging about being a lesbian. Really? Wasn’t she fighting for a good cause. Keyboard warriors who have added nothing for society irk me beyond comprehension.

    1. Er, you are wrong. Those ppl are “liar” “liar” to every single case you’ve mentioned. They are restlessly bashing those “liars” whenever they have chance. It’s so sicko.

      Other than that, I agree with you that Sire shouldn’t be treated so. It isn’t even wrong when she hides her love life.

    2. Most that I have read is bashing Sire not because they’re homophobes but because Sire jumped the gun and lied and then came the video. Their issue with her is why can’t she admit instead of making a lie which backfired. Just because the same people calling Sire a liar doesn’t mean they’re homophobes. The ugly truth is not her kissing a woman, the ugly truth is she kissed a woman, didn’t admit it and then came the video. I think what the netizens are sick of is lying celebrities and can you blame her being hounded as you said about her sexuality when she acted so brazenly in public and yet denied that very act? As for Denise Ho, I think bragging is not the right word. Whining is the right word. Keyboard warriors as you call all of us, including yourself are those who made these celebrities relevant. Without us, they’re nothing. Gossip is part and parcel of everyday life and whilst there are a small percentage whose intention are malicious, there are a huge percentage who just wish the celebrities for once say the truth as it is. Or at least be able to lie consistently.

      1. point is perhaps next time before making a statement she should find out what the media has and then make a statement consistent with what she wants to tell the media, if not she will get burnt and she will look bad. Media is harsh and if she can’t win them at least play it at their level.

      2. I personally don’t care much about this issue, as it really makes no difference to me. But one thing I will say is that if Sire wants to survive in this industry long-term, one thing she has to learn is how to play the Media game. The tabloid culture in HK is relentless and once a celebrity gets on the tabloids’ so-called ‘target list’, good luck in trying to get off it. Of course, in the entertainment industry, Media exposure is not necessarily a bad thing (and in many cases, negative exposure is better than no exposure at all), but depending on what the ‘exposure’ is about, it definitely could make or break careers.

      3. I agree. She got caught red handed for lying, and people despised her for that, not her sexual preference.

      4. She jumped the gun to lie because that’s what she has been told to do her whole life. Knowing a friend whp is a relatively well known singer in HK, he used to tell me about things his record company and management say about how to present himself. Seems like Sire was trying to save her JOB and the lynch mob pounced upon her lies. Why are people so concerned about who she goes to bed with? Appreciate (or don’t) her acting or keep calm and find a better cause to fight for. I can think of a few (poverty, women’s rights, gay marriage etc).

        Not that I need to clarify to you guys since I don’t know you, but I would not consider myself a keyboard warrior. I would happily debate this issue in real life or less anonymously if required.

        As for Denise Ho, how DARE she stand up for a right that people in Hong Kong don’t have! She’s whinging because her basic human rights are entrenched upon and the public seems to care more about who wore what at some award show than this fact. Don’t listen to her music much but there’s a lot to respect about her. I’d find her much more admirable than people who insist gossip is part of everyday life, really folks? Really?

    3. yea… give her a break people! tsk tsk tsk… can’t stand most of the people here.

      1. Likewise! I am genuinely concerned for the future when I read public comments after articles. Jaynestar is my guilty pleasure but I am able to distance myself from the gossip and go about my usual day. Clearly others here are unable to do that and feel as though they have the right to pass judgment because they’ve watched a tv show and now they DESERVE to know everything.

        Lunch time over, back to my job. Ironically at the law firm I am working at we are working on privacy issues, perhaps one day celebrities will not be hounded like this.

  11. I think it’s good for Sire to get out of public’s eyes in a period until everything calm down. However Sire shouldn’t answer tat way (deny). If she dun wanna admit, just keep silent. Now it’s sensitive moment to deny.

  12. It’s not easy to say or admit that you’re gay. Those who are judgmental, it’s easy for you guys to say that. I hope Sire will stay strong through this time.

  13. i think that everybody has it own secret that doesnt want to share with other ppl, and if she is lying with the purpose to protect herself without hurting someone else,then it is not a big deal to me. for everyone who condemned her for lying should first ask themself,have i never lied in my life for my own good?

