Shirley Kwan to Sing “The Confidant” Theme Song; Career is Sailing Smooth

Shirley Kwan’s (關淑怡) alarming suicide message on Facebook has shocked the entertainment industry. There were speculations that her emotional breakdown was due to a music contract which was not materialized. In addition, Shirley was also rumoured that her career had faced many setbacks. As she did not have many jobs on hand, Shirley allegedly faced financial problems and could not even pay for her apartment’s rental.

According to her good friend, Shirley has a smooth sailing career instead. After performing in Macau and China, Shirley also enthralled two full-house concerts in Canada. In addition, TVB top executive Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍) has specifically selected Shirley to sing the theme song of upcoming heavyweight drama, The Confidant<大太監>. Earlier, Shirley also performed in TVB’s music event, Jade’s Red and White Battle <2012翡翠歌星紅白鬥>.

In February next year, Shirley will also have her music concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Shirley’s manager, Marianne Wong (王敏慧) confirmed the news, “We have successfully applied to perform at Hong Kong Coliseum in February next year. She has continuous work all along and her living is not a problem. We hope that the public will not make further speculations.”

Shirley’s good friends, Alan Tam (譚詠麟) and Hacken Lee (李克勤), also hoped that Shirley overcome her emotional difficulties soon. Alan said, ‘’I have not called her yet. I will wait for her to cool down first. It’s crucial that she straightens her thoughts and hopes that she walks out of it. It is also important that she confides in her friends.”

Hacken said, ‘’Let’s give her some time to calm down. As outsiders, we do not understand what is going on, so let’s not make any speculations.”


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