[Breakup Files] Shirley Yeung Reveals True Reasons for Break-up: “I Lied to Gregory Lee That I Was Pregnant!”

Possessing a stubborn personality, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) finally admitted to Ming Pao Magazine that Andy Ng (吳帥) was her new boyfriend. Shirley stated, “I admit that I handled the [break-up] situation poorly. The reason that I broke-up with Gregory Lee (李泳豪) was not due to lack of love…one of the reasons was the inability to get along with his family. They said that I lived with them without paying any expenses. I feel a great injustice…anyhow, I did not date two men at once. I am definitely not pregnant. I used pregnancy as an excuse to break-up with Gregory!”

When Shirley initially announced breaking-up with Gregory on June 28th, she chose not to reveal the true reason for the split. Although the public fiercely accused her of heartlessly leaving Gregory for new love interest, Andy Ng, stubborn Shirley believed that the innocent will remain innocent. However, with negative reports surfacing each day and countless accusations thrown upon her, Shirley spoke with Ming Pao Magazine on July 8th to clarify the situation. “You can ask me anything and I will answer you. I have been afraid to tell [the truth] because I wanted to protect Gregory. In the past, there were many negative reports about him. I did not want our break-up to induce additional negative rumors about him. However, I ended up hurting myself. I never imagined that breaking-up would become the hot topic of the entire city and with thousands of accusations thrown upon me!”

Did Not Get Along With Gregory’s Family

Shirley announced that she broke-up with Gregory for several months. However, on May 27th, she appeared at his birthday party. At the end of June, Shirley continued to visit Gregory on the set of The King Boxer <拳王>, thus the allegations started. Shirley explained the details from loving Gregory passionately to their break-up.

“Last year, problems already surfaced in our relationship. Last year, I bought a house with my family. Around February to March 2011, I started packing my belongings and moved out of [Gregory’s house] in April. I did not move in the middle of the night despite contrary tabloid reports. When I moved, Gregory and his mother were there. However, they said they did not know.”

What was the reason behind the break-up of such a long relationship? “One of the reasons was my relationship with his family. I lived with Gregory, his elder brother, Augustine (李泳漢) , and their mother, Shih Ming (施明). I tried my best to immerse with his family…despite trying to talk to them, no one would give me a response. They ignored me. When I greeted them, they regarded me [invisible like the air]. This treatment is no different than treating a stranger; how can we get along? His family can haphazardly throw my belongings around, which is very disrespectful!”

When Shirley and Gregory started dating initially and lived separately from his family, they got along the best. “When we lived in Sai Kung, his family lived upstairs. I paid the rent for the apartment unit downstairs. We got along well. Living together with another man, the normal practice is for both parties to share the bills. However, I did not mind and paid for the expenses myself. When we moved from Sai Kung to Kowloon Tong, I never imagined that his family would say that I had the most belongings and asked me to pay for the moving fee. I am only one person within the family. They had three people. At the time, I do not know how I was able to accept the situation. Do you understand? How do you discuss such hardship with other people?”

After moving to Kowloon Tong, Augustine said that the neighborhood was upscale and that there was a maid in the household. Shirley said, “I never said I wanted anything or where I wanted to live. I just wanted to continue to live with Gregory. However, I can not unilaterally put in my efforts towards his family. It requires mutual effort. My relationship with his family progressed to not talking to each other. They said that there was a maid for me to use, however, the maid did not take care of me or cook for me. The maid only took care of them [indicating Shih Ming and Augustine]. Sometimes, even Gregory did not have any dinner prepared for him.”

“At home, Shih Ming did not notice Gregory. She will criticize everything that he does. Even if he took out his entire earnings, his mother will say it is not enough money. When there was not enough money, Gregory had to use his credit card. I saw how difficult it was for him to pay back all his credit card bills. However, it was not an issue for me. However I can help, I will do so. On the other hand, Gregory’s elder brother, Augustine, did not work and would avoid responsibilities. Although Augustine and Shih Ming normally did not pay attention to Gregory, I do not know why suddenly they were so united after [the break-up incident and jointly thrust accusations upon Shirley]. Howevever, I am happy for him and hope that [the family unity] will last forever.”

Gregory was not highly regarded within the household? Shirley said, “Yes. Whenever problems came up, it took the two of us to resolve. Sometimes he could not resolve the matter. When brought home all the money, it left him with no money to buy a meal. I do not mind…even to that point, I did not leave. Seeing him so alone without support, if you do not help him, what will happen to him?

“In Gregory’s household, there would be frequent arguments every few days. One time, Augustine even physically hit Gregory heartlessly. Augustine almost broke Gregory’s arm. Many of Gregory’s friends knew about the injury; of course he did not reveal the reason why. His mother was present at the time and acted as if nothing happened. The neighbors all knew that the family frequently has arguments. When I attempted to pacify the arguments, they said it was none of my business. Beating Gregory in this manner can result in critical injuries; how can I remove myself from the situation? Since his family felt that I overstepped my lines, they were biased and dissatisfied with me.”

In an interview, Augustine stated that Shirley lived with the Lee household and did not pay even a penny for the expenses and meals. Shirley said, “I feel very unjust by the accusations. For example, they can say that the roof leaked water due to my dog causing damage. They asked me to pay for the renovation fee. It was not my fault, but they asked me to pay over $10,000 (HKD). I did not mind, but please do not say I lived there without paying for anything! I would buy things home. Gregory’s father, Lee Ka Ding (李家鼎), said that I did not treat them to meals. This is not the truth. Whatever I can help out, I will do so.”

Aside from the Lee family giving her stress, Shirley and Gregory’s family did not have contact with each other. “I am a traditional person and very filial towards my parents. Aside from the families having no contact with each other on a normal basis, they would not purchase any gifts for each other during the holidays. There was not even a phone call to each other. Gregory will not take the initiative to eat dinner with my mother. When it is my birthday and I ask my parents to attend, then everyone will gather together. Gregory avoids my family; I feel this is disrespectful!”

Was Shirley’s mother against Shirley dating Gregory? “My mother urged me to think about the future. However, she never complained that Gregory was poor. Many years ago, TVb urged me to handle my relationship in an understated manner. However, I was passionately in love then and did not heed the advice. My mother also gave me the same advice.”

Augustine accused Shirley of breaking-up with Gregory to pursue more materialistic interests. Shirley countered, “All along, I only wanted to live stably and happily with my family. I will not ride someone’s coat tails due to his wealth. I am not this type of person. If this were the case, then why would I have only one property and not several dozen properties? How come I have to act under such restraint and silence? Over the last nine years, I had other pursuers–some were even wealthy. I was never interested in them. I feel the accusations that I was greedy for money were very unfair.”

Shirley said that loving a man for nine years, how was it possible not to consider marriage? “I suggested to Gregory that we should get married after dating for nine years. He told me that getting married would be very simple–just signing the marriage certificate would suffice. I said that getting married was not simply about the celebration, but rather required planning for the future. What if we were to have children? How will we establish a family? However, he did not answer me. I asked him again, ‘What will we do?’ He asked for time to think about the matter. I waited and waited, but he did not answer me. He said that he discussed with his family about our marriage at the end of the year.  However, I did not know about this. No one proposed to me. With so many problems before us, how can we think about marriage? This year, the problems in our relationship grew bigger and came forth like a large snowball, cracking our relationship. This year, I waited for him and gave him many chances.”

Was the major contributing factor to Gregory and Shirley’s break-up the entry of third party, Andy Ng, a former Olympic diver? Some rumors claimed that Andy was Shirley’s old classmate, while other rumors claimed that they met at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and dated from then onwards. “None of the above. Andy is not my old classmate. We were friends before I entered the entertainment industry, before I even met Gregory. Andy and I were only acquaintances and never dated in the past. We lost contact with each other for many years until we met again last year. We were only friends until I broke up with Gregory and moved out of his house. Afterwards, Andy and I started dating slowly. I know clearly that I did not date two men at the same time. It is very unfair to call him a ‘third party.'”

“Rumors claiming that Andy is a wealthy businessman are also false. He is just an employee. If I wanted to meet a rich man, I would not have waited until now. I am very angry with tabloid accusations that I already cheated behind Gregory’s back. These allegations are completely false! They were completely exaggerated and disgusting. Why did they use such descriptions; did they know anything about the inside story?”

Shirley Denies Being Pregnant

In Shirley’s break-up with Gregory, the public was most interested in whether she was truly pregnant. Shirley said quickly, “I am not pregnant…I did not request a nine-month vacation. Perhaps, my biggest mistake was that I hoped Gregory’s heart would let go of the relationship. I was looking for an excuse and sent him a text message: ‘I started a relationship with another man. We even conceived a baby together. The only thing I can do is to not continue the mistake and marry this man and hold onto the baby!'”

Shirley’s Love Message to Gregory

“Since Gregory did not want me to publicly reveal the break-up, he tried to contact me continuously. He was unwilling to let go and wanted to hold onto the relationship. The back-and-forth lasted for a long time. I was afraid that Gregory would commit a rash act [suicide] since he often sent me text messages or called me, noting that he would race his car at night or go up Lantau Peak. I thought if I said that I was pregnant with another man’s baby, he would let go of his feelings completely.”

After breaking-up with Gregory, why did Shirley send a text message stating that she missed him and loved him? Shirley took out her cell phone and pointed to the text message she had sent Gregory. The message basically stated that although the pair loved each other deeply and although they were no longer together, Shirley will continue to support Gregory but will marry Andy Ng.

In Gregory’s text messages to Shirley, he wrote that he missed her and loved her. Shirley said, “As a result, I returned his message and said that I still loved him and missed him. However, I was pregnant and could no longer be with him. Gregory’s brother, Augustine, only selected one phrase to make an outcry. I never considered that our private conversations will be revealed publicly. I am very angry, but you can say that I did not handle the situation properly. I did not know what to do to prompt Gregory to let go, thus I said I was pregnant. I only wanted us to have new lives ahead.”

Escalating to the current situation, Shirley faced numerous criticisms. At this point, Shirley started crying and could not talk. She quickly walked away and halted the interview. She prohibited the photographer from taking photos of her crying, “I do not want people to say I am crying for pity.” Shirley dried her tears and said, “It is difficult for me to act so heartlessly. I was afraid that the break-up would be a big shock to Gregory. Who knew that the incident would be a bigger blow to myself? If I had handled the situation with more detachment, then perhaps I would have been able to avoid the current negative criticisms.”

“The inability for us to be together was not due to lack of love. Many issues surfaced in our relationship. I want to find a person who can take care of me, not through monetary means, but rather a person that I can rely on for the rest of my life who can give me happiness. I want to get married and have children. It is that simple.”

Source: Ming Pao Magazine # 2226

Jayne: I found Shirley’s interview quite moving, as her wish to find a man to take care of her is similar to many women’s wishes. It is not necessarily about money, but rather a strong, confident man who can help us to resolve problems and be an equal partner, instead of a weaker man such as Gregory who not only had problems making ends meet, but did not seem to know how to resolve problems on his own.

Obviously Shirley loved Gregory deeply to be with him for nine years. Living with Gregory’s family caused problems; her situation was similar to a married woman having lifestyle problems with her in-laws (not talking to each other despite living in same household, lack of respect for Shirley’s belongings, frequent arguments etc.). Shirley was dealing with typical in-law issues while she was not married to Gregory.

Money also came across as a BIG issue for Shirley. Although she mentioned she did not mind paying for certain things, money came up several times in the interview. It appears that she did not pay rent while living with the Lee household in Kowloon Tong and Gregory may have been the person financially holding the family together. Allegedly, Augustine was irresponsible and did not work while Shih Ming often complained that Gregory did not bring home enough money. Although Shirley said she would help whenever possible, I have a feeling that Shirley was quite protective of her own money. She was likely disgusted by the Lee family’s situation and did not want to contribute her hard-earned money to benefit Augustine and Shih Ming. Apparently, Shirley never bought a moon cake, but did pay for the roof renovation and bought things home.

I do believe that due to Gregory’s weak personality and lack of planning for the future, his brother and mother acting as “free-loaders,” coupled with Shirley’s advancing age and greater need for security all led to growing dissatisfaction in the relationship, to the point that it was easy for her to fall for another man, any man who represented the opposite of Gregory may have stolen her heart. Shirley may not require a rich man, but she wanted a stable man who can offer her security rather than Gregory, whom she probably saw a bleak future with.

This is one of the most heart-breaking celebrity love relationships I have come across in recent years. I do feel deep sorrow for Gregory. Shirley’s rationale may have been justifying in wanting to leave Gregory, but her lying about being pregnant may not have been the best move. Also, I do believe that she did fall for Andy and perhaps their relationship progressed to a certain state before she suddenly became so decisive in wanting to end things with Gregory.

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  1. I have to agree with Shirley. The way she handling this whole breakup is STUPID

  2. Any of you here think Greg’s family will attack Shirley back after this long explanation?

    1. @ Vivien:

      Definitely! Lol! And not to forget Gregory’s father colorful language full of expletives!

      And yes, absolutely agree with you, Shirley should have handled this entire matter with better aplomb.

      I seriously think she only has herself to blame for all the rumors about her being pregnant and all, reason being she stirred up the rumors HERSELF!

      Lying to someone that you are pregnant in order to break up is an extremely distasteful act.

      No matter how badly Shirley wanted to break up with this guy, in no way should anyone do that, especially considering Shirley is a celebrity who values how the public views her.

      I understand that we are in no capacity to judge Shirley for her actions but all this mess and accusations of two-timing wouldn’t have existed if she had clarified her breakup from the minute that she announced her breakup to the media.

      1. Let’s face it… if she is so smart and planner she would have done a sharmane act instead of loosing her career over Gergen who isn’t some kind of guy ( he can’t even stand on his own) … so what she did is expected of a naive girl like her… doesn’t mean she has a bad heart…. the lees … I have big doubts since they don’t even have the family teachings themselves and they come out criticize others…

  3. Great !!! There is going to been an all out war between the “future in-laws” and the ex-girlfriend, this drama is more exciting then any TVB shows. I think I’m going to reserve my front row seats and order extra popcorns and just watch the firework explode. Anyone wishing to watch this real-life drama unfold, tickets are selling fast, please be advise front row seats are strictly BYO drinks people. 🙂

    1. Front row tickets are no good. There’s gonna be bloodshed hahahah 😀

      1. LOL I’ll just pick the big screen at home to avoid involving in the bloodshed

      2. LOLLLLL Iciel, thanks for pre-warning me about the bloodshed, will remember to pack my raincoat, a girl gotta protect her Marc Jacobs dress from red stains now. 🙂

    2. Sammie,
      I thought you posted earlier that you were tired of the unending news about Shirley and Gregory? You sound excited about the unfolding drama. 🙂

      Andy Ng’s identity as Shirley’s love interest has been acknowledged. Unless Shirley is truly pregnant (and lied about it), there is not too much sensational angles left to tell.

