Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, and Former Polygram Artists in Reunion Concert

Legendary record label PolyGram (寶麗金) was recently revived and has signed Priscilla Chan (陳慧嫻) as one of its first artists.  To generate buzz for Priscilla and give fans a chance to relive its golden classics, the “PolyGram Forever Live Concert” <寶麗金Forever Live音樂會> this summer.

The record label secured a strong lineup of their former top artists, including Hacken Lee (李克勤), Shirley Kwan (關淑怡), Linda Wong (王馨平), Karen Tong (湯寶如), The Wynners (溫拿), Daniel Chan (陳曉東), Albert Au (區瑞強), and Teddy Robin (泰迪羅賓). The concert is set to take place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on August 28, 2013.

PolyGram held a press conference to announce the news today. Priscilla, Hacken, Shirley, Linda, and Karen attended the event, expressing excitement and nostalgia when speaking about the upcoming reunion.

Priscilla, who is the first artist signed to the newly revived PolyGram label, said that she is eager to share the stage with her former colleagues. She hopes to collaborate with artists she has never sang with before, such as Albert, Karen, and Linda. Priscilla also discussed her tough road to stardom. The popular singer was apparently rejected by many distributors prior to her debut. She is grateful that PolyGram insisted on signing her and gave her the opportunity to rise to the top of the charts.

When it was time for Hacken Lee to speak, event host, DJ Alex Chan (陳少寶), teased Hacken and described him as the “prodigal son who returns”. Hacken made his debut with PolyGram in 1985 after winning first place in a singing competition. His relationship with the record label terminated in 1992, and he spent the rest of the decade with other companies until his return in 1999 when he signed with PolyGram’s new owner, Universal Music Group.

Hacken appeared embarrassed at the DJ’s comment but immediately defended himself. “…It is very common for artists to change labels! At that time I considered many factors, and decided to leave because I want to better understand the outside world. ‘Red Sun‘ <紅日> became a hit only after I left PolyGram. If I was still with the company at the time, I don’t know if I would’ve left.”

Speaking to reporters, Hacken and Shirley Kwan both agreed that all PolyGram artists had high sales figures. Hacken recalled that every artist achieved platinum status at the minimum, and listed his best-selling record as 1989’s “Life Unchanged” <一生不變>. Hacken then added that Shirley also sold many albums, though she was mostly known for her “Sexy Goddess” image. He referred to one of Shirley’s old music videos where she ran around a beach with balloons, saying that the scene made Alan Tam (譚詠麟) very happy.

Kevin Cheng‘s (鄭嘉穎) former flame, Linda Wong, was asked about Kevin’s absence at the upcoming reunion concert. Karen Tong interrupted and said that she feels disappointed that the three cannot sing together as they did for 1994’s “Fly Out to Love Street” <飛出戀愛街>. Linda joked that fans will need to pay a bit more to see the three of them perform. She is also disappointed that Kevin is unable to attend and emphasized that the two are still good friends.

Source: Ming Pao 

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