    1. It’s just how some people are, those that reacted harshly toward her response dislike her so therefore they take this opportunity to insult her but if it’s an artiste they’re in favor of they’ll defend them no matter what the scandal is. I personally don’t find Sire appealing as an actress but I don’t think it’s reasonable to lash out on her for an issue that’s so sensitive and lying is something we’ve all done in the past…it does not matter if she’s an artiste or not we’re all still human….it’s a shame how some people fails to see that.

  14. Such a shame.i guess hong kong is still a conservative society.

    1. I guess the most of the world are. Even in the US, only 14 out of 50 states accept gay marriage. Even if they accept it, people still against you when you show your love in public. They might say they won’t care. But the truth is, they DO care.

  15. Great! This means we’ll have a new lead for The War of Battles? Tvb, pick Nancy and Natalie!!!

    1. that will be nice…since I don’t like her acting…I like Natalie and Mandy Wong! back to this articles…I think Sire’s dating choice is her business even I don’t agree gay&les (they mean I will teach my child not to, but I respect others choice)!

      1. I don’t like Sire’s acting and I will never do. It does not because of her dating choice or whether she lie or not. I don’t like her, just simple as that…But she has fans too…it is okay…those who like her does not have to worry…her dating partner is very rich in China…should be able to help her film in China…also…I think TVB will not frozen her for long since TVB is lacking of actor and actress anyway!

      2. “…I don’t agree gay&les (they mean I will teach my child not to, but I respect others choice)!”

        ———-> 1.Last time I checked it’s NOT a choice. Why would one choose such a hard path to deal with? If they could choose, all gays would choose to be straight.

        2. I hope you won’t have any gay kids because if they are gays, I don’t think you can teach them NOT to be gay. To my best knowledge, I don’t know any parents in this world teach their kids to be gays. The fact is, it’s their sexual orientation and no one can change that, even the kids themselves.

        3. When you said you would “teach them not to” just like saying other parents did NOT teach their kids properly. As much as I know, there are many parents also teach their kids that being gay is wrong and didn’t even have a clue that their kids are gay. Turn out that the poor kid has to lie and get married to a straight one to satisfy the whole family and to have a “normal” label in the society. To me, that is the worst case ever because the kid will never be truly happy since he has to lie for the rest of his life.

      3. First, i did not against their parent. I don’t mean their parents did not teach them. I am not blame their parents.
        Second, yes, I believe gay&les is wrong. Yes. I think so. This is my believe.
        Third, yes. It is a choice.
        Fouth, BUT I do NOT look down on gay&les.

      4. maybe…let me clarify a bit…
        just in my knowledge (from and bible) and believe, I don’t agree with the behavior of gay&les. But I don’t have any friends are gay/les. I don’t know how to help them; don’t know their thinking neither…again…it is not my business…so i am not against them. I understand everyone has his/her own story/reason behind which i total respect. please understand that.

      5. 1. I myself don’t have any same-sex relationship or gay friends either. You don’t have to have one to understand it. There are scientific news that you can google or do a little research. Of course, I’m not asking you to become an expert, but before saying something, one should at least know what he/she is saying.

        2. You don’t have to like them. You can hate them, disgust them, don’t accept them. It’s your choice and I’m nobody to judge you. My point is you state a statement and it’s so medically incorrect like “it’s a choice” but as a matter of fact, it’s NOT and I just want to point that out.
        Honestly, I’d rather you hate them than saying “yes, it’s a choice but I don’t look down on them”. To me, it hurts more coz it’s like saying “well, I know you choose the wrong path but since I’m a kind person, I don’t against you”.
        I myself was a homophobic before but I change now since I know it’s wrong and I learn it in school.

        3. “I don’t know how to help them”

        ——->You don’t have to help them b/c you CAN’T. They don’t need help b/c they’re “normal” people just like you and their sexual orientation is not a disease although it differs than yours or the majority of people. One thing I know is misunderstanding about facts(i.e: it’s a choice) defenitely NOT helping, or to a little extent, it might hurt them. Again, if one could choose, why wouldn’t he/she choose to be straight to make life easier??? Fact is, they CAN’T choose.