      Lee Ka Ding can curse some more and Augustine can complain more about Shirley. Gregory has decided to remain silent in the last two days. I wonder how he will react to Shirley’s latest interview, which I felt unveiled too many skeletons about their relationship and may end up hurting Gregory a lot, since he appears to be very sensitive.

      Shirley, please no more “considerate gestures” that end up hurting Gregory more unintentionally! He needs to concentrate on his August car race, so no more shocking truths that may distract his focus and lead to greater chance of an accident!

      1. Did you read Lok Yi Ling interview today?

        Apart from (lame) attempt to rescue her image, I do think that Shirley (or TVB camp) is trying to use this as an opportunity to increase Shirley’s media exposure.

        620 said that Shirley has ‘repented’ and is now willing to accept any jobs and roles, including passionate/controversial scenes.

      2. Jayne, haha, you caught me out. 🙂 I think the drama is going to be more fun to read now Shirley has taken a swipe at the Lee family. Cannot wait for the old man to let rip. RAWWRRRRRR.

      3. for the hundredth time I suggest 620 to just shut up

      4. Shirley’s image has wrecked so bad that it can’t be saved anymore

      5. Sehseh,
        I did not get a chance to read 620’s interview yet. She offered very poor guidance to Shirley throughout the entire scandal. 620 does not have good PR skills at all.

        620 talking about Shirley taking controversial roles is such a dumb statement to make at this time, brushing off the incident so quickly when Gregory is still hurting and possibly thinking suicide.

      6. That comment about taking controversial roles only make Shirley look like someone who take advantage of the situation!!

        620 has bad PR!! Shirley has bad PR too!! So it’s disaster

      7. @ Sehseh

        “620 said that Shirley has ‘repented’ and is now willing to accept any jobs and roles, including passionate/controversial scenes.”

        620 is an idiot.

        Shirley did not get involved in any sex scandal. She just told a stupid lie to her ex-boyfriend and handled her break up relationship badly. She did not have racy pictures of her plastered over the internet. Why she has to take more passionate/controversial scenes now?

      8. Damage control is what Shirley s doing in the scoop interview she had no new man now she does because the truth was open to public pregnancy could have been lost or mistaken and she is so mad about what the dad and bro
        ther said the new guy is what she deserves good luck Shirley –

      9. Finish reading the article on 620. Why ask Greg to go behind the scene? Greg can act. Better than Shirley. Because he’s dating Shirley, so he should hide?

        Also, about the ‘repenting’ part. Shirley did nothing wrong. Everyone has limit. She’s in a relationship, so, she refuse to act kissing scenes. I don’t see what’s wrong with that. In the past, Nadia Chan and Chan Man Yee both refused to act kissing scenes and they were not penalised. They continue to be promoted and play lead roles.

        Now, 620 said Shirley ‘repented’ and willing to act kissing scene and rape scene because she need money to pay for her house.

      10. He obviously didn’t care about hurting her and her reputation when he allowed his loser family members blew everything out of proportion! He is not the victim here, he put himself in this predicament and then withers away like a weakling. If he was man enough from the very start it would never have turned out like this. He can only blame himself and his freeloader family for his failed relationship. And from the looks of it, no girl in their right mind would have held on as Shirley had held on. He’s a mamma’s boy who can’t think on his own! All he needs is is freeloading family and spare another girl the same misery that Shirley had to go thru w/him and his loser family would be best!

        And why are ppl so quick to pick Gregory’s side…he cried a little, acted like a little lost puppy who’s been so hurt and didn’t see this coming! Oh come on, he knew exactly how his family is and his own incompetence will not sit well with any girl who has the common sense see that he’s incapable of being a real man.

        I guess his supporters are the very ppl who would be content in marrying someone exactly like him and has the same family situation as him…I am sure these very supporters would not be so gleeful if the were in fact in this very relationship! Really, ppl, when u marry Gregory, you’re not only marrying half a man, u’re marrying his whole ghetto family that is going to move into your new home and freeload off of you for the rest of your life…and that is a very miserable life indeed!

      11. @chloe

        there’s no evidence that his family is anything as she claims. on the other hand Shirley have already admitted lying about her pregnancy and there is also strong evidence that she cheated on him a long time before the official breakup!

      12. Yea, I think there is still a lot more to this drama… I wonder when it will end?? I still think that Shirley may be pregnant.Lets wait and see…

    3. Next week is Nic-Cecilia saga part 2, Shirley-Greg will be sidelines story only. LOL…

      1. We don’t know yet. Who would imagine before that this week Shirley and Greg are the big cover story while Nic and Ceci demoted to sidelines ROFL

      2. Sehseh,
        Cecilia and Nic should be in Hong Kong together next week discussing divorce terms. I do sincerely hope there is a last miracle left to make the couple work out their marriage together instead of signing those divorce papers.

        With Shirley’s confession and admission that Andy is her new lover, there should be less explosive developments. Finally all of us can sleep and have a little more closure on the incident as well. 🙂

        Perhaps the image of Gregory as a crying child in old 80s TVB dramas is too deeply embedded in my head, but I feel an intense urge to wrap my arms around him and say, “Things will be okay….”

      3. @Jayne,
        I agree about Gregory.. He was such a sweet child actor that in my mind, he still seems like a child to me. I just watched Looking Back in Anger and he really made me cry with him…

  4. For some reason, the Lee’s attack toward Shirley sounds more honest and full of feelings. Shirley’s rebuttals sound just like whiny excuses and she makes herself out to be such an angel. Unlike you Jayne, I don’t believe her at all. I have a friend who sounds just like her every time she does something wrong. “I didn’t mind…” “I was tolerant…” stuff like that, makes her sound like she’s such an angel while what she did was clearly wrong. Shirley sounds just like her.

    1. I agree with you. Once a cheater always a cheater, Shirley lie before, she can lie again. Who knows what in her interview is true or not. We as viewers believe what we entitle to believe, and I refuse to believe Shirley. She can deny her pregnancy all she wants, 1 year from now, we will know if she pregnant or not.

      1. Now, now, LeilaFan, I know you are on Team G but how can we be certain Shirley cheated on mister wimpy? For all we know, mister G may not be as, oh so innocent as you think. Let the drama unfold but the peanut gallery on here will continue as per usual, oh happy, happy, joy, joy. 🙂

    2. Iciel,
      Of course there are two sides of the story. Actually, Augustine and Lee Ka Ding’s revelations seems to focus more on isolated incidents that paint bad picture of Shirley, although they may shed light on one aspect of the truth.

      The truth is that Shirley did not get along with Gregory’s family and this break-up incident became a platform for his family to fire at her with accusations which may have been influenced by their bias against her.

      Shirley disliked Gregory’s family. If we were to compare her to a married woman living with in-laws, she would try to resolve the situation or get over it if she loved her man. There are other reasons, hinted by Shirley’s perception of Gregory as a weak man and inability to provide stability and security that she wished for, which are the bigger reasons.

      Since the family was just one factor, I felt Shirley should have complained less about them. Obviously whatever she says now will hurt Gregory, why air the dirty laundry that he is not respected at home, mother complains he does not make enough money, giving all money to family and have no money to pay for meals? It only highlights that Gregory does not make enough money and opens up the media’s chance to attack Gregory from now onwards if they chose.

      1. I do not feel this way. I feel that what Shirley said highlight how bad Greg’s family is, but, put Greg himself in a rather good light. He gave all his salary to his family to support them. This shows that Greg is filial and responsible as a son.

    3. @iciel,
      Oh yea, your comments really remind me of one of my ex friends too. She does a lot of bad things, but appears like an angel in front of others… Even when she is caught red handed, she will still lie her way out of it and act all sweet and innocent….Basically, my ex friend is VERY fake… Hm… I wonder if that is what Shirley is doing???

  5. For some reason I don’t believe her, and honestly I don’t really care about her.

  6. There might be some truth into this but i don’t trust her completely since she have already admitted making the baby up. Who knows what part of this story is made up and which is truth?

    She was cheating on Greg. i.e. she dated Andy before ending things with Greg. So now he is just an average Joe. Im sure the press will digg into this.

    Ofcourse the Lee family is going to reply to this story. Unless something shocking gets revealed it’s getting little boring.

    1. Exoidus,
      Agree with you that I also believe Shirley and Andy had progressed to a certain stage (to make Shirley confident enough about a better future with Andy) before she decided to leave Gregory for good.

      Lying about being pregnant is a pretty desperate way dump a guy. A very hurtful reason as well. I think Shirley was truly eager to move on with Andy at that point and not date slowly as she said in the interview.

      1. Yes. She did mention that at her age she really wants to start a family. I think Shirley was being pretty honest if not 100% honest. Especially at the last part where she willingly took out her phone to show the text message, I mean what celebrity would be willing to show their phone texts, something so personal? She is just very desperate to let out the truth so she doesn’t get bashed for the false reasons.

      2. Basically, there was probably a good chance that she was with Andy before she left Gregory for good… Therefore, I wonder how much of what she said should we believe??

  7. Tomorrow there will be rebuttals from the Lee family.

    1. Will Lee Ka Ding go into a full killing spree at Shirley this time since Shirley really said bad things about his family?

      1. I call that Karma. Lee’s family started bashing Shirley for the false reasons, especially Augustine.. and now Shirley finally refuted back, now who’s the one that looks bad now?

      2. Both parties, Star.

        However, I still think if Shirley is clever, she’ll say this from the beginning. She just dunno how to handle the situation.

      3. Wait for the guns!! I don’t believe Shirley. She has known the family for 9 yrs and why didnt she leave before if she can’t get along with Gregory’s family. So why now, its because she found someone else!!

      4. Not sure if they bashed her for the wrong reasons… But I do think that she did not handle this situation well at all. She should not have lied about the baby and should have spoken up earlier.

    2. While I want the Lees to reveal more stuff about Shirley, I actually don’t want this war to go on for too long. Poor Gregory.

    3. LOL it’s sunday don’t they need a day off before continue the fight next week? even the media staff might need a break.

      maybe Greg. can start a new career at TVB he should be given a role where he is cheated and he can be a crybaby haha

      1. I thought he has been taking crybaby roles since his childhood and was famous as a child for his good crying skills

      2. yeah but now he can start playing those roles again and maybe ha can be more successful.

        If the audience sympatize with him i suppose TVB would give him some bigger roles. Shirley is done in my eyes she will be a ratingkiller

      3. exoidus, you should read this magazine ““Shirley Yeung exposed as “third party”, uses pregnancy to chase away Andy’s steady girlfriend”
        Who knows what she lie about, maybe it is true she use this excuse to kick away Andy’s GF at the time, and this same excuse to kick Greg away.
        Shirley claim to start relationship with Andy after break up wtih Greg, but the way she defend Andy is not something build in short period of time, she obviously stable enough with Andy to want to break up with Greg.

      4. If what Shirley said is true I know why Greg isn’t getting big in his career. He’s TOO SOFT and easily being used and crumbling.

      5. audience might be too disgusted at Shirley now. She better not appear in series anymore

      6. @Vivien

        Why would the audience be too disgusted by Shirley?

        In this whole fiasco, the two people that were hurt the most, Gregory and Shirley, handled the situation very well. Shirley avoided talking badly of Gregory and Gregory did the same. The ones who threw this out of proportion were Gregory’s family.

        The pregnancy reason was discussed behind closed doors but Gregory and his family placed it on the discussion table. I don’t see anything wrong with Shirley’s lie. As I have mentioned before, Shirley probably made several attempts to cut ties but Gregory couldn’t let go.

        Based on the previous articles I’ve read, I believe what Shirley is saying about the family.

        The Mother: “I don’t want to know about Shirley.” <– similar to what she claims, "Ignoring me"

        The Brother: He doesn't work. The whole Gillian Chung scenario already made him look like a psycho. Agree with Shirley on his lack of contribution

        I'm glad Shirley had this interview. This may be an attempt to salvage her image though. She may have been feeding rumors to the media and now able to turn it around and deny everything.

        1 – Not a rich guy
        2 – Not pregnant
        3 – Not taking hiatus

        I don't think there's any bad PR here! Some smart strategy may I add.

      7. 1 – Not a rich guy —– we don’t know this, Shirley said he not rich but that is “her” words. In the other magazine it reported that after his diver, Andy is now doing media business and his family background was rich.
        Andy rich or not, I sure this more will later be reveal in magazine as Shirley’s relationship progress with Andy or when they married.

      8. It depends how she defines being rich. She said he was a ordinary worker but he could still be a heir to a vast fortune we don’t know that.

      9. @LeilaFan. I was in no attempts of defining the truth instead, trying to point out the various contradictions.

        Please do not read half of my post and make random assumptions. Thanks.

      10. @ Pandamao

        This one is not entirely true.

        The Brother: He doesn’t work. The whole Gillian Chung scenario already made him look like a psycho. Agree with Shirley on his lack of contribution”

        Just saw Augustine in Ghetto Justice. 😀

      11. @Pandamao @Kidd
        From Shirley’s point of view, she probably felt that Augustine did not work as hard as Gregory, who held 3 jobs, to provide for the family. Perhaps Gregory paid for most of the bills and racked up those credit card bills. In anger, we often exaggerate on the lack of contribution from other people while emphasizing our own efforts.

      12. @ Funn

        He’s a lawyer under Sek Sau’s team. Will have some role in the last 2 episodes I think since he’s the defense lawyer for one of the defendants (5 guys attacking one guy, went overboard and accidentally killed that guy).

      13. @ Funn

        I watch episode 19 liao. He didn’t appear at all and the case already close. So, his role is actually very more.

  8. Most of the time, both parties are at fault. It’s never one sided. I’m sure both sides said something that’s true, and covered something that’s not true to appear innocent and good. Maybe in her point of view, she felt like she didn’t get along with the Lee family. In the Lee’s point of view, they already treated her very well and she should appreciate them. No one is lying here. They just have different point of views… which usually benefits themselves and see the other side as being more “evil”

    At the end of the day, the conclusion is, they are now broken up. They don’t get along. Let’s move on.

