Moon Lau Admits Visiting Adrian Chau’s Home

While Moon Lau‘s (劉佩玥) likable character in The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter <降魔的2.0> has boosted her recent popularity, the 30-year-old’s offscreen relationship with singer Adrian Chau (周志文) continues to be under close scrutiny.

Many viewers see flashes of Moon’s real-life sweet personality in The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter.  A recent episode shows how Moon’s spirit helps her parents resolve their differences and fulfills their dream of seeing her get married. This helps them finally gain closure and acknowledge that their daughter had passed away. Moon shared that she was very touched by the episode, “It doesn’t matter if it is in Hong Kong or another place, there will always be children who are not as fortunate to live healthy lives. It’s not always a given that children will be the one to say the last goodbyes to their parents, it could be the other way around.”

Moon cried over the scene, and her mother was emotional as they watched the drama together. Asked if her mother wants her to settle down and get married soon as well, Moon shared, “She’s never pressured me. I believe many mothers do not want their daughters to get married so soon. I also want to spend more time with my mother!”

Visits Adrian’s Home

Though rumored to be in a steady relationship with Adrian, Moon has not openly confirmed their status. Nevertheless, she continues to praise his good traits and says he is a very positive person. The pair’s closeness is apparent, as Moon is also familiar with his parents and well liked by them.

Spotted visiting Adrian’s home recently, Moon was asked if they were alone together at his home, but the actress tried to dismiss the incident casually. “Going over to your friend’s place to play and chat has been a very common thing since we were young. We were definitely not alone, his parents were there as well. This is a very common situation, so there’s no need to blow things out of proportion. I always go over to his house!”

Asked if Adrian’s parents liked her, Moon joked, “I believe many elders like me because I’m so cute! As well, I have elders in my home as well so I know how to interact with them. Everyone loves me!”


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