Shirley Yeung Dodges Questions About Ex Andy Ng

Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) is determined to cut all ties with former love Andy Ng (吳帥). During a variety game show appearance on June 17, Shirley repeatedly avoided answering questions about Andy and her past relationships. The 34-year-old is instead focused on her role as a single mom, sharing her worries over her daughter’s recent health scare.

Since giving birth to daughter Krystal Yeung (楊卓穎) in March of 2012, Shirley has been accepting a variety of performance gigs to pay her mortgages and support her family. Yesterday, Shirley participated in an episode of game show Super Trio Maximus <超級無敵獎門人終極篇>. During a game where celebrities were asked to tell the truth, Shirley admitted that she had been hurt in the past but refused to elaborate. Host Eric Tsang (曾志偉) respected Shirley’s wishes and did not pry further, saying “I do not want to rub salt into your wound.”

Shirley spoke freely about her daughter however, sharing her worries over Krystal’s high fevers. “She lost some weight recently. It may be because she is teething. She is growing four molars all at once, and also suffers from ulcers on her tongue.” Shirley was then asked if she feels especially sad this Father’s Day. She did not take the bait to discuss Andy, and instead replied, “No. I already celebrated with my father in advance because he has a busier schedule.” When asked if Krystal’s biological father wanted to see his daughter, Shirley once again dodged the question. “What are you playing at? Asking these types of questions…. I won’t answer. Let’s talk about something else!”

Rap duo FAMA’s (農夫) Luk Wing Kuen (陸永權) was also a guest on the game show and was asked about his new baby daughter. He shared that he has named his second daughter Luk Yat Sum (陸一心). “She was born during Dragon Boat Festival [June 12]. She was actually due at the end of June, but she decided to come out during a public holiday when hospital fees are ridiculously pricey. Earlier I gave a doll to my oldest daughter (Hannah Luk 陸一穎) to teach her how to handle her younger sister. She ended up dismembering the doll! I was so scared that my youngest wouldn’t even make it past her first month, but [Hannah] actually loves the baby very much”.

Source: Oriental Daily 

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  1. She is already a single mother people….
    Isn’t it already sad enough? Stop being so mean and leave her along :/

    1. then she shouldn’t did something horrible to Greg.

      1. sky & coconut,

        it’s time to move on…

        past is past

      2. Yea, the past is the past so why dwell on the unhappy past? Life is short so try to live it happily while you can.

      3. True… but karma already got her back obviously

      4. If so, then everyone should definitely move on because she has already paid for whatever. Therefore, I wonder why everyone keeps on talking about it and condemning her for it? What is the point of that??

  2. Rap duo FAMA’s (農夫) Luk Wing Kuen is really funny! haha!

  3. Kuduos to Eric for not prying…cause it’s kind of a bit unexpected from him.

  4. Is Shirley making enough money to get by? Someone needs to meet with her and take her out to buy some food. Doesn’t look like she’s capable of affording food for herself.

    1. HAHAHAS!
      I’m just about to compliment her for shedding those baby fats so soon and she is so slim now 😉
      Different ppls with different opinions I guess!
      I’m rooting to have such a slim body especially her legssssss!!!!
      Some may find her too skinny 😉

    2. i feel so sorry for Shirley.
      One moment she’s famous and everyone praises her, and then the next moment, everyone makes fun of her.

      Ahhh, the entertainment industry is so complicated…

      1. Just like the rest of us….everyone goes through highs and lows in life. We can just all hope that we can rise up and be standing up straight at the very end. 😛

      2. Not just in the entertainment industry, but in life as well since life itself is complicated. Life is also unpredictable. You can be rich and famous one moment, but poor and unknown the next. You never know since life is not a story that is already written. You write it as you go..

        I have seen once famous and rich American actors and singers who were once on top but are now so poor that they are on welfare and had to live in their car… Really sad but life can take unexpected twists like that.

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