  9. What about the father? Doesn’t he support the family?

    1. Greg’s parents divorced liao. Maybe the alimony is not enough to support them all.

  10. Translated an article about Shirley herself being accused of being a third party but I think this piece of news was issued before the magazine articles above hence I don’t think it should be included in the archives, however thought maybe some might be interested to read it:

    Original article:

    “Shirley Yeung exposed as “third party”, uses pregnancy to chase away Andy’s steady girlfriend”

    In a bid to save her flagging image, Shirley Yeung went on TVB’s “Scoop to give an exclusive interview. However, Shirley Yeung still failed to gain sympathy points and has even been criticized as being inconsistent with her points. Many netizens also bashed Shirley’s spectacular show of tears as being fake and didn’t took well to it.

    A Hong Kong magazine even booted out new twists and turns to this saga! Allegedly, Andy already had a steady girlfriend while secretly dating Shirley however because Shirley was two months pregnant, Andy had no choice but to hold a shot gun marriage with her at year’s end.

    In fact, Gregory had been wearing the green cuckold hat for two years now.

    Shirley only looked sweet and innocent on the surface as after associating herself with new lover,Andy, in the Beijing Olympics in 2008, she had already put on a disappearing act from time to time (behind Gregory’s back) to accompany Andy in the Mainland.

    The magazine also went digging on Weibo and found a photo of Shirley, Shirley’s mom and Andy happily shopping a storm at Nanjing, which was taken back in April this year.

    About having applied for a 9 months leave, Shirley and Ms. Virginia Lok both denied it. However, Shirley’s workload for the year isn’t heavy, except for some stage performances and gracing grand openings, she only has one program on hand, <>.

    To prepare for her pregnancy in peace, Shirley has temporarily stopped all work on hand. According to sources, about one month ago, after Shirley was verified to be pregnant, Andy immediately forced Shirley to turn the tables with Gregory, even promising to marry her and persuaded her to keep the baby.

    An insider revealed, “Andy and Shirley’s underground relationship dragged on for a long time now. This was because Andy already had a publicly recognized girlfriend but since Shirley was already pregnant and since Andy loves kids, they just capitalized on that mistake.”

    The insider also revealed, “However because Andy was furious about getting scolded on Weibo, he wanted Shirley to declare their relationship openly to the public but Shirley wanted to keep things low-profile instead and asked Andy not to say anything.”

    At the same time, Andy’s girlfriend tweeted on Weibo, revoking Shirley for snatching someone’s boyfriend and even tweeted that she’s been with Andy for so long but still no news of a baby but as soon as he got together with some other woman, that woman managed to conceive his child. Thus showing implications of a four-sided love triangle.

    According to sources, three months ago, Shirley Yeung disappeared for more than a week thus making Gregory angry enough to initiate a break up. Shirley who has never seen her boyfriend so angry before, immediately cried and pleaded him to forgive her.

    However, things took a change for the worse as Shirley escalated her disappearing act and using work convenience reasons, bought a condominium, Oscar by the Sea, along New Territories to live in. Since then, she has only returned to their cohabiting love nest in Kowloon Tong once or twice a week.

    In fact, due to this relationship, Shirley was constantly pressurized by her mother as her mother, Mrs Yeung, has always been unhappy with Gregory for earning lesser than Shirley, even to the point of looking down on him.

    Thus, as a result, even since Shirley met Andy, Mrs Yeung has been pulling strings for them. In April, Shirley and her mom travelled all the way to Nanjing to visit Andy and to shop up a storm. They were even captured by a Netizen, looking at Mrs Yeung’s expression, it was evident that she was extremely satisfied with Andy.

    It was said that Andy was one of the sponsors for the Beijing Olympics and hence he was on a familiar basis with other Olympics athletes.

    In recent years, numerous national athletes were in the loop about Shirley and Andy’s relationship. A national team diver even left a message on Andy’s Weibo, urging Andy to publicly display his photo with Shirley. However, it was quickly deleted away by Andy.

    “Who exactly is Andy Ng?”

    In recent days, Shirley’s new lover was suspected to be ex-national diver Andy Ng (吴帅). Besides sharing the exact same surname, digging into Andy’s Weibo, they discovered that he was a follower of Alex Fong and Liu Xuan on Weibo. This was rather evident that they were the exact same person.

    30 years old this year, Andy Ng was an ex-representative of the Hong Kong national diving team and had participated in numerous international competitions, including the 1996 Olympics in Atlantis, 1997 Eighth China National Games and the 1998 Thailand Asian Games. After which, he became a coach, distinctively at the 2001 Ninth China National Games.

    After his stint as a coach, he staged a comeback however in 2002, he was accused by the Hong Kong Swimming Association of breaching of law and suspended to compete for three years. Indignant, he submitted an appeal and has been surfacing around the swimming industry recently. The magazine also reported that Andy is now doing media business and his family background was rich.

    1. As this news article was issued prior to the magazine interview, it is probably likely that the pregnancy rumors were fake.

      Anyway in another news article, Shirley Yeung revealed that on Gregory’s birthday party, her family all urged her not to attend since she has already broken up with Gregory, for fear that anyone will get the wrong idea. However, Shirley refused to heed their advice and went to attend in her capacity as a friend.

      Shirley went on to say that she was extremely shocked when she saw many media reporters at the birthday party (seemingly hinting that she was led onto a trap by the Gregory’s family) and if she had known that the media would be there, she definitely would not have attend the party.

      Asked about why didn’t she deny the marriage plans back then during the party, Shirley replied that when Gregory said that they were going to marry soon, at that time, she was stunned and in her heart, she felt terribly confused.

      But Shirley mentioned that subsequently when the reporters asked about the marriage plans that Gregory said, she clarified that there was no such plans yet as she planned to focus on her career and did not plan to get married in the next three to four years.

      When the reporter also asked about why the decision to announce the breakup during a public event, Shirley replied that she had communicated to Gregory that she planned to announce to the media about their breakup and that he might not accept it but she will still do it.

      Shirley said that prior to her announcement on the breakup, she found that reporters had already got wind of the intent to break up and were trailing her. (Indicating that she thinks there was a mole who tipped them off)

      She continued that hence it was probably natural that Gregory, when asked by the reporters then, said he had no knowledge about her intent to breakup however they had in fact reached a consensus about the break up.

      In that news article, Shirley also mentioned that she loves kids very much and hope to have kids as her biological clock was ticking and her parents were getting old at a ripe old age of 66.

      (Article link: http://hm.people.com.cn/GB/83174/15099903.html)

    2. Thanks for translating Ah K. 🙂 Must admit people should treat all magazine reports with a pinch of salt. Not everything we read is the truth. I always find things highly amusing when these so called celebrity gossip columns write with so much conviction as if they are a fly on the wall, witness the drama as if they are there. Their so called newsworthy “sources” of information should always be questionable. Anyone that read gossip magazines and take sides, is very gullible.

      1. @Sammie:

        No problem! (:

        I felt that it would be nice too to listen to Shirley’s explanations instead of listening to just Gregory’s father and Gregory’s brother rattling on and on. Thought it should be fair enough to hear both sides of the story.

        Hmmm…in the magazine article above, Shirley referred to herself as a traditional person, which leaves much to be desired about her context of “traditional”

        Which traditional woman would cohabit with her boyfriend before marriage?

        And abit skeptical about her claim that she broke up with Gregory when she moved out of their apartment, which is, in April? Because she was sighted shopping happily with Andy and her mom in Nanjing also in April!

        But since she said Andy and her were only friends prior to the breakup, I shall give her benefit of the doubt that they were still friends then but would a traditional person bring her mom to visit a friend in a foreign country, and futhermore, behind her boyfriend’s back? (Assuming Gregory did not lie about not knowing Andy)

      2. Ah K, thank you, agree with what you say here.

    3. @Jayne:

      Submitted a translation of the article about Stephen Chan’s corruption trial to your email inbox!

      Not sure whether this article is “explosive” enough to be put up, but it’s definitely up to your discretion k! ((:

      And thanks so much for translating the magazine articles for us! The magazine, I believed, was just circulated yesterday? Haha you are seriously efficient and quick in translating! (:

    4. Ah K, Ah K, Ah K!!! Sorry I repost this QQ news in asianfanatics. I know this is your news, should have ask your permission first. Since the asianfanatics won’t let me Edit my post or delete it, once I post it there it stay there. Sorry, but I did write thank you to you Ah K for translating. Sorry about it.

      1. You can edit or delete your post in asianfanatics. There’s an ‘edit’ and ‘delete’ bottom at the bottom of your post.

      2. Thanks Kidd, but I don’t see it, I just sign up for the member yesterday so maybe I am new. At the bottom I see Reply and Multiquote only. Um! Weird, maybe I should try another internet browser.

        Ah K, I did credit the QQ new to you and thank you to for your translation. Xiexie!

      3. Oh Kidd,I just read the announcement in Asianfanatics, it said I need 40 posts in order to become a member. So now I am only a “Newbie”, maybe that is why I not see the Edit button. Thanks again, I’m so new to the asianfanatics site.

      4. @ Leilafan

        That is a very strange rule. Newbies also can make mistake. How can they not allow Newbie to edit their post? I can understand if they disallow post deletion, but, edit also cannot?

        This must be a new rule. When I was newbie, I can edit and delete.

      5. Yes, here the quote from the asianfanatics admin “AF-newbies will now gain members-status at 40 posts.”
        You can check it out under Announcements, new rule out in June’11.
        I don’t know but I don’t see the Edit button at all, I also cannot start new topic since I am “newbie”. I also don’t see the delete button.
        Oh well, after 40 posts then I become a official member, then maybe i have more posting privilege.

  11. The magazine also reported that Andy is now doing media business and his family background was rich. ——– I believe this.
    Andy already had a steady girlfriend while secretly dating Shirley however because Shirley was two months pregnant, Andy had no choice but to hold a shot gun marriage with her at year’s end. — I also believe this.
    Thanks so much for the articles, good article.

    1. The way Shirley defend herself seem like she say Gregory mother abandon him. Never, ever I see a mother who abandon their son.
      Also, there are magazine who said in Olympic 2008, Shirley already been in mainland with Andy. Then obviously their relationship didn’t start until after the break up like how Shirley claims.
      Shirley claim to break up wtih Greg 2 months ago, but the way she defend Andy seem like their relationship is already steady and serious enough to leave Gregory for good, and sure that cannot be build within 2 months timeline, especially when Andy been reported to have a girlfriend also.

      1. @LeilaFan

        so you think Shierley is lying in this interview about the mother and son situation?

      2. Well i don’t know what to believe in the mother and son relationship, but it’s quite possible that there are some truth into this since some parents do only care for money and will mock you for making too little.

        She would have gotten some brownie points if she would just told the facts i.e. cheated on Greg., lied about the b to break with Greg and capture Andy and most importantly handled the situation like a completely moron….

      3. I agree, but what I do not believe Shirley is her so called “I only dated Andy after break up with Greg”
        She claims to break up with Greg 2 months and move out 2 months ago. But news reporter already spot her in mainland with Andy back in 2008. Also 2 months is too short to get Andy committed to her while Andy have a girlfriend at the time. She obviously very confident in Andy enough to dump Greg, it just the timeline is too short to be that confident.

      4. Even she met Andy, it doesn’t mean they started a date. You can meet a guy 1000 times before officially date him.

      5. Sure, anything is possible. Including the possibility of she cheat on Gregory too. You want to speak fair and speak of possibilities? Then I speak of possiblities with you. 2 possibilities here. 1) She date Andy while in relationship with Greg. 2) She dated Andy after she broke up with Greg.
        Which ever you believe that is your choice, you entitle to your own beliefs, so are others in here including myself believe what we want.

      6. Shirley can meet 1000 guys before dated him. But reporters also spotted her in April shopping in Nanjing happily with her mother and Andy.
        Fox, if you are in serious relationship with someone, would you bring your mother to mainland and shopping happily with another man?

      7. @LeilaFann:

        Hi hi! Thanks for agreeing with me on my earlier comment, always comforting to meet like-minded people but also happy to discuss it with others who do not agree with me too lahs, maybe they could enlighten me with their points (:

        Anyway, just to clarify, the reporters did not sight with their own eyes of Shirley and her mom happily shopping with Andy in Nanjing.

        However, it was after searching Weibo, did they come across a netizen who sighted them and captured it on film. So to be exact, it was a netizen who sighted them, apologize if my earlier comment was misleading ((:

      8. @LeilaFan: April of 2011? Only now when the incident happened, the reporters posted an April pic. Do you feel it’s TOO coincident? There is a habit of HK media: Posted something they just snapped and give it a day in the past. No proof of the date.

      9. @ Ah K: So the reporters found the pix from a weiboer?

      10. @ LeilaFan: Forgot to mention: She stated very clear that Andy is a friend of her. Why can’t she go shopping with her mom and a friend? Look at Shirley’s comment again: She said that she moved from Gregory’s house in April. That means there is a sign of a breakup this time. Guess that Gregory kept denial so he refused to admit this sign. Shirley hinted and told him times before about the breakup, but he can’t accept this. This leaded her to a stupid action: Tell him that she is pregnant.

        As for Andy, she might gain feeling with him from April or even before that, but an official date is up to now, after she announced the breakup with Gregory. In this case, can’t call her a two-timer because she didn’t date both at the same time. If by now, if she is still with Gregory but also date Andy and got caught, can call her two-timer. However, there is no clear sign of this.

        If the guy in the picture where you stated that looks like a lazy, crocky and arrogant guy is truly Andy, then Andy and her mom have good relationship. Maybe it’s one more reason for her to start with him – a guy that please her mom.

      11. Fox, Shirley said she “broke up with Greg in April”, that is her words, she said, and you choose to believe her.
        I choose not to believe her. Again, you believe what you want to believe, I believe what I want to believe based on these news articles.
        And please, even if I call her 2-timers, so what! Hong Kong have freedom of speech, are there a law that say netizen cannot called stars 2-times?
        I can call her 2-times if I want, just like in others Forums there tons of others people called her 2-timers, go make a complain to ALL of them.
        Yeah, I said Shirley is a 2-timers, what can do you about it? Remember, you can only control your viewpoints, you cannot control others viewpoints.
        Useless to debate with you, let’s just wait 1 year from now see if Shirley is not pregnant like she claims to be, then we continue this debate.
        And Yes you right, I choose believe Gregory, same to you choose to believe Shirley.

      12. I can’t and don’t do anything. Because you stated your opinion, I sing opposite tune for you to see.

        I don’t choose to blv anyone of them. I blv both of them lied and both of them provided truth. % in this is how many, mix both and judge it yourself.

        It’s kinda blind and bias to choose and blv 1 side 100%. However you chose to do that, your choice, no problem. Like you said, here is an open discussion so I openly discuss with you on what I think your opinion isn’t convincing. However, what you think is up to your own, I don’t force you to change.