        4. “in my knowledge (from and bible) and believe, I don’t agree with the behavior of gay&les.”

        ——> I can’t argue on this one since it’s religion and we all might have different understanding about God. It’s ur belief so I can only respect that. The only thing we have in common and can debate about must based on science since there are research, scientific facts and evidences to back us up.
        Again, I respect ur belief and it’s your choice to agree/disagree w/ their behaviours. You can understand the facts so well but still choose to against it b/c it’s wrong in ur religion is totally different than you against them just b/c of your ignorance.

  16. Her sexual orientation doesn’t bother me in the least bit; what I’ve never been able to understand though is how she ever qualified as beauty queen material. She has absolutely average looks, and below average height. Certainly won’t miss her.

  17. Oh yeah, I dont care whether shes a lesbian or bisexual, but her acting is not up to par so I dont mind if TVB frozen her. I cant stand her in Bullet Brain!

  18. From what I can tell, people are not bashing her for being a lesbian but for dogging the questions and then having more evidence proving she is in a relationship with that person. Like someone mention, she should have find out what the reporter have before making any comments then she would be in better position now.

  19. This is a free world lo tho I am not fond of same sex relationships but it shud not be the reason for someone to be boycotted

  20. I don’t care for Sire Ma as an actress, and find her much annoying in Bullet Brain. But i feel compel to say her love life is her business, if she chooses to be with a woman, an old man in his 70s, a young man in his 20s, who are we to judged and condemned her. Lighten up people … to put her career on hold simply because she doesn’t meet your norm?

    She’s being bashed for not being truthful … really, how many of us have said “oh, (s)he’s just a friend” when we are actually sleeping with him/her?? The point his, her love life, her business.

    1. You’re absolutely right. It’s quite upsetting that HK artists have to hide their relationships just because they dont wanna lose their fans. I wonder when will people like Virginia Lok will be more open minded and only focus on the artists’ talent instead of controlling their love life.

    2. You are talking about Hong Kong paparazzi that are dogz wanted to get juicey stories here.

    3. Very well said! Just because she’s an artist doesn’t mean she has to tell the dog squad everything about her PERSONAL life…

      1. She lied because she knew that her career would be in jeopardy if TVB found out about her true sexuality..although the younger generation is starting to open up, the same cannot be said about the SEE LAI ( tvb’s target audience)

      2. Uh…She never thought it her career would be in jeopardy.

  21. I always find it odd that how come they don’t just keep their MOUTH SHUT i/o of sprouting nonsense or BS replies that indicates the reports are wrong and she did no such thing.

    Just walk, walk and walk faster w/NO COMMENTS? haha…

    But then again, I mean all celebs lie so eventually they will forget this. TVB probably will give her less work now due to her negative press and her lying about it when there are evidence of pics and vids. TVB n HKers just love to judge no matter how open they are I guess.
    My HK cousin once told me that HK ppl are very open now and it’s a trend on being gay/les so they don’t care about one’s sexual orientation. Yeah, right sure they don’t, if you are in showbiz you are being criticized even more?

    1. Agree with you HK ppl especially the younger generation are very into the trend of gay& les ; I have experienced whenever I dropby in any shopping complex in HK or at the streets I can see les or gay holding hands or swinging their butts.

    2. why does the public need to know the truth? of course she lied.

      1. No, the press wants the truth… pushing for a true story.

    3. “…. HK ppl are very open now and it’s a trend on being gay/les so they don’t care about one’s sexual orientation..”

      ——->They say they don’t but in reality they DO. It’s the same everywhere. LOL

  22. why is sire ma obligated to tell the media what her true sexuality is? it’s HER privacy and no one else’s business =.=

    If she doesn’t want people other people to know about her relationship, she’s free to lie about it. You have to look at the issue from her perspective.

      1. Then by lying she must withstand criticisms of her lying. Look at it from perspective of everyone else. She is a public figure issuing a statement. She doesn’t need to lie if she knows what the media has. By issuing a statement opposite of what the media knows (this time with obvious evidence), it is just making her look bad. No one is questioning her sexuality or her preference. People are questioning why she lied when asked.

