Daniel Chan and Wife Argue Over Petty Things

After tying the knot in 2013, Daniel Chan (陳曉東) and his wife, Wang Yuxian (王妤嫻), soon welcomed two daughters. From pop idol to family man, Daniel is now a loving husband and doting father. The couple was featured in an interview together recently, where they shared snippets of their marriage and how they keep the passion alive. While it is often said that opposites attract, but rarely get along, Daniel and Wang Yuxian’s differences are what make them a compatible pair.

Wang Yuxian shared that Daniel’s most admirable trait is his honesty. She half-jokingly expressed, “He wouldn’t lie to me. If I wear something that doesn’t look nice, he would tell me that it doesn’t look good. He would take it seriously and use his phone to take a picture, then show me, and say that I look fat.” Daniel added, “When I pick up a shirt and look at it, I would know whether it is suitable for her.”

Despite being in an honest and loving relationship, the couple still experiences ups and downs and will bicker over petty things. Daniel recalled a time when the couple argued over garbage. “The entire room was full of trash. I asked if she didn’t know how to throw away trash. She responded and said the trash was mine, so I said I didn’t know you had to write names on trash now! If I have to write names on them, let me draw on it right here, then come back and argue about it with you some more. You said we need to write names on trash, right?” Seeing that her husband was extra moody that day, Wang Yuxian did not let his words get the best of her and simply responded with, “Okay. I got it!” and squelched Daniel’s anger.

Wang Yuxian admitted that she is often the one to apologize first. “He’s usually right, because he has seen more things and has more life experience than me. Sometimes, women would view things more emotionally, while men are more logical. The way he views things is different, so he will reel me back in.”

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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