        And complain? Lol, why need? Even if you call her 3-timer, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10-timer, it’s your right. The matter in here is in a conversation, you want to convince the others then you have to prove your opinion by points.

      13. @Fox:

        Fox says:
        July 9, 2011 at 7:09 am
        @ Ah K: So the reporters found the pix from a weiboer?

        According to my understanding of the original article, yes, the reporters found the photo from a user of Weibo. If everything reported in the article is true and factual then really kudos to them for being able to search this photo out of so many Weibo users.

        Fox says:
        July 9, 2011 at 5:16 am
        Even she met Andy, it doesn’t mean they started a date. You can meet a guy 1000 times before officially date him.

        Hi Fox, your comment’s really true but just wondering, if Shirley hasn’t broken up with Gregory yet and she’s meeting Andy (who is romantically interested in her) behind Gregory’s back, then in your opinion, does this constitute as cheating? (:

      14. @ Ah K: Yes, in the second case, she cheated.

        However it’s a 50-50 possibility. Only they can really know she cheated or not.

      15. Fox, I honestly wish when you and your BF is in long term relationship, I hope your BF won’t be going shopping happily with his mother and another woman behind your back.
        If the picture indeed is before the time she break up with Gregory then that means she cheated. But like you said, the picture have no date.
        When you in a long term relationship, anyone should know how to keep their limit off to the opposite sex, especially opposite sex and have romantic interest in them.
        Just my 2 cents

      16. Lol, dun need to worry for me. Anyone’s life is different. And the way ppl handle the situation is different. You might get mad and conclude that it’s a cheat if you see your husband to go shopping with his friend and his mom, but I’ll be more patient and consider the situation to judge he is cheated or not. It’s up to us.

        Shirley did the thing you suggested in 9 years. Have you ever seen any complaints or news that Shirley cheated Gregory before 2011? It has some meanings. So clear that after 9 years, she knew it’s time for her to move on and she moved on. You should give her some credits for her long term love as well as Gregory. She is 33 now, if Gregory still doesn’t consider a marriage and a kid, then Shirley left him is reasonable.

      17. @LeilaFan.

        Cheating relationships are not purposely formed, it’s an attraction that develops. Andy and Shirley may truly have been friends in the past.

        I agree with you though, a bit shady of Shirley to continue to hang out with Andy if she knew Andy was interested in her and she was already in an exclusive relationship with Gregory. I wouldn’t want someone to treat me such a way!!!!

  12. I can understand where Shirley is coming from. When in love, you are blind to all your partner’s faults. But when the resentment builds and explodes, there is no turning back. Plus with her advancing age, it is a make or break decision to be made. She was desperate to break up and for a 9 year long relationship, you need a very solid reason. Perhaps she has tried breaking up previously but not successfully. Relationship problems are very complex. Humans are complex creatures.

  13. I agree with Jayne. This is a heart breaking love relationship. Shirley truly loves Greg and Greg loves her, but, too many problems between them.

    I also agree that money is great concern to Shirley. This is very consistent with her frugal habit. I think she’s someone who does not mind going through hardship with her man if it’s for them both and their family. But, when money all goes to Shih Ming and Augustine, she feel not so good. No wonder Shirley feels insecure. If you husband money all goes to relative, how much is left for their own family in the future.

    I feel very bad for Greg. He seems to be bullied by his own family. But, can see that he’s a very filial and responsible son.

    Lastly, I agree that Shirley handled the break up very stupidly. She watches too much TVB drama or what? How can she think such a lie would work?

    1. You do not know if Greg really get bullied by his family. This is what “Shirley” said only, Greg family can deny this.
      Nobody know if Greg is bullied or not unless you in their family.

      1. Uh, you are not insider in the relationship either. You do not know either. But, you believe everything Greg’s family said and made your judgement base on their words and on all the negative reports regarding Shirley.

        So, now, I made my comment based on this article, you cautions me and said I do not know and this is what Shirley said only.

      2. I guess because LeilaFan is too into G team so watever G team said is truth and watever Shirley said is lie.

    2. Yes you right, I choose to believe the Lee’s family article, just like you choose to believe Shirley article.
      Overall we al entitle to our beliefs.

  14. After reading Shirley’s side story, I think the truth is in the middle.

    From Shirley’s side, Gregory appeared as a week guy and he seems to not want to plan for his life. This caused to Shirley the unsafe feeling. I somehow think it’s true. From the way Gregory appeared to the public after the incident showed that. He didn’t want to let go.

    I can understand Shirley’s feeling. I dated a guy who is quite similar to a Gregory painted by Shirley. A good guy, but the feeling he gave the girl is very unsafe. To love him, possible. However, think of a life with him forever, it’s another matter. These guys won’t willing to protect you to anything. In their mind, you can be the top BUT you are never the most important. In other word, you will have to take care of yourself. I blv that in the bottom of the heart, every girls want to have a man to protect her, not vice versa. Not mean Shirley doesn’t love Gregory, just that they can’t be together.

    The plus point is his family. Now from both sides, can see that the relationship of Shirley and Gregory’s family isn’t good. Before this, both of sides want to keep face for themselves so they used words with wings for each other. In the closed door, things seem to be different.

    The text messages, as the reporters saw it themselves, might be true. Augustine cut the right part to make Shirley a two-timer – this part is quite rite. With the second sentence, the mind of Shirley when she sent the message is different.

    The reason she used to dump Gregory is so stupid. Tell him that she is pregnant, it’ll caused her to more troubles than she can expect. However, she did that. She can’t blame anyone for think bad of her because of this message. Maybe she didn’t expect the risks and dun think that Gregory’s family will tell this reasons to public. Her stupid move in a moment, killed her career in long run.

    Now I blv that Shirley doesn’t need her career again. From wat I read in the article, all she wants now is a family. To a 33 years old woman, her thinking is correct. It’s time for her to move.

    And I withdraw all the words I said that Gregory wants to do a PR stunt. Now my thinking is: He didn’t intentionally to do that, but not the same to Augustine. Augustine in my view, is the one who is enjoying this piece of scandal.

    After all, from a small thing, it became big. No turn back to Shirley, only hope that her new life will be satisfied. Gregory, move on and time will heal the wound. Watever end, is ended.

    1. “And I withdraw all the words I said that Gregory wants to do a PR stunt. Now my thinking is: He didn’t intentionally to do that,”

      And Greg was actually telling the truth when he told the press about the baby.

      What he said was ‘Shirley told me she’s pregnant, but, I don’t believe her’. This is confirmed to be the truth by Shirley.

      1. In that statement of Greg, “Shirley told me she’s prego but I don’t believe her,” you can guess how much pain he went through.

        Poor guy.

        I hope Shirley’s interview ends this whole thing. Greg’s family needs to understand, if they keep talking, they are only hurting Gregory more.

    2. Amen Fox, I do enjoy reading your comments. 🙂 Bravo girl.

  15. I am shocked at the revelation that Gregory’s family treated him like a piece of .. well you know what. I am unsure whether to believe Augustine and his father are like gangsters. Is the explanation so deceptively simple? I can understand her saying Gregory is not very decisive, I can see that so she wants a more decisive man. But to say what she said about his family… well let’s wait for the old man’s response. No doubt Jayne’s work is cut out for her since every 1 word is an expletive!

    And is it a lie? Or she had an abortion?

    1. LOL Jim, you know this for a fact because ……. ?

    2. @Jim:

      Haha, you never watched “The Brink of Law”? She was terrifying two-faced in that show. 😡

      1. But most of us have two faces too, don’t we? We behave differently at work and after work lol! 😡

      2. What Shirley and the Lee’s family said, we all have the rights to believe which side. But there 3 facts that for sure we know is 1.) Shirley admit she use pregnancy excuses to dump Greg. and 2) Shirley admitted dating Andy Ng, and 3) She wants to dump Greg.

      3. @Ah K: Yes, all of us have 2 faces. It’s a must-do because the social is complicated.

      4. @LeilaFan, oh I give you points for being so firm in what you believe is the truth, very one eyed thou. 🙂 Has it ever occur to you, maybe Shirley did what she did because she wanted out of the relationship and Mister G was too set in his way, that is, he refused to accept the relationship was coming to an end. Miss Hong Kong isn’t the brightest tool in the shed to use the most pathetic excuse in the book to get it herself out of the relationship. Yes, he loved her, yes he wanted to marry her, but if someone you loved doesn’t feel that way towards you after 9 years, who is their right mind would want to stay in the relationship. The best revenge Mister G can have is to find another partner and be happy in a new relationship. What is the purpose for the Lee family or Shirley’s folks to play the blame game, it is all relevant, the relationship is over as one partner wanted the relationship to continue and the other partner wanted it to end.

      5. Sure, I have 1 eye believe in the Lee’s family, just like you also have 1 eye to believe in Shirley.
        Again, useless debate with you, so I just ignore you.

    3. @LeilaFan that is the best comment I have read from you. I think ignoring me would be a splendid idea Leilafan and I shall resist the temptation to sniff out your comments and instead will sit on my fingers when disagreeing with your posts as to prevent myself from irritating the darling one eyed supporter of the Lee family cheering squad. 🙂

  16. whatever it is i pity poor gregory and hope he is strong enough to overcome all this adversary he is in..he being depicted as a weak person i hope he can come out of it strong and wiser and not completely get lost in this ugly situation

  17. It’s ironic that many years ago, when Shirley was asked why she likes Gregory. She said one of the reason is he’s a filial son. But, now, it’s his filialness to his family that contributes to the breakup.

    I guess filialness is only a good thing if you can get along with his family.

    1. Haha
      I guess he was too filial, way too weak.
      Judging from the interview, Greg’s bro sounds like a douche. Mum sounds mean, not sure about dad, but probs just as worse.

    2. Jayne has brought up this point in her commentaries before. What you originally love in a person may be the reason for the breakup in the end. Or I heard it somewhere from someone. I place any “Einstein” moments in relationships to Jayne. Lol.

      Very good point Kidd. It’s ironic.

      1. Pandamao,
        Perhaps I’ve dispensed too much relationship advice on this site, thus you are referring to me as “Einstein” in relationships. LOL. I’m just old enough to have observed enough relationships and their evolvement to have gained some wisdom in between.

  18. Shirley, U r once my idol but not now anymore. if u have said for the above earlier on at the scoop interview or come clean, i guess a lot of netizen will pity or support u but one lie goes on with another lies. it makes the netizen cant accept u, u said that u r protecting gregory that the reason u kept silent. but due to the accusation from Augustine And his dad that make u to come clean.

    After reading all the article about u, one thing i wanna said that u r not protecting Gregory but u r indeed protecting ANDY NG until this moment. Even the above interview that u have said is not seeking justice for yourself or to bad mouth the lee’s family but the intention is to ask the netizen to stop critic on Andy.

    Both of u commit an offence of betrayal and trust.

  19. So who is right & who is wrong? After this long explanation from Shirley. The ball is thrown back to Gregory. I bet there will be another long explanation from Gregory’s family, lol.

  20. Actually, after reading the interview, I actually sorta believe what Shirley claims. It actually makes sense.
    Why would Shirley, who was like, one of the top earners of tvb a few years ago, and ex miss hong kong date a kelefe, wasting 9 years of her youth when there will definitely be other wealthier people pursuing her. I mean, this explains it. Shirley would not waste her youth with Greg if she didn’t love him. And their different statuses didn’t cause them to separate, hence their 9 years together.

    However, If the Greg’s family is so unbearable, like if what Shirley’s description of the treatment she gets from them, I totally understand her for the breakup.

    1. Augustine seems to be loving the publicity as well.

      I agree, Shirley’s method of handling this was wrong. Her first interview was probably done in goodwill to 1, protect greg, not hurt him anymore by not telling the public the truth about the family etc and 2, to save her image. Well that was an epic fail, and Greg’s family just made things worse by badmouthing her. Hoho what colourful language they used. So I guess this pushed Shirley to her limits, and decided that she should tell the whole truth.

      This is my opinion.

  21. I don’t believe in what Shirley said. Throughout the interview all I see was she cares about herself and her money . She does not care about Greg at all. Just like she said. She really stupid, not just in handling the relationship but also in handling her image. The more she say, the more her true colors revealed .

    1. Agree with you, and the her true colors will reveal more in the next year to come. I remember she said this today that she is NOT pregnant. If she later turns out pregnant, I will bash this 2-timers girl.

      1. Don’t forget to count the days. If it’s longer than 8 months from now (because Shirley is said to be pregnant 1.5 moth already), she might be pregnant after this incident and it means Shirley didn’t lie that she isn’t pregnant now.

      2. This news come out yesterday when they interview her, yesterday 2011.7.9 she said she is NOT pregnant.
        This month is July, if she give birth nine months from now, then ofcourse she is not lying since it 9 months apart. (Let just even say she get pregnant with Andy this month).
        BUT if (notice the word IF ok) 7 months from now, there is a baby, then obviously she lying. Because she just talks to the news yesterday as of this July and she confirm that she is NOT pregnant.
        OK, let’s just believe Shirley that she not pregnant and this just an excuse, we just need time to see.

    2. I don’t take any sides. Shirley and Greg’s family must all be distorting the facts.

      1. one thing that’s certain is Shirley is STUPID in dealing with this problem

      2. Vivien:

        “Vivien says:
        July 9, 2011 at 9:16 am
        I don’t take any sides. Shirley and Greg’s family must all be distorting the facts.

        A++ comment! LIKED! LOL! 

        I agree with you! I have nothing against Shirley and Gregory’s family except for erm…Shirley inappropriately labeling herself as ‘traditional’ when she probably doesn’t know the full meaning of it. 

        I initially doubted Shirley about going to Gregory’s party and not commenting back when reporters asked her about the marriage plans but it seemed she has cleared up my queries in the article.  

        Up till this point, I’m rather certain that Shirley is still withholding some other information back or lying about some points she made (I don’t know how to tell you guys but it’s an impression and a sort of gut feeling) and I’m sure Gregory’s family must have exaggerated some matters or slandered Shirley in a fit of anger.

        I’m sure each one of us have our own valid reasons for choosing to believe in Shirley or Gregory’s family or none at all.

         I believe in Shirley that one of the reasons she had to break up with Gregory was because she couldn’t get along with his family. If we think about it, she might not be entirely wrong as considering that Gregory’s parents are divorced, there is a possibility that Gregory grew up in a broken family, which could explain his estranged relationship with his family. And as a result, when Shirley stayed with them, she might have tried very hard to strengthen their  family ties with each other but what does she get in the end? Not gratitude but a nasty “mind your own business as we are already used to it” kind of response. Try doing that for almost nine years and I think it would be enough to drive anyone away from this family. As the saying goes, “Don’t take people for granted, no matter how much they love you, people get tired eventually.”