      2. Again, it’s HER personal life. NO ONE needs to know what her sexual preferences are. If she doesn’t feel comfortable revealing her relationship yet, she is free to lie by all means..

      3. Yes yes it is her personal life but sometimes you can navigate through life without having to make an obvious lie. By lying you dig yourself deeper into the controversy when it is beyond sexual preference but more about person’s character.

      4. If it was a boy and she lied, people wouldn’t judge her that much even if they have a clip or more obvious proof. Now they all against her and said she shouldn’t lie blab blab and judge it’s her characteristic. I’m all sick of that. Those people are liars too because the fact is she kissed a girl and they just want to make it sounds like she killed someone. There are many actors who lied about their love life and when get caught, did any of them get suspended from work??? Why does this girl have to lay low in 2 months???

        The fact is, people can’t stand it when she kissed a girl. If it’s a boy and even she lies to their faces, I don’t think they care that much. Truth is, there are many hypocrites in this world. LOL

      5. Thank you! The fact of the matter is this is such a big deal because she did kiss a girl. Although people seem to like toot their righteous horn and want this to be about “the truth”. Oh boo hoo, she lied. She’s an ACTRESS and frankly doesn’t owe anyone the truth. It’s not as though she was sworn into parliament and owes an obligation to the public like politicians do (let’s save that discussion for another day).

        She lied because THIS would happen if people found out. The judgment displayed by the public is quite disturbing. I don’t watch her tv shows much but I do feel very sorry for her. She’s in a consensual relationship and the world is judging her. Worst of all, they’re masking it by accusing her of lying instead.

        Let me predict what the response would be if she kissed a guy.

        SHE LIED!

        2 months later

        Ohhh how cute! They look like a lovely couple!!!!

  23. For one, I didn’t cared whether she’s a lesbian or not, whether she wants to lie or tell the truth.

    Her biggest mistake is trying to defend herself by accusing the media of writing lies about her. She said it with such disdain and emphasized a few times that the media are a lying bunch.

    Even though the paparazzis are annoying and some writes like pond scum, you don’t openly express your disdain unless you have established clout and balls like Anthony Wong etc.

    She should have at least asked/found out what evidence they have before commenting. Smile and said no comment, walk away. Or even lie. But bashing the media? That is digging her own grave. Pissing media off is never good. Ron Ng learned it the hard way, and his career never recovered from all his dating scandal because of the hostile response he provides the media.

    1. Which is what I am trying to say, but you said it better Sehseh. Maybe she really didn’t know there’s video evidence?

      1. Well, with all the PDA in Shanghai, shouldn’t she have an inkling and be wary of what the media have in hand? That’s why she should have asked nicely/play dumb on what evidence they have on hand. Or just don’t answer at all. Instead on insisting the media made up stories (I think she mentioned that phrase at least 4 times in that brief interview).

      2. I am a bit confused though since I did not see the original Q&A. Was she referring to the PDA itself or the reason for the PDA meaning she hooked up with this woman for self promotion or because of some sweet deal? implying she is selling herself?

      3. Very damaging interview. I suppose the backlash by the media towards her now is because she took an accusatory tone against the media; like reporting lies but she didn’t say it was infringement of her privacy but rather dishonest reporting. That really really hurt her.

    2. I agree with everything except for the Ron part, although that is mostly because Triumph in Skies 2 aired. He’s back to being in lead roles and will be in 3 series next year. Sire was panned in Bullet Brain and now this scandal, so I’m not sure how well she’ll recover.

      1. AC, Ron learned it the hard way. He has matured and noticably changed his way of communication with media. TITS2 helped his reputation, but you can’t deny that his lack of EQ when handling media contributed to his downfall. Even Kenneth is ahead of him now in terms of status.

        Had he been more media savvy, he could have reached the same career success like Raymond today.

    3. Agree with your comments. Sire should not have accused the media of being liars so quickly. She should have kept quiet and just walked away with no comments.

