Shirley Kwan Leaves Suicide Note on Facebook

Acclaimed Hong Kong singer, Shirley Kwan (關淑怡), left a suicide message on her Facebook account on September 10. Aside from her 10-year-old son, Shirley did not feel any lingering ties in life anymore.

In the 1990s, Shirley’s songs were often Jade Solid Gold hits, in which she considered as one of the best talents in the industry.  She disappeared from the industry in 1995 and made a comeback in 2001. Taking another hiatus to give birth to her son in Canada, Shirley returned to the industry in 2005, this time to a lukewarm reception.

The Hong Kong media often painted the 45-year-old’s career as being in decline, in which her glory was often referred to in the past tense. Since her son was born out of wedlock, the identity of Shirley’s son’s father was often the subject of frequent tabloid speculations. Shirley was rumored to be in financial and emotional distress in recent years.

Shirley’s attitude towards the media was often cold, as she did not wish to clarify the negative rumors published about her. This fueled the paparazzi’s increasing boldness and Shirley’s animosity towards them.

Shirley Kwan: “I Want to Commit Suicide!”

On Facebook, Shirley left the following message today, “I do not want to live anymore! Whether the cup of water is cold or warm, I know! I have a clear conscience. Everyone, the music industry, the company, my friends and colleagues! Family members and reporters! I decided that I will not come back any more. I do not want to see anyone associated with me in this life anymore. Aside from my son. I have been wholehearted toward my personal and professional matters. I am unwilling to interact with the hypocrisy of the ‘people’!

“I am not afraid to die! Who betrayed me and who is worthy, I know clearly in my heart! I no longer want to suffer from unfair treatment! I do not wish to see anyone!”

Shirley concluded her Facebook message with, “I want to commit suicide!”

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Jayne: I hope Shirley’s verbalization of her emotional distress will make more of her true friends come forward to comfort her. Voicing her frustration in this manner is still better than silently trying to end her life. 

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    1. Che,
      Meaning is for us to carve and define. Even if the past was unpleasant, there are many things we can do to make it better. Life is a gift that we should cherish.

      Maybe it can be bitter in the beginning and sweet in the end. Sometimes we need to put in our own efforts to sweeten the journey, love ourselves more and make ourselves part of a bigger whole, so that existence is not as lonely. When trouble strikes, we don’t feel as if we are left alone to deal with them by ourselves.

    2. No one really knows and I really wonder if we will find out once we reach the other side??

  1. I hope someone help this lady quickly. She’s not thinking clearly at the moment. She saying she has no one other than her son but that’s the point she needs to live for her son. What will happen to him when she decides to end her life? Maybe she feels he’s old enough to provide for himself. You never know what a person is thinking when extremely depressed.

    1. Nelly,
      From Shirley’s message, I sense more of an angry tone rather than complete desperation pushing her to suicide.

      Shirley doesn’t necessarily come across as a weak person, she said that being a single mother was “nothing.” She took care of herself in Canada post-partum. So she sounds more angry than completely ready to let go of her life (although her words state so).

      From her message, I do sense more of the pressure is career related. She was bold enough to blast her music company, criticize the media and the “hypocrisy” of the people.

  2. I’m really saddened by this piece of news. She really needs to seek help and I hope her friends and family will come forth to help her out immediately.

    She still has a son and I can’t imagine what her son will have to endure if she takes her life. A child under certain circumstances should not have to experience the loss of a parent in this way. Oh I really hope she can get through this.

    1. Yes I do think its a cry for help rather than wanting to commit suicide. This is a sad piece of news and feel sorry for her son. Can you imagine reading this if you are her son??? She also sounded angry with the world. Hope she gets help soon

    1. “Since her son was born out of wedlock, the identity of Shirley’s son’s father was often the subject of frequent tabloid speculations.”

      Isn’t the father Eric Tsang?

      1. Funn,
        Tabloids have speculated on numerous occasions that the father of Shirley’s son is Eric Tsang, in which he denied numerous times. Shirley reportedly told her son the identity of his father though.

        Hopefully Shirley has not hurt herself and the message is more a cry for help.

      2. I always thought it is confirmed even if not acknowledged.

        Anyway this is more like drama queen rant, as some might see it.

      3. No wander she wanted commit suicide if the rumour is true that eric tsang fathered his son

      4. So is her son ‘s facial feature resemblance of eric tsang? any photos”?

      5. Eric really? Ewww…. I didn’t think she was bad looking why fall for Eric…she must have been heavely drugged or drunk!

  3. Someone coined the phrase ‘life’s a stage’ for a good reason.
    As we grow older, IF we can see the pretentiousness and hypocrisy of people and ‘friends’ around us – multiply that 5x in showbiz. Where looks, money, power, superficiality and ass kissing is all so important.

    She sounds way jaded and exhausted. Easy to say seek friends – but she doesn’t like her friends – which is why she’s vocalising. I hear what she is saying.

    You can choose to avoid people, but you cannot avoid them finding you. ie you mind your own business … but people will still mind yours.

    I happen to think Shirley is a really strong, rebel type person (ie I do as I please type person) … even if she does her own thing, it gets tiring trying to avoid people and fight societal expectations which judge her. Even if she doesn’t care for that kind of lifestyle, people may think she wants it or worse – cannot have it (even if she really does not care for it). Society is just like that.

    I hope she is just ranting.
    Her son still needs her – keep her focus there, and keep soldiering on.

  4. I hope she hasn’t done anything to herself and that her friends and family goes talk to her and calms her down.

  5. Be strong because you are a wonderful lady. You have gone thru many struggles. Just hang on!

  6. Suicide is not the solution, her son is more pity than her if she takes her life. Life is short one must treasure own life and she wants to end it this way.

  7. It is truly terrible that some people would resort to such a thought…Shirley! You have a son, a family and friends whom need you! Think about them and don’t do anything regrettable!

  8. “Aside from her 10-year-old son, Shirley did not feel any lingering ties in life anymore.”

    A 10 year old son is a huge reason to keep living. I hope she gets help soon.

  9. THis is sad and it does show us that the more glory we have in life, there may be one day when it is all gone… The higher you climb, the more it hurts when you fall..

    Everyone experiences ups and downs and I really hope that Shirley can get pass it all. She was a talented singer with a great voice, but still ends up like this. I hope that she still has her good friend and family members to help her out of this… I hope she does not end up like Yammie Lam who doesn’t seem to have anyone left. Shirley has a son and I really hope that her son will give her more a reason to live and get through this.

  10. That is horrible!! I’m a fan of Shirley Kwan. To even post it on such a public page like Facebook means the situation is really serious! I hope the people near her intervene and help her through this difficult time. Her message on Facebook means she is desperately crying out for attention. Shirley, be strong!

  11. Shame on you Shirley Kwan you have no right to abandon your son!!! You still have a future with your son!

    1. Forgot to mention there are millions of single mothers out there as well!

  12. I heard in radio today that she has gone missing after she posted the facebook message. I hope she’s ok.

  13. I dont think she’ll commit suicide. This is more of a angry msg to the world, more than a depressing and emo type. Bt still hope ppl will find her

  14. Where is Eric Tsang when she needs him?? Shirley is showing sign of deep depression and can easily do silly stuff..

    1. If he’s really the father of her son, he’s a real coward for not defending her when media bad-mouths her for having a child out of wedlock.

    2. has it been any 100% evidence where it tells that Eric Tsang is the father?

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