        I also believe Gregory’s family because they are one family who has been through thick and thin and Gregory is afterall his mother’s own flesh and blood so his mom can’t be treating him THAT inhumanely as depicted by Shirley right? 

        However, we must bear in mind that because it’s a 9 year relationship we are talking about here and it’s the current talk of the town, it’s only natural for everyone to tilt the information to their favor as no party wants to shoulder the blame of causing this relationship to fall flat and look like the ultimate sinner in the public’s eye.  

        Regardless of which camp we are in,   I don’t think anyone should be so quick as to condemn the other camp because we are judging purely based on magazine reports and unless we are neighbors with Gregory’s family, we will never know the absolute truth.

        Besides, it takes two hands to clap hence I suppose Shirley and her family and Gregory and his family were all attributors to this break up, some way or another.

        Whether who was right or wrong honestly depends solely on our personal beliefs and value of life. 

        Like, for example, was Shirley wrong to keep a look out for better and more qualified guys while dating Gregory? Not entirely since eligible single women have it in them to always be on the look out for someone better and higher qualified and it’s akin to why men are always looking at other women even when they are just beside their girlfriends. 

        And since both of them were single, it’s called “exploring one’s option”.

        Was Shirley wrong to finally abide by her mom’s wishes to find someone better? Not entirely since love is blind and mums know best. 

        Was Gregory wrong to leech onto Shirley? Not entirely since this is afterall his first love for 9 years and first love are always unforgettable.

        Was Gregory’s family wrong to exaggerate up Shirley’s actions? Not entirely since it is a fact that Shirley has hurt their son through her change of heart. 

        I think this matter would blow over eventually (although I doubt Shirley’s career will see a revival anytime soon) and Gregory would get over it cause you know what they say, “Whatever that doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger” (;

      3. More about distorting facts it seems that Shirley already proved that Augustine DID DISTORT her sms. In another interview Augustine said he has ‘proof’ against Shirley now I want to see if Augustine will counter attack Shirley back 😛

      4. now I’m also starting to feel that Augustine is the one who look like he’s enjoying this limelight

  22. In 7 to 8 months we will see her baby don’t believe her at all the new guy doesn’t have much in the looks department so he has money how stable is the guy cheated on long term gf will the ex gf come out

  23. Shirley please explain, Shirley claim to break up with Greg since February and move out, then…
    Why on May 26th, Shirley wen to the set of where Gregory was filming 2 days in the row and stayed with him all day, just like when they dating. Everyone on the set those 2 days saw them together and they said Shirley and Greg not seem like break up.
    Why claim to move out and break up with Greg but still came visit him on set and give him hope, LOL!!!!

    1. The chinese article has explained this. It’s a caption for one of the pictures. Shirley said she visited Greg to discuss with him on how to divide the dogs.

      1. I see, thanks Kidd. I saw the Shirley’s article in English here posted so I just read the English translation, didn’t pay attention to the caption of the Chinese version.
        Usually when I am online, I read China political news and discussed in Chinese Forum relating to China politics. I don’t really care much about stars news, but since the hype of this Shirley issue so big, I join in, LOL! My apoligize, didn’t read the close caption, thanks for telling me.

  24. Ai Ya…. in order to stop all speculations and drama, all she has to do now is to apologies and said that :
    1) i has a new boyfriend
    2) i’m sorry that i’m cheating.
    3) At least as a courtesy said sorry to Gregory’s Parents.
    4) admit your own mistakes.

    of course everyone dreams to have good life with lovable partner, who can provide bread and love to the family.

    since in the place u had admitted that u handled the situation badly, in order to amend.

    above is the best solution.

    1. There are 3 facts so far that Shirley’s admitted it, for sure we know is 1.) Shirley admited in her own words that she used pregnancy excuses to dump Greg. 2) Shirley admitted dating Andy Ng and he is her BF, and 3) She wants to dump Greg, thus leading to her excuses and lies about pregnancy.

      1. let gone by gone….public apologies to the Lee’s Family……..let them have back their pride,dignity and ego.

      2. @Stephy: Even if she lied everything, the only one she has to apology is Gregory, why she needs to apology his whole family? Their pride, dignity and ego, if lose, biggest part belongs to themselves.

        And do Lee family need to apology Shirley if they also lied? They insulted her a lot.

      3. To show her respect for his family. The public will feel she did the right thing and maybe forgive her for her lack of moral compass.

        She might not care about her career anymore since Andy will take care of her. Can’t wait for him to dump her and she crawling back to Gregor for forgiveness haha

      4. Fox with no offence,

        IF this saga happens to your son, what will u do? i guess u will react the same as the Lee’s Family when the above when public.

        Honestly i will react the same as Lee’s family, if it happens to my family member.

      5. “Wink”, I agree. Shirley in “her” words said Andy is not rich. BUT in the other magazine it reported that after his diver, Andy is now doing media business and his family background was rich.
        As Shirley’s relationship progress or when they married, we will know if he rich or not.
        Keep in mind that Shirley’s mom complain that Greg did not make alot. IF, IF Andy was poor, I doubt if Shirley’s mom would approve of her go out with Andy.
        There are photo of Shirley mom go shopping with Andy and her all smiling, that means her mother approve.

      6. Thanks exoidus,
        helping me to tabulate out why she should say sorry to lee’s family.
        To show her respect for his family. The public will feel she did the right thing and maybe forgive her for her lack of moral compass.

      7. @Stephy: My view on this matter I stated very clear.

        If it happens to my son, I’ll feel pitiful to my son. But what is the points to bash the girl like this? For what? For she to come back and then dump her or for her apologies?

        Honesty, I think Lee family is overacted. I can understand why they are angry, but insulting the girl isn’t a good action. If it’s ended, then let it end. Gregory is still young, he still can have gf.

        In my country, there is an idiom: Before you want to blame someone, blame yourself first.

      8. @Stephy: But wat she did is wrong to his family? Keyword: His family, not Gregory.

        The audience’s view can be this if she apologies his family: “Oh the girl is so fake!” or She apologies his family to gain attention and sympathies from the audience”. Can’t please everyone.

        “forgive her for her lack of moral compass.”

        Gosh, Shirley only dumped a bf! She didn’t kill anyone.

      9. Shirley’s have the rights to told her story, as well as the Lee’s family have the rights to told their story. In Hong Kong there freedom of speech and freedom of press.
        In my country there is a saying “Treats people the way you want to be treated.” and “What goes around, come around”
        And please, Greg’s mom and dad raise him and give birth to him, he have every rights to do his duty as a son to give them money.
        What do you want Greg to do? Give all his Money to Shirley? Hahaha!!!!!!!! Seem like you like men to give all their money to you right Fox?

      10. It’s hard to continue to discuss if you continue to overact like this, LeilaFan. I don’t say they don’t have the right to ask for money from Gregory. What I want to know in here is the reason why Shirley must say sorry to his family. She might have to say sorry to Gregory as she hurt him when she dumped him and lied to him about the pregnancy, but to his family, why?

        Treat ppl the way ppl treat you, then have to ask what Gregory’s family did to make her dump him? Lol.

      11. if it was because of his family she would have dumped him a long time ago and we wouldn’t have this discussion right now.

        She is just trying to blame his family for their break up. She can just tell the truth i.e. he is a weakling, bad future prospect (shareprice falling), realized that money is very important etc….

      12. Then exoidus, why you don’t think that Shirley has tried her best in 9 years to comfort his family but her limit is reached and she can’t do it anymore. She found someone better than Gregory in her opinion so it’s her chance to move on. Why don’t think that? Why conclude that she only left him because of money. If she wants to leave him because of money, why she didn’t do that sooner when she is a lot younger and can find richer men? Why she has to stay with him 9 years?

      13. Despise people who use the freedom of speech crap here.

        G-Team obviously went on a tantrum rampage and lifted their shirts to show their belly to the world.

        Shirley only said, “Gregory and I broke up.” Gregory cried about it.

        The whole family repeatedly trashed her.

        This is not about freedom of speech or who is right or wrong, it’s about class. Even if someone acts classless, you don’t stoop to his level.

      14. Because when you were young you were romantic and foolish. When older then you realise water does not feed you, love alone is not enough.

      15. @Fox,

        because from the evidence we got it seems like she didn’t contribute financially i.e. paid the bills etc. Her only contributuon was her claim of paying HKD 10000 for roof renovation which is nothing considering staying there for so many years.

        Like i said earlier maybe she tried to find one secretly many times but those guys were only after a “hit & run” so she decided it was best to play safe i.e. staying with Gregory. Why? because she didn’t have to pay anything so she could safe her money to buy her own house otherwise she would asked Gregory to move out.

        When she was able to find another guy she decided to dump Gregory without any consideration for him being hurt. the main point is that she cheated on him who knows for how long and how many times without him knowing.

      16. But if you were repeatedly stepped on, kicked, shouted at, punched, you can’t just take the high road anymore. Sometimes you have to go down to their level to fight them.

      17. “For a start, maybe you could get your sister in law to recognize that the way she treats your mother in law will reflect the way she will get treated from your nephew in the future?”

        Nahhhhh.. I am not bothered with what she thinks. She will have her comeuppance, but I believe most hurt will be my sis, my mom and myself if my nephews ever marry a woman like her. She won’t listen, we are not that level where we reason with one another. I won’t even try. All that matters is she understands and I understand, done. Best way to deal with someone like that is to have financial power, to have financial power over them and let them realise that financial power is a fact. Which is why I said if you want your pride, never accept handouts. Not that my sisters will use that as an excuse to walk all over her, which they never did. They did what they did because they love my nephews and no other reason which is the best reason of all. However she herself may feel she must keep herself in check because of all these financial power thing. Which is why if you want dignity, marry an independent successful man. Simple!

        “And perhaps maybe you can engage a financial planner for your brother to wise up and give him a rude awakening call to leave his vices behind and start planning for his son and his retirement in future ”

        Some are beyond help, and I won’t pay any cent to help him. He knows, not like he’s young. He has 2 sons, a wife, he should know. But because there will be many who will rush to his aid when he needs it, he doesn’t feel the need to wise up. The only way to help him is tough love; deny him help. Problem is the ones who suffer are the little ones. So in the end we ended up helping. It is a consensus between us all. The point is the little ones must be worth helping and frankly they are worth it. However a bit of storytime; my sisters always get irritated when my nephews remembers everything their parents did for them, like how great their mother is. They feel their contribution are not recognised, and that they’re being side stepped in favour of the kids’ mother. My reaction is simple and which I told them honestly; “if they are rude to their mother, they’re not good worthy at all. Moreover what do you expect? Call you mother? Reality is that woman is their mother, not you. In future, they will take care of her, not you. Whatever you’re doing now is strictly on voluntary basis. If they’re good kids, they may still call you auntie and respect you and treat you to dinner. if not, what more can you do? So if you want to win all, start cutting back losses and not pay for them right here, right now onwards”

        Of course they couldn’t, so my reply was “Then that’s that! Make no complaints. You know you got a bad bargain and you still insists so why complain? Enjoy their company whilst they’re still young and unmarried”

        And that’s how I see contributions in family. You give, don’t expect anything in return. if you expect something in return but no you won’t get, then don’t give in the first place. I know everything has a condition attached to it, so things can’t be unconditional every time but sometimes if you do something unconditionally, the reward is that you did and you can live with yourself. If you can’t agree with that, don’t give and then moan about it or use it as an ammo. You may use it to explain yourself but no more, no less.

      18. One last thing and then I will shut up. Kinda too much info.

        The one sentence I absolutely hate is “Be grateful…” and I was like why should I be? I will be happy, be contented, be satisfied but grateful? If you expect me to be grateful for what you’ve done like some automatic right of yours, then don’t do it! Don’t expect gratefulness; do it because you want to and don’t expect anything in return. If there is any, that is a bonus. I really really really hate that word; grateful. Don’t teach me how to feel my gratitude. I know how.

      19. Even she only contributed 1 time, she still contributed. Once is also counted, can’t say that she never contributed. She didn’t mention doesn’t mean 100% she didn’t do so. Assume is the keyword.

        Funn, you are rite. When you are small and young, love is the most important. Time flies, you need more than love with bread and water to live. She is 33 already.

    2. Fox, I remember your quote OK “in your country there an idiom: Before you want to blame someone, blame yourself first.”
      I wish that next time your BF dump you or cheated on you, remember you said this OK, Blame Yourself first!!!!

      1. Well said! Dumping a bf is fine but she was obviously cheating on him and dumped him on television. How can she hurt someone that she claim to have loved so badly?

      2. Don’t need to say that. You are being mean to say such thing. Be nicer, girl.

      3. Who give birth to Greg, Shirley or his mother? His mother. Then Greg is right to give money to his mom. Shirley is his GF, not his mother, what rights does she have to demand he give her most his MONEY?
        A real man is not a slave for their wife. A real man does not give ALL their money to their wife. A real man don’t need to give the girl his whole paycheck in order to keep the girl by his side.
        A understanding GF will never ask their BF for money, especially the girl capable of holding a job. Shirley is not handicap, she can acts and do commercials.
        Those who think that Greg should give Shirley all his money, those of you are those who wish your future husband give you all his money.
        Sorry to dissapointed you, but this is the 21st century, and there are marriage prenuptial. You want food, get your butt to work for it, don’t give out hands to ask man give you money.

      4. @leilafan

        yeah 100% agree with you. Gregory’s money is HIS money and he can choose to give it to whoever he wants to.

        Household expenses should be 50/50 unless one party wants to pay more. and if either party is asking the other for money to stay in the relationship then it’s more of a contract of renting!

      5. LeilaFan is starting to come across as very irrational. Do you honestly believe a son is forever tied to his mother’s apron string? Wake up, this is 2011 not 1960… Seriously, a son becomes a man when he can stand on his two feet. A son is a man when he can stand up for himself and defend and support the girl he is dating especially if the girl is going to be his future wife. A wife should be more important then the mother. If the son places his mother before his wife, why the hell would he married someone in the first place, why not be tied to his mother’s apron strings for the rest of his life being his mother’s beak and call. Leilafan, your logic and creditability is slipping woman get a grip,you are certainly barking up the wrong tree woman.

      6. A couple needs the share and contribution of both. Can’t request one side to do everything.

        I don’t mean he has to give all of HIS money and same to her. Where you take this thinking?

        And yes, I want my husband to give me money as a contribution to the family. Why I have to pay everything and he doesn’t contribute anything? One hand can’t clap.

