Almost Couldn’t Go Back Home; Airline Ignored Daniel Chan for 3 Days

Hong Kong actor-singer Daniel Chan (陳曉東) has had a hectic week. After returning to Taiwan from a one-week vacation to Tokyo with his wife and daughter, Daniel had planned on flying to Beijing for work. However, upon realizing that his passport is expiring, Daniel decided to change his flight to Hong Kong to complete his paperwork.

Daniel called to the airline to change his flight, but they didn’t answer his calls—for three days straight. Daniel also could’t even find any information about changing his flight on the airline’s official website.

He then decided to head over to the airline’s regional headquarters in Taipei, but returned home with no luck. Due to the lack of staff, Daniel had to call in a phone number before getting received into the building. He waited half an hour for a staff member to receive his call. Even after entering the building, he could not meet with corresponding staff members face to face, and had to be serviced through the phone. In the end, he left the building empty handed.

Hong Kong reporters reached out to Daniel for clarification. He said that while he understands that many airlines and businesses are under stress due to the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, the airline should not have ignored his calls and leave him waiting indefinitely. He explained that, if he is unable to renew his Hong Kong passport in time, his residency in Taiwan may be affected.

“I hope something gets settled within these two days,” said Daniel. “They haven’t returned my calls in three days, and when they did try to call me they did not attempt to leave a voice mail or tell me what’s going on. Maybe their system is going crazy, but whatever the case, they really handled this poorly.”

Later, Daniel told reporters that the airline has finally received his calls and has handled all the paperwork. “I know they’re under stress with the epidemic,” he said. “They have already apologized and my flight is handled. I will not pursue any action further.”


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  1. With everything going on, his flight change is not a priority. He’s a washed out singer/actor who needs to wait like everyone else.

    Boo hoo Daniel.

    1. @jane626
      Yes and I was wondering how is this even news? With the Coronavirus issue going on, of course there will be delays and problems for everyone. Why is he whining like he is so special?

  2. He is lucky to be a celeb to be able to file a complaint thru media support. Many are in worse situations and their voices cannot be heard….

  3. He should have keep track of his passport expiry date and renew it earlier, then such hassles could have been avoided..

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