Moon Lau Almost Drove Off a Cliff

TVB actress Moon Lau (劉佩玥) almost got in an accident a few days ago while on location shooting for the new TVB drama The Gatekeepers <把關者們>.

According to Moon, who shared the near-accident on Instagram last night, the filming crew were shooting the show on a hiking trail near a river that early morning. Moon drove to work and was backing up into the first open space she could find. The rear view camera and the parking sensor system did not detect any obstacles on the way. Moon would’ve backed some more, if it wasn’t for her costar Karl Ting (丁子朗), who was shouting at her to stop.

“He was waving his arms as he ran towards me,” recalled Moon. “At first I thought he strangely excited to see me. He shouted me to stop. It was so loud I could hear it through the glass. I did as I was told, and that’s when I realized, that if I had kept going, I would’ve driven myself into the river. It was so scary!”

Karl said, “She almost drove off cliff! I had just woken from a nap, but when I saw her car, I immediately pounced over.”

After sharing that post on Instagram, Moon’s phone exploded with text messages and phone calls from concerning friends and family. “I’m okay,” she said. “I received a lot of messages from friends scolding me. My mother didn’t know until she after read the news. When she found out that I was safe, she just laughed at me.”


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  1. That’s exactly the problem with everything being electric and robotic these days. For the most part, the percentage of error may be low but it also has its blind spots. Personally I still drive a car with no rear or front view cameras so I still turn my ahead to back up, etc and I find that people who drive with those newer cars equipped with cameras and notifications rely too much on it and lose some of their driving skills. It’s like when calculators were invented, people stop using their brain to do math. Ok I’m starting to sound old sticking to my old school ways lol but I know this is the trend of our society with all these technological advances to make everything automated but this also proves why we as humans shouldn’t rely entirely on machines. Anyway, she got so lucky with Karl Ting warning her just in time! Glad she’s ok!

    1. @gnomageddon I also depend on the backup camera but I also do look around when I park or back out. My husband would yell at me for depending too much on backup camera, he’s like you, drive the old fashion way, never depend on camera even his car is equipped with one

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