      7. Sammie you talk like a teenager, I suggest you get your butt out to life and work and learn life OK. Who the heck are you to tell me to bark in the wrong tree?
        And for you info, I WILL NOT, Note this I WILL NOT married a man who be a dog for his wife and put his wife beyond his mother.
        I only married a man who put mother first, because his mother give birth to him, not his wife.
        I feel sorry for your father. With your attitude, you put your husband first before your father?
        If your answer is father first, then a son should put his mother first.
        And from now, I just ignore your post. I hope one day life teach you a lesson.

      8. Life is not about extremes folks.

        Shirley made her attempt to understand Gregory’s filial logic and failed. She admire his filial at first but it’s gotten to a point where the brother and mother are freeloading off of him. She’s a frugal person herself and refuses to share her hard earn money to those leechers.

        Leilafan, I get you. You support Gregory. That’s fine. I just don’t understand where this love of Gregory’s mom and bro is coming from!!!!

      9. @Leilfan, there you go again, assumptions, assumptions, people who assume tends to make an ASS of themselves. Well, you are close to the mark, was a teenager three years ago madam…. Well you are certainly entitled to your opinions but that does not make your arguments valid. Your one sided support for Mister G is breathtaking, almost to the stage of being pathetic…. For your record if a mother works and saved when she was younger, why would she need her son to support him when he is starting to build his own life and career? When a son dates and marry, the wife and children are his future not his mother… A mother who loves his son and wants his son to do well would encourage him to find a nice woman, have his own family without being needy and relying on her son for financially hand outs…. LOL, thanks for making me laugh about getting a job, are you aware I’m in Australia? The country that is financially booming and you think I”m unemployed is the funniest assumption ever from a cyber stranger. 🙂

      10. I feel there are many types of love; obsessive love, blind love, loyal love, etc. Same goes for fillial peity. Your mother is not always right. You must honour her as a son, do your duty, but you duty does not extend to completely destroying yours so that she can have a good life. All calls for reasonableness. The mother is also suppose to sacrifice herself 100% for her child; but shouldn’t be. Same as a mother who shouldn’t sell every single property just so to pay for son’s medical school, a son need not throw away his happiness and say yes to his mother 100%. This is blind filial piety and is dangerous and foolish. At some point a child must fend for himself, after all he has many more years to go. There is a limit to filial piety. So in some ways I agree with Sammie.

        But I disagree with many more what Sammie said.

        “A wife should be more important then the mother. If the son places his mother before his wife, why the hell would he married someone in the first place, why not be tied to his mother’s apron strings for the rest of his life being his mother’s beak and call. ”

        That may be more western thinking than Asian. I believe in being moderate, so there must and should be a balance to be struck between mother and wife, husband and parents. A wife is NOT more important than the mother. I believe a wife is NEVER more important or equally as important. Your children maybe, but your parents are of course more important than your wife. If you wife makes you choose between mother or wife, then such a wife should be divorced. Likewife a husband can never as a wife to choose between husband or parents. Same goes for siblings./ Wife is not more important than siblings. Spouses do help each other but in the end when comes to crunch time it is almost always your parents or your siblings who will sell everything to help you, although spouses do that. It is unfair to ask someone to choose. However if your spouse is reasonable but your parents are not, it is better to choose your own sanity and move out. But never cut off your ties, unless your parents were the worse. It is not about choosing wife or mother, it is about choosing yourself, what makes you sane and what makes you happy. If your wife makes you happy, choose her BUT doesn’t mean and should never mean you cut off all ties. Here I disagree with most western or even modern thinking; your parents make you feel terrible? Cut them out of your life. You can only do so if and only if they have done terrible things to you, but a few put downs, criticisms or high expectations is never the reason.

      11. Funn,
        Love your sensible approach to filial piety and moderation to settling conflicting loyalty. An insightful post that I agree with whole-heartedly.

      12. No man in this world can ever be more important than my father. My husband, my son all come after my father.
        I refuse to married any man who treats their wife like their mama. Wife is wife, mother is mother.
        Any daughter who say their husband is important than their father, I feel so sad for their father to have daughters like that.
        Same to men, any men who say their wife is more important than their mother, I feel sad for the mothers that give birth to those son.
        Have some respect for those give birth to you, without them you won’t be sitting here type all this.

      13. @Funn Lim, I respect your comment and you do make sense. I should have consider the fact Leilafan may be living in an Asian country or not Westernised so her opinions and mine would differ immensely before I got stuck into her….As per your comment, parents are important but most decent and fair parents will never get in the way of their children’s happiness. Grown up kids will respect and take care of their folks in due course without being told, that is, the kids will find a nice retirement home for their folks, supporting them, having them around to see the grandkids etc and etc.. The argument here is more about Mister G’s family aka, mother and brother and Leilafan’s unwavering support for the Lee family and the constant Shirley bashing.…Obviously something has come between the girlfriend and boyfriend. If a mother gives birth to her son, that does not ultimately gives her the power to dictate what and how her son’s love life should run. A mother should not be pampered at the expense of his girlfriend (not saying this is the case for the S and G circus). Sometimes, if you love your child, wouldn’t you want what is best for them without needing your grown up kids having to choose between family and love? Ever watched Jennifer Lopez’s movie Monster-in-law with Jane Fonda? LOL, if Gregory’s mother is anything like Jane Fonda, I could understand any future daughter-in-law running scared. 

      14. In Asia, there is a dictum; Mother knows best. This is for some fortunately true, for others, unfortunately true. I suppose a daughter in law must make effort to at least play nice with the mother. It baffles me to think some girl marrying some guy and think she owns him, she’s the boss sort of attitude. Come one! Pretend a bit and everybody is happy. Now the difficulty comes when you all live under one roof. Which is why it is very important after marries to live apart from parents UNLESS the parents are old. So frankly as wife or husband, you need only pretend for a few years, they will be dead soon. But seriously, it depends on the husband’s attitude. If you have a strong husband who doesn’t take sides or is reasonable, I don’t think you will find a mother in law from hell. If your husband depends on his mother financially, sorry to say, you just gotta suck up and cry why you have chosen this useless guy. But generally, it is difficult to live with other people so effort must be made. I believe this holds true whether in western or asian culture. Chinese says “Father takes care of son, son takes care of his own son” which is very true. I have seen even old parents selling everything to pay for son’s debts. Also seen parents of son getting along better with son’s wife than son! Chinese in particular, depends on what sort of family you marry into. Of course a parent should let their child do whatever they want, but many parents believe they know everything, and frankly somestimes they’re right. There is wisdom in the older generation, so instead of fighting against them and their way of thinking, why not just try to see from their point of view? In the end if they love you they will have to accept, even if grudgingly so. There’s so 100% acceptence, there will always be resentment, it is just whether they show you to your face or not. As for you, well, you will always be their little child. They will always try to dictate your life, or who you marry and sometimes you gotta admit, we do act rashly when it comes to love. But whatever it may be, never cut off ties. In some ways Leilafan is right; she gave birth to you, she raised you, whether she has money or not, it is your duty to contribute, at least some dinner or something but if she demands 90% of your salary, clearly you know where to draw the line to this filial piety thing. I suppose the idea of respecting the elders boils down to “Every family has a treasure” and that treasure is of course the older generation.

        Funny that sometimes you feel more for your grandmother than your own grandmother. Maybe because grandmothers give unconditional love but mothers sometimes have conditions and expectations.

        If Sammie you’re not from Asian culture and is curious, try watching Singaporean movie “Money no Enough 2” by Jack Neo. The story is OTT in the end but kinda examplifies the Asian culture in familial life and also a rather good movie that will in the end make you cry. It also shows the dynamics of siblings in a poor family background; almost always that case’ the eldest 2 will stop school and help parents to earn money, the youngest always the luckiest will get the full education and become a professional.

      15. Now memories are flooding back! ANyone here ever had any argument with the in laws?

        I remember mine. I am not a particular filial daughter to tell you the truth but my sister in law was really something. My brother is useless, so sometimes I pity her for marrying him. We even encourage her to divorce if she wants. Anyway they’re still together. She never see eye to eye with my mom, or rather she never respect my mom. My mother is those older generation who airs her grievances and resentment to anyone who will listen so I have had some point told her to shut up because I got very tired of what she has to say, but frankly she is a good mother in law, taking care of grandsons, etc. However my sister in law had her own resentment and one time it blows over. She stood there accusing my shocked mother of well, disrespecting her and calling her names such as getting pregnant before marriage, not bad names but well you know the insinuation. My mother was stuttering as she tried to explain herself. Normally i would agree with my sister in law, my mother did call her names, sometimes in front of my nephews. However she more than made up for all that by taking care of especially my oldest nephew since he was a baby so being an old lady, just let her have her way, which isn’t unreasonable. So I never stood between them in those eye to eye combat. But that one time I snapped. I felt very offended that she dared to stare down on my old mother and pointing fingers, etc. That was total disrespect and she was sorta shocked when I told her straight to her face to stop pointing and show a bit of respect. I did say why she talked to my mother that way? Have she no decency, etc. So shocked, she couldn’t reply but slowly she did and mind you I argued, I was getting better, and I was raising my voice as I go along and this time my mother was watching me. And frankly I swore I would have slapped her if my sisters didn’t come home in time. I didn’t care if she was my big brother’s wife, she was off the line.

        That was many years ago. She has never called “Mother” when she walked into our house, like as if it is a hotel. But guess what? Joke is NOw she does, now no arguments, now nothing. Same thing with that huge argument many years ago when we were all under one roof; my older sister studying for her final exam and she knew and yet she played the radio so loud. I was even younger, lost my patience and told her to please switch it down, she refused. My other sister is not confrontational so never mind she said.

        JOKE IS zoom to now we are all cordial. Why? Because my sisters pay for my older nephews allowances and education since baby, they even pay for his education in college now. And at one time my brother and this wife couldn’t afford to move, guess who paid for the rental deposits? Yeap, same sister who that woman refused to turn down the volume. Why my sister did all that is simply because of our eldest nephew; we didn’t want him to suffer. Moreover we are family so come crunch time we forget our differences.

        So if any of you ever intend to take the high road and want to assert yourself in a family, number 1 rule is never be dependent on other people’s money. Once you are dependent, you will have to pretend until you can pay them off. Till todate they never did. So you can’t say dignity and yet take your hands out and expect handouts.

        I haven’t even touched on how they treated my nephew money wise. Shameless parents. They’re not bad people, just.. shameless.

      16. @Funn Lim:

        Hi Funn! I gathered that you are a fellow Singaporean too, from your referral of Jack Neo’s “Money No Enough 2”?

        Read your story about your sister-in-law and your brother, hmm, sorry ah, hope you don’t mind me asking, are they working? If so, where do all their salaries go to, such that your sisters have to pay for your nephew’s college fees and their rental fees? 🙂

        I am rather touched by your story of how your sisters and you helped your sister in law despite her mean actions in the past. Maybe this is further proof that family ties are always one of the most important things in the world. :'(

      17. I wonder if some of us consider “in laws” as actual family?? Maybe in some cases if they are good to you and the family…

      18. Not singaporean, am a Malaysian. Kinda sorta almost somewhat same but not quite.

        Ahhhhh are they working? I believe my sis in law is a housewife but she may be working part time. My brother is of course working. But where their money go? With his low salary he can’t afford my nephew’s college but you would think he can afford some allowance eh? Nope. I think every family has at least 1 black sheep and that black sheep has at least 1 problem; be it alcohol, gambling, etc. My brother is not the only black sheep and true, he has or had a problem, depending if he is truthful to himself. I like to believe come crunch time every family will stand together. I did at one point asked my sisters (who are much older than me) “Sis, if father didn’t pay for my university fees, would you have?” and of course they said “yes” and I further asked “If I won the scholarship to study overseas would you have paid for my living expenses?” and answer was “Of course, would have sold the house”.

        Not sure if true or not, since I never won scholarship and my fees were paid by my father. But I believe if I had or if my father didn’t pay, they would have paid. Frankly I wouldn’t have bothered to pay for my nephew.

      19. Funn,
        I do believe sibling love can run very deep as well. My sister, who is older than me by 8 years, was half a mother to me while growing up. My sister cooked and cleaned for me. As she started working when I entered college, she helped me pay a portion of my tuition expenses. She even set up a bank account and provided me with a credit card to use during my college years and treated me to vacation on a few occasions, before I started working. I am forever grateful and when it comes to money between my parents and sister’s family now, I don’t mind paying for dinners and vacations. I am also in better financial position than my sister, so I take that into account. Both of us help out my parents, who are retired and do not collect a significant retirement fee. In our house, we try not to let money stand in the way and if one makes more, one contributes more.

        Sibling loyalty is at their strongest when both siblings are single of course. Once both siblings get married and have their own children, the immediate family will come first. But it is a life cycle everyone goes through…when the kids are older, spouses pass away, who knows what will happen down the road. Perhaps there will come a point in time when the siblings become very close again.

        Sibling love gets tested more if the spouses they marry do not get along with the rest of the family. I do not get along with my brother-in-law that well, due to very different personalities and perspectives, but we never have outright arguments. We hold our respect for each other, but this inability to get along well also limits our seeing each other. He does not like to visit my house, maybe come only once or twice per year. All said, as long as we understand the love that we hold for each other and the importance of family ties, we try to understand each others’ circumstances and help each other in need.

        Funn, there is no need to ask a conditional question to your sister about whether she would help you with tuition fees. Of course if raised in a family where family members help each other based on their abilities and not just everyone doing a specified share and no more, everyone will step in to go beyond if the case arises.

      20. I would have but I won’t climb mountains for them.

      21. @funn lim

        seems like you are your sis. are quite close otherwise you wouldn’t ask them such a question in the first place. at least they didn’t reject you, well depends on how you asked i.e. serious or in a jokingly way.

        Seriously i don’t consider it normal for siblings to pay for tuition fees even for parents sometimes its not normal.

        lucky you for having a close relationship with your family.

      22. Yes we are very close, and I was serious and so were they. I also think it is the parents’ duty to provide education as much as they can afford, within reasonable means. Siblings also because that is what family is about. If our parents are not obligated to provide for us or siblings don’t, what point is a family? These are Asian values, and in western world, this was the 50s values weren’t they?

        What happened now? Are all family members to fend for themselves? That is not a united one. So yes, my family is united, in that sense. And I have to be close to my sisters; they practically raised me. If we are not, I am not fit to be human and that is too dramatic to declare!