      Moreover, I don’t think it is wise for a celebrity to kiss another woman on the street in a big and popular city like Shanghai. They can do it in hotels or private homes, but definitely not on the street.

    4. Agree with your comments. Sire should not have accused the media of being liars so quickly. She should have kept quiet and just walked away with no comments.

      Moreover, I don’t think it is wise for a celebrity to kiss another woman on the street in a big and popular city like Shanghai. They can do it in hotels or private homes, but definitely not on the street.

      1. People are just conservative and have double standards which is very unfair! Like in US it’s ok for two straight female celebrities to kiss on tv but when Adam Lambert kissed his pianist on tv everyone was outraged!

      2. What’s wrong with kissing your gf or bf on the street? Would you say the same thing if it were a straight celebrity couple who kissed in public? Common couples also kiss in public while others don’t it’s just a preference.

        Also from what I heard she was only holding her arm and leaning her head on her shoulder. Media exaggerated the kissing part.

  24. Hi, I think sire ma is ok but I never ever realize that she is a over lesbian love with a wowan……….
    I know exactly that’s right sand cherry and most people know that Shanghai is a very popular city………………;)

  25. Sire ma is apparently crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How would she be a lesbian……….I don’t trust about how u GUZ said but some of u people………and tvb would never give her to do tv shows……….I just not sure if it is true………..or not……….

  26. And she was placed in a third place of the miss hong kong in 2008…………….I can’t believe that she would
    Do that and kiss a wowan in a very big city in the street that everyone knows that shanghai is a very big place

  27. I think some people still don’t get that she LIED on the interview after evidence and pictures popped up.
    Yes, in defense she wouldn’t have admitted “yes, I am a lesbian”
    However, she does NOT have to lie and hinted/insulated that whatever stuff that the public/reporters digged up are all lies and there wasn’t thing. Time will tell what kind of person I am? You think the people are blind or what? Those pictures and videos are quite intimate and it’s in public. Not like they were in a hotel room w/no spies around? Obviously, you are lying about it.
    If she does not say a word, then those HKers will not criticize & judge her on being lying so fast.

    I don’t think this is an issue of whether or not she is dating a male or a female b/c even if she is dating either gender, she obviously will be questioned no matter what.

    Yes, most celebs lied so we shouldn’t be surprised. Most notably: Andy Lau+Twins Girl=they did lie w/their eyes wide open n then have press cons afterwards w/their sappy regretable faces. What I always don’t u/s is how come they just dont say NO COMMENTS and just walk if you don’t want to admit to the truth, at least SHUT IT i/o LYING when questioned.

    Of course, eventually they will forget about it but HKers will have fun criticing for the time being since that’s the only scandal at the moment. Haha LOL…

    1. I agree. Sire gave the wrong response to the media. If its true and you don’t want to admit it, then she should answer ambigiously or not comment at all. Wait til you speak to management and see how to respond. Do not lie and say the media fabricated the stories when they have proof.

      Look at how other celebs deal with their rumors. Its called good DAMAGE CONTROL.

      Eg. When asking if 2 celebs are dating: “we’re good friends.” I never said no and I never said yes so technically they are not lying.

      1. “we’re good friends.”
        EXACTLY my point!!! Haha LOL..
        Just go w/that or just walk. She had to hint that it’s’ all false and for so many years, there were so many false reports that it is ENOUGH? I would be surprised that people don’t criticized her. I mean, come on. Either you walk and mute it or tell the truth. Denying it like really isn’t cool. what happened to her PR team? Letting her babbling that kind of response? hahaa LOL…

  28. I didn’t know about this news but I think her backlash is more due to the fact she lied and called out reporters as liars which completely back fired. Still another proportion has to do with the fact that Hong Kong is a very conservative place even more so than China and people have tendency to criticize people easily which is sad.

    You don’t see Susanna Kwan getting backlash cause she’s been honest when handling her relationship all along. At least she didn’t say media were fabricating news. Audience nowadays just like artists who are more true and down to earth then those who lie. It’s like how Andy Lau got alot of backlash for hiding and lying about his marriage which I also disliked because I felt sorry for his wife who’ve been with him for 14+ years.

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