Shiga Lin Doesn’t Mind Working with Carlos Chan

Ever since filming Life After Death <那些我過愛的人>, Shiga Lin (連詩雅), Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), and Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) became very close friends. Shiga was even invited to Yoyo’s birthday where Shiga showered her with flowers and a homemade cake. Although the two stated that they have fairly opposite personalities, they are still able to be close friends and share secrets with each other like sisters.

With Shiga’s secret romance with Carlos Chan (陳家樂) exposed, reporters took the opportunity to see if Yoyo could reveal any insight about the romance. Caught by surprise, Yoyo did not answer any questions and kept motioning to Shiga instead, “I don’t know anything! Right, baby?”

Currently focused on work, Shiga said she does not mind collaborating with Carlos, whom she has been romantically linked with since May. The pair met on the set of TVB travel show 12 Summers <12個夏天> last year and grew close. Shiga openly expressed that she does not mind playing an onscreen couple with Carlos, “I don’t mind working with anyone, but I have to take a look at the nature of the job first. For example, I won’t film if it requires me to have no clothes on.”

Shifting the conversation back to work, Shiga expressed her interest in taking part in a drama again and hopes to be able to work with Priscilla and Yoyo in the future. Dreaming of filming another travel-related program, Shiga said, “Priscilla is a travel expert. I really want to go to Turkey and even considered going on a trip together. However, this plan was abandoned because of the pandemic.”


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