      23. Funn,
        Agree on the virtues of a strong family in its most basic sense. Money is but one form of assistance that family members provide for each other. We don’t really tabulate the money that flows between family members. The one who is more able and willing to contribute can contribute more money. The person who has more time and willing to help out my parents do so. I don’t think it is the siblings who mind, but often their spouses because the spouses want their partner to first contribute into own immediate family funds and interests first.

        This may have been a problem with Gregory and Shirley’s situation. In the Lee household, Gregory may possibly be the breadwinner, thus he contributes a majority (?) of the household expenses. If Shirley and Gregory were married, she would not be happy about such expense division. However, living together in one household means contributing and the arrangement will not always be equal.

        Earlier, you wrote a comment about the Lee family treating Gregory poorly and mother complaining about him not bringing enough money home. That is Shirley’s perception because she has her interests in heart. Each family has their sensitive points. Shirley spoke about Augustine almost breaking Gregory’s arm, but did not qualify as to what the argument was about. They are twin brothers and despite Augustine’s unfair allegations against Shirley, Augustine did become red-eyed before the camera when talking about Gregory suffering. He does love his brother but perhaps the Lee family may not treat Gregory fairly because he is so soft and yielding. Every household has someone who yields to others more, otherwise if everyone were so hot-headed and bent on their own self-interests, they cannot live together.

      24. Here in USA we have Financial Aid and Loans and Grants to pay for students who in need of money to go to college. Yearly USA goverment spend trillions of dollars on education. I hope others country can have Financial Aid to helps the students in college then the parents don’t have to bear this burden. I am Chinese so seeing so many children in China, especially in poor province like Guizhou, children cannot go to school because of poverty is very sad, 🙁
        @exoidus, I like your comments, read them all and respect you a lot, from your posts I can clearly can see that you a fair, calm and patience person. “thumb up” for you.
        Just curious, are you Chinese? You don’t have to answer my question.
        Here we all use English, I cannot tell who is Chinese and who not, LOL!

      25. Ahhhh Jayne, that was a question that I musk ask, never assume, never take anything for granted. They asked me the same, I honestly said no but then I am that sort who comes crunch time, I will but don’t force upon me.

        That’s the problem with in laws isn’t it? They are family ties spoiler so to speak. However honestly speaking my sisters are those who won’t let husbands get in the way. Yes, you’re right, they’re single so nothing to stand in the way but I believe between husband and us, I really do believe my sisters will choose us. Family first, and so whoever we marry, first priority is to get along well with the rest of us. I don’t believe in you marry the guy, not the family. If I were to marry, I marry the family, I will make a concious effort, if I can’t make that effort, I won’t marry. Simple. Same goes for anyone marrying into our family. Anyway if my sisters have children, I believe we all will get along well. Don’t we all tend to spoil the little ones? Some may not like us teaching their children, but I wouldn’t mind my sisters teaching my chidlren; they’re decent people and children should have decent people as role models. I don’t like being criticised, but not so much until I cut off all ties. The loneliness, the heart break is not worth the trouble for the sake of pride. And when you husband dumps you, guess where you go to? Go home of course. Never let pride get in the way of family. Sometimes someone has to let someone else win. I know some of us are difficult to get along with, but we are not unreasonable. If some stranger criticises my dreaded sis in law, frankly if she wasn’t 100% wrong in that situation I will stand up for her., After all, family and all.

        I am sorry to read your brother in law is such a jerk. Yes, a jerk. Anyone who gets in the way of a family is a jerk. I may not like my sis in law, but I never criticise her in front of my nephews unless I really have to. Which is why I always snap at my mom for criticising them too much. Whatever is between adults, is between adults. But my nephews aren’t stupid. They realise since young who is the financial power and who takes care of them. But they’re good boys. Rotten parents, decent children. I hope your sis doesn’t stop visiting you just because her husband refuses to. Not everything must be couple-fied, right down to visiting family members. Sometimes can go separate ways or whatever! I am sure your sister can go on her own to visit you!

      26. @leilafan,

        Thanks, I also respect you very much on your view on money matters vs love. Yeah im chinese (HK) but live abroad.

        Agree it’s quite sad that many chinese students can’t afford an education. Im not familiar with the government system in China so i can’t comment on that but the chinese government should make sure that all children will have access to a min. level of education regardless of their financial status. The ones that have good marks will be eligable to have further state fund support.

        Well, many chinese students that i know. don’t know their family status but it’s safe to assume that they are not poor since its not cheap studying abroad. Many of them are completely useless. don’t know if they are representative for the overall chinese students or not if so then China got a problem. I would like to think not since they are not poor and therefore don’t need to work that hard.

      27. @Funn Lim:

        Oh hello, which means we are seperated only by the causeway! Haha!

        I have an elder sister too and sometimes she makes me mad and drive me crazy but that’s okay cause I drive her crazy too lol! But despite that, we are extremely close and if she ever had a child or whatever or run into any financial difficulties, I will treat her child as my own and I don’t think I will hesitate to sell all my shares just to help her tide over. Yeah, I love my sister that much, I don’t expect her to reciprocate in any way cause I know I’m happy as long as my sister is happy 😀

        So yes, I’m sure if the need ever arises, your sisters would definitely see you through university and your next goal in life cause being a family, it requires fate and this fate only lasts this lifetime and besides, you are their next closest blood kin in this world after your parents so of course they will help you or even go out of their way to help 😀

        Hmm…I see, well, each family has their own troubles behind closed doors (家家有本难念的经), my family has their own dirty laundry to air too (from being extremely poor to my parents nearly divorcing) but we stuck together as a family during these trying times and now, we are seeing much brighter days ahead.

        You seem like one strong woman Funn, I’m sure if you and your family stay together and persevere, you will all see brighter days to come and perhaps one day, who knows, your sister in law might grow to appreciate your mother in law.

        For a start, maybe you could get your sister in law to recognize that the way she treats your mother in law will reflect the way she will get treated from your nephew in the future?

        And perhaps maybe you can engage a financial planner for your brother to wise up and give him a rude awakening call to leave his vices behind and start planning for his son and his retirement in future 😀

        Good luck k, hope things will take a change for the better in your household! 😀

      28. Jayne, what Shirley saw may not be the what she actually saw, so to speak. Family dynamics are strange. I see some families talking like they’re arguing so to strangers they might think what a rowdy argumentative family when in reality this may be how they talk. So the breaking of the arm may be another story. Or she may be dramatisizing things. Or it could be real for all I know.

        I always believe a true measure of a man is how he treats his family and those lesser than him. How can you love a man who says “Screw you!’ to his own family, especially in times of needs or any other time? It is hard to balance that, sometimes you fall for a man for the way he treats his family and yet later resent him for the very same reason you fell for him. You can’t win both ways. You can’t change the man’s nature to yield to your needs and your needs alone. A balance must be struck, if it can’t be, like Shirley and Gregory, then yes, parting is the best. However Shirley’s way is idiotic.

      29. exoidus, thank you. Your nickname exoidus remind me of a game called Exodus, I’m not familiar with games.
        I was wondering do you use QQ? Most Chinese like us use QQ. My QQ number is 1683520496
        I like to be friends with you, I think you are a very nice and understanding girl.


    at the end both parties will never gain anything but more critic and insults.

  26. I do feel Shirley is telling the truth. Yeah she did tell a lie but that was to have Gregory totally move on. For a woman to be with a guy for 9 years is not easy and to live with a family who is disrespectful and money hungry, it’s hard to not have problems in the future. Obviously that Shih Ming only favors the low life older brother Augustine or else why would Gregory pay most of his earnings and still not enough for them. What does Augustine provide in the house? All these lies was because Shirley thought it would be between Greg and herself only and to protect Greg’s face and doesn’t want the world to know how his family treats him like dirt. SHe doesn’t want to tge world to know that her bf of 9 yrs doesn’t even has a plan for their future. Come on she’s 32 already and with this guy for 9 yrs already, how many more years can she wait in order to see Gregory saves up money to get marry and enjoy life and start a family? All woman in the world wants a better future for themselves and their kids. I know Gregory is hurt but he only can blame himself and his family. Blame himself for letting his family push him to this point so he has no savings. Blame himself for not planning. Blame his family for treating him and his gf badly. We all know his mother is a money hungry biotch and his bro Augustine is a low life unemployed piece of shiet and his father is an uneducated old man and a big ker lei fair from tvb. I support shirley’s point of view and as a person who suffered for so many years. Ask urself, it’s not easy to live with ur in laws. She just decides to tell the truth now is because it’s hurting herself after the family’s accusation just cause she wants to protect Gregory in the first place. Now his family’s accusations backfired on them.

    1. A famous quote of Chai Gau in RB: “How many 10 years period in a lifetime?”

      If after 9 years, Gregory still wants her to wait for a marriage, then her breakup has a reason. She isn’t 20 or 25 anymore.

    2. LOL seems like you have been turned by her desperate attempt to control the damage. We should set up a jury and decide if Shirley is guilty of being a manipulative biatch 🙂

    3. Qbbcloud,
      I agreed with your comment but my view is otherwise. If she truly loves Gregory, they should have planned to move out, since she can afford to buy an apartment, why don’t she offer Gregory and lead a romantic escapade together, she may tell Gregory to give his half salary to the family and the rest can even support their future family. Since both of them are still young and working with stable income, I don’t see there is a problem to goes on, Moreover Gregory is not a lazy bug. Unless she want to keep her money to herself and always has a thinking cap of “my money is my money” with this phrase in mind than I have nothing to said. Now a day, every couples trying to saves money to start a new family with their loves one in the bank with joint account. To start a new relationship is a piece of cake but to maintain a relationship for 9 years is not easy.

      1. It isn’t easy to tell a filial son to leave his family. She wants to move out, Gregory doesn’t want, what she can do? Moreover his family might not agree with half of his salary and ask for all? How do you think of this?

        I have a friend whose bf’s family is similar. His family tells him to give them all his salary and the couple can live on my friend’s salary to avoid she to use his money. To his family if the girl doesn’t have a save budget she can’t cheat him. What she can do? He gives all of his money to his family except a small amount and she is the one who have to paid for most common things.

        Shirley had 9 years with Gregory. She tried 9 years. Maybe now it’s reached her limit and she found out that there are more fishes in the sea.

        Gregory’s salary is about $30k/a month as someone stated. Half of this $15k is just enough for a house rent fee, even not enough. How about the daily life? She’ll have to pay. It can lead her to the unsecured feeling. Plus, as I stated, if after 9 years he still dun think of a marriage, she’ll think of let go.

      2. Just an excuse im pretty sure he would move out with her since he loves her so much.

        More like she doesn’t want to pay anything and decided it was best for them to stay with his family. She did what pay HKD 10000 plus maybe some more to live for 9 years!!!

        Who knows how many guys she has cheated with however the others were smarter i.e. used protection and just wanted to do a hit and run. Andy guy is not very bright either for getting involved with a cheater.

      3. Agree, as a son, it is my duty to give my parents money since they give Birth to me and feed me.
        I WILL NOT GIVE ALL MY MONEY TO MY WIFE!!!!! Those who feel that Greg should give all his money to Shirley are those who wish one their husband go home and give all his paycheck to you, HAHAHA!!!!!

      4. Now LeilaFan, may I ask you that your husband give you money or not?

        What? You don’t give money to your WIFE? You said that you are a mother of 2 kids? How can you have wife?

      5. @ exoidus: Again, it’s a 50-50 situation. Reason why Gregory didn’t move out is only Shirley and Gregory know the best.

      6. Huh? Since when I say I am mother of 2 kids? I am a mother of a newborn son who I often have to wake up in the middle of the night because he cries at night.
        You right, my husband do not give me money. We meet when we in school and we dirt poor, then we get married. We both work, note WE BOTH WORK!!! As in I have a job, he have a job too. We also both pay for the bills and living expenses.
        I am capable of working and feed myself, so does he. The person we need to feed is our baby son.
        And I do not ask my husband for money, because I know he works hard to make money with his sweat and blood, I do not give out my hands to ask for others people hardworking money.
        I am in USA you know Fox, here in USA, wife and husband works to helps out each others.

      7. I didn’t say me, I just say in General that if I was a man, I do not give all money to my wife.
        NO man should have to give all their money to their wife, especially if the wife are capable of working. Shirley is not handicape.

      8. @ Leilafan

        No one is asking Gregory to give all his money to Shirley. I doubt Shirley did. Why do you go to the extreme?

      9. And I do not ask my husband for money, because I know he works hard to make money with his sweat and blood, I do not give out my hands to ask for others people hardworking money.

        Alright, so your money isn’t made with sweat and blood? You can see your husband kept money to himself and don’t contribute a penny to the family and you pay for everything in the family, for your son and for all the common thing.

        If it’s that, you are mark 100 wife. However, in my opinion, one hand can’t clap. It would be better if both parties in a family share the works and contribute the life. BOTH, not from only 1 side.

      10. Huh Fox? There many posts in here where I write that me and my husband both works to paid the bills. We pay equally 50/50 for living expenses.
        Please read this OK, I wrote this above: We both work, note WE BOTH WORK!!! As in I have a job, he have a job too. We also both pay for the bills and living expenses.
        And I also wrote: I am in USA you know Fox, here in USA, wife and husband works to helps out each others.
        I think this is more enough to answer your question.

      11. If that, good for your family.

        In Shirley’s case, she also paid the expenses for the house in Sai Kung, right?

        However, on thing to remark: Housewives are not lazy bug. Their works might be more than any employers. They stay in the family but it doesn’t mean they don’t contribute the family.

    4. I don’t believe that she is telling the complete truth….But then again, who really is???

  27. Fox,
    I respect your thinking, but think about this , why didn’t she break up with him before but after she bought her house and move out. You see, she has planned it all along . Greg spent all his money on his family (his family and Shirley ) , but I doubt if Shirley spent any money on his family because I think she saved all her money for her house .

    To me, if I love a guy and I can’t stand his family, I’d ask him to move out the first year that I started living with him . If he does not want to , sorry, I’ll tell him I have to move on . No one, I mean, no one in their right mind will stay for 9 years (unless they’re married with children, which obviously she’s not)

    All I see was that she was trying to buy time to save up her money, to buy a new house and move out . She cares not about Andy, Greg nor his family, she cares about herself.

    You’re right , 9 years is a long time, you can’t stay longer . But why 9 year ? why not 5 year ? It’s not about the number of years, it’s about the right time, which is right after she move out to her new house . I bet you she was thinking “wooh hoooh, now I don’t need to be a free-loader anymore, I can go ahead and dump his stupid a** . Uhmmm, which is the fastest way to cut him and his stupid family off ? of course , use the stupid preg. reason )

    You can say I can’t read her mind nor i’m an insider . Yes, even I’m an outsider, I still think she’s a gold digger. Maybe that’s what Greg’s family saw her too, that’s why they don’t want Greg. to give her his money ? who knows .

    Bottom line is , if I truly love a man, I’ll try my best to live happily with him . If I can’t, sorry, I can’t wait 9 years. That’s too long unless I have a plan in my mind . And I can’t date another man right after I broke up with my ex either. No good woman do it .

    If Greg. is my family member, sorry, I’ll do the same as his family too. We’re human with emotion. We love our love ones and do anything to protect them . Maybe what they did was too harsh, but it’s understandable, it’s too sudden for them to accept it .

    If I was Shirley (if I was truly wronged), I’ll tell the truth but try to save Greg’s face. show him some respect because even though his family treated me wronged but he’s a nice man, don’t hurt him any further.

    Well, too bad, she doesn’t care for the poor guy .

    1. Maybe she has a high tolerance to self torture? Which is why she could stay with him for 9 years? Moreover things only went bad when they all lived under the same roof, so things went back these few years. Greg probably is those type that likes to sweep all problems under the carpet, as in denial. So what was she supposed to do? He won’t move, she can’t make him move, etc.

      This may be her real predicament. I still think she is pregnant.

      Anyway I believe after her reputation being shredded to pieces by supposedly his family, I think any girl would come out and explain, even if it kills his heart/image. Self preservation first I suppose.

      1. I also still wonder about the pregnancy thing…. If she can lie once about it, it would not shock me if she lied about it again…Also, I still think that she may have 2 timed while with Gregory because if not, then how did she move on to another relationship sooo quickly?? Unless, she was already with him beforehand…. Of course, who would want to admit that they 2 timed before ending their current relationship??

    2. I can see your opinion. You are in G team but you are not too one eye. I also wonder of 9 years. She is with him, not 1, 2, 3 but 9 years. It’s a long term. She obviously can find richer men than Gregory when she was younger (in her 20s time). Why she needs to wait until she is 33 to move on? Now consider her age, you will see that her chance is limited than when she was in her 20s. But she chose to stay with Gregory in 9 years. Money, if it’s all she needs, why she is with Gregory that long? She can earn more than Gregory, it’s a point.

      It’s a limit. Maybe after 9 years, she thinks twice of her life in long term.

      She kept face for Gregory in first place, kinda that. She only said that her relationship with Gregory ended. After this announcement, it’s turn of his family. Who make it big? Who make her to do this interview? Well, you can consider that, if his family especially Augustine dun go out and say something of her like the pregnancy, free-loader, don’t buy even a cake, etc. will Shirley do this interview?

  28. I agree, money do not fall down from the sky. Money are made from people hard work and sweat. As a GF/wife should understand this and helps bare the responsibility to pay for bills and living expense. It is not always the men that have to pay everything, please, give the men some fairness. Men will respect you more when they see the women are willing to help their partner instead of a woman every month give out her hands and ask men for money.

    1. Totally agree with you LeilaFan! I really hate it when people always say that it is the men that have to be the breadwinner. My friend is a stay at home mom since her husband makes a lot and his family is rich. BUT, her mother in law always complains about why she doesn’t work and she always has to reach out her hand and ask him for money every month. Her husband always complains when she wants to buy anything or if she spends too much. I personally would NOT be able to put up with that since it is shameful to me. It always better for a women to have her own money and career. Even if he is your husband, it is really embarassing to have to ask for money every month like that… It is true that men would respect their wife more if they contributed instead of freeloading off of him.

    2. Yes, this time you are right. However, your opinion comes to one side that woman must contribute everything to the family while the man is free from this duty and gives all of his money to his own family. Why that, LeilaFan?

      I said many times to you in this topic: Both parties have the responsibility to contribute in a family.

      1. Again, huh Fox? You quote where in my post I write men give all his money to his own family?
        Read this my words again OK: As a GF/wife should understand this and helps bare the responsibility to pay for bills and living expense. —- note ” HELPS BARE THE REPONSIBILITY to pay for Bills” Do you understand the words helps bare?
        And read my text OK: Men will respect you more when they see the women are willing to help their partner. ——- Do you undertand what it means by “willing to help their partner”? meaning a wife willing to help the husband pay the expense.

      2. From this quote of you:

        I WILL NOT GIVE ALL MY MONEY TO MY WIFE!!!!! Those who feel that Greg should give all his money to Shirley are those who wish one their husband go home and give all his paycheck to you, HAHAHA!!!!!

      3. I said if I was a man, I will not give all my money to my wife. Read again OK, I WILL NOT give ALL, keyword, ALL, ALL, ALL my money to my wife.
        Meaning I will not give ALL my money to my life, as simple as that.
        I will pay 50/50 expenses with my wife, but I am not her slave, I will not give 100% off my paycheck to her.

      4. But you should; a happy wife is a happy marriage.

        Kidding! Kidding!

      5. Maybe you should re-check your posts in this topic again. I’m lazy to recheck it as my internet is slow now. Your posts leads ppl to the thinking that Gregory should give all of his money to his family and doesn’t give Shirley a penny. It’s kinda clear in your posts.

        However if you mean he should give her a part of his money, then our discussion can stop in here.

      6. Shirley living in Gregory house. She the one should helps pay 50/50 living expenses with her. She is a girl doesn’t means Greg have to pay for everything.
        As a couple living together, the girl need to put in some money too. Shirley is not handicape.

      7. Maybe I am traditional but I always believe if a man can’t afford a woman 100%, then perhaps he should lower his standards. You know how high maintenance some women may be. However if the woman volunteers to pay, good for her. If she doesn’t, should he insist? Doesn’t sound good to me.

      8. Yes a man should be able to choose how he spends his money… if he chooses to give all his money to his mom, then that is HIS choice… I agree. However, If I were in Shirley’s shoes, I would be unhappy with that arrangement. I wouldn’t mind him giving a portion of his paycheck to his family, but I would also want him to save up for our future together.

        I agree that household expenses should be split 50-50…. but honestly, if everything was divided so clearly between me and my husband, I think it would make me feel like we were less of a family. Money flows being me and my family members… we don’t count or keep tabs… to me, that’s how money matters should be in families.

      9. As long as your husband doesn’t go like You buy ice cream, I buy the cones, things should be fine. Nowadays many families are middle or low income, of course with both working expenses has to be shared. But if one is not working, then of course how can sharing take place?

      10. Well… if one loses employment, then the only obvious plan would be having the working party pay for all the expenses until the unemployed finds a job 🙂

        Anyways, the way household expense are being paid is no ones business except theirs… as long as both are willing parties.. then all is well. If a man is ok with paying all of the expenses and the woman is ok living off the man.. then who is to say that is wrong? But to make things more fair, the money should take on the burnt of the household chores/yard work.. in which case, I would rather work!

      11. @Funn: I agree.

        @LeilaFan: Shirley stated she paid a part, girl. She paid a part, not like she didn’t pay anything.

      12. Fox, Shirley’s said that she pay for roof renovation, and later Greg’s brother deny it.
        Where in Shirley’s interview did she said she pay the rent? Quote me her interview. She only said she will help out if she can.
        You also said TVB frozen her, but yet she have enough money to BUY a house when she move out. You not see your words are contradicting?

      13. When Shirley and Gregory started dating initially and lived separately from his family, they got along the best. “When we lived in Sai Kung, his family lived upstairs. I paid the rent for the apartment unit downstairs. We got along well. Living together with another man, the normal practice is for both parties to share the bills. However, I did not mind and paid for the expenses myself. When we moved from Sai Kung to Kowloon Tong, I never imagined that his family would say that I had the most belongings and asked me to pay for the moving fee. I am only one person within the family. They had three people. At the time, I do not know how I was able to accept the situation. Do you understand? How do you discuss such hardship with other people?”

        Quote from this article.

        She is frozen, it’s a truth. But it doesn’t mean she has no work and job. She is still a TVB actress and she has invitation from the stuffs. Don’t forget she still has MHK status so she has jobs to do. But being frozen is a fact because you can see that after the relationship of her and Gregory announced, Shirley have no more leading roles in TVB series. She is pulled to 3,4th in a series. It’s so called frozen. She – with her own hardworking – still can earn money by herself. Not contradict at all.

      14. @ Leilafan

        “You also said TVB frozen her, but yet she have enough money to BUY a house when she move out. You not see your words are contradicting?”

        No contradiction here. Shirley was frozen for a period of time when her relationship with Greg become too public. She was later unfrozen but not promoted much anymore.

      15. If TVB actors depend solely on their salary from TVB, many of them would be very poor indeed. I am sure she has alt source of income, like charmaine.

      16. Kidd, My post in response to Fox writing in her post.
        Fox says:
        July 10, 2011
        “I rmb that Shirley is frozen (and still being frozen)”

        I never type Shirley is frozen or still frozen by TVB, Fox write that. Maybe you should go ask Fox.

      17. @LeilaFan: I bet that Kidd know I posted that, she just wants to explain clearer that it’s a fact Shirley is frozen but still has jobs, so there is no contradiction.

        @Funn: That’s rite. TVB artists dun depend solely on salary. Most of their income comes from outside works like spokenperson, being guests in events, filming in China or outside TVB, singing, model, etc.. They just need the TVB series and label to guarantee their names.

        I read a very interesting article about the income of the artists. There it’s stated that the manufacturers like to invite TVB artists because they know TVB will pull their cameramen and reporters to the event (free) to promote for their own artists and put on news. Then the products are being advertised on TVB without having to pay for cameramen and reporters (TVB paid them).

  29. Jayne, just for some perspective- why don’t you run an anonymous poll to gauge the demography of your readers? Can I suggest a question: when faced with a issue requiring you to make a decision, do you aggree that you tend to assess the information provided objectively and logically, coming to a sound, reasoned and balanced conclusion?

    1. SDS,
      Since you asked for geographic site statistics and even tried to quantify love last time, you do love numbers! Here is the top ten countries by visitor count that visit JayneStars.com over the last year to satisfy your curiosity:

      1. USA 30.41%
      2. Malaysia 19.73%
      3. Canada 13.34%
      4. Singapore 11.28%
      5. Australia 8.24%
      6. United Kingdom 4.13%
      7. Hong Kong 2.10%
      8. Netherlands 1.07%
      9. Vietnam .94%
      10. Indonesia .91%

      I am quite surprised by the visitor breakdown. I thought I would get a lot more USA traffic, perhaps people here like to follow more Hollywood gossip. Thanks to Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, and Australia for their overwhelming support!

      The above percentages have been pretty consistent on a monthly basis. Did you ask this question because you were curious about whether cultural influences impacted our reactions to issues that have surfaced in the discussions?

      Somewhere down the road, I hope to implement polls created by users. Hehe I don’t want to promise a lot, but I do have many fun ideas ahead, just not enough time to implement everything at once. The polls should satisfy your thirst for numerical analysis. 🙂

      1. I am surprised. Malaysia 2nd? WHAT?! No Korea? Thailand? Taiwan?

      2. Funn,
        I have very little coverage on Taiwanese celebrities. The other Asian countries are on list, just don’t know what spot. LOL yes, many site supporters from Malaysia, which I presume TVB actors experience huge popularity there.

      3. Actually I thought Malaysia is no. 1! And I thought at least Taiwan should be on the list since TVB has fans there. No China! MAybe your site is banned in China?!

        Netherlands?! What is the dutch doing in the list?! But who am I to comment. By fanblog even recorded visitors from Egypt. Maybe they just stumbled in.

      4. @Jayne

        Yay! Statistical analysis! You’ve slightly quenched my thirst, for now. And yes to your question regarding my reasons for inviting a demography poll. I was interested given the number of, well, ‘vehement’ posts in here. Anyway – keep up with the new ideas 🙂


        It makes sense the traffic from Taiwan is lower right? They’re not very big on English? At least that’s the ‘feeling’ I get. I’m happy to be corrected.

      5. Your site is not banned in China, I just ask my friend (whom is from China) in QQ to access your site and she was able to access it.
        Sites are banned in China are “political” related sites. I am know this very well because I am a political debate person, I engaged in politicals talks in forums, as well as in voice chat software. And in order for us to access political sites outside of China, we need firewall freegate to jump over.
        Since your site is Entertainment news, China don’t care and will not block it.
        The reason why no China people here because most people in China are not fluent with English. If they need entertainment news they can read it directly from QQ or directly from Chinese sites.
        I am very glad to have this site to get Entertainment news in English. Thank you so much Jaynestar for put all your hardwork to this. My English is not very good so reading English news can improve my English, Thanks again!

  30. It’s nice to know people’ thinking from every aspects . let’s just play it cool and respect others 🙂
    truly speaking, I don’t care if Shirley is pregnant or not . All I said was from what i saw from one of my best friends’ relationship . Exactly same thing, except the number of year is not 9 but 13 , how ironic . I didn’t do what Greg’s family did, because I’m just his best friend, not family, I have no right even though I know her true colors all along, but love blinded my best friend .

    Saving reputation or not, this is not how a lady should treat her once true love . She’s embarrassing him and herself .

  31. Wow! today i can see a lot of discussion here.

    i guess tomorrow the Lee’s family will made headline.

    catch up with u guys tomorrow then….

    Btw thanks for sharing and good night. Sweet Dreams.

    1. Let me guess Lee’s family’s reply as translated by Jayne… ;


      “*Expletive* She *Expletive* *Expletive* *Expletive* *Expletive*!! *Expletive* *Expletive* *Expletive* *Expletive*!!!”

      Yes, no truer comments than that! I see his point!


      “She doesn’t even buy one toilet roll! How she can say that about my father and I? She hurt my brother, she is a liar!!!”

      No comment


      1. You are so funny Funn, but I must say that that is probably how they will all react… I am shocked about Augustine though. I thought he loved his little brother and all, but he beat him until his arm was almost broken?? I wonder how true that is?? Or is she just trying to get back at Augustine for all that he has done??

      1. Finished it. Quite interesting for wat Augustine replied.

        So now he is afraid that the kid of Shirley (if have) is Gregory’s? Well, if she really has a baby, the DNA war will happen.

        But like expected, Augustine refused the roof fee.

  32. Ok, I read about this at another site and still wonder about some things… IF she did not like his family, then why did she live with them for 9 years?? It’s not like she was married to him or anything. She also has her own family so why did she need to live with him since they were only dating. Also, IF she loved Gregory that much as she claimed, then why did she move on to this Andy guy sooo fast? If you really love someone and dated for that long, then wouldn’t you take some time off so that you can recover before moving on to another relationship?? I really question that…

    I think there is some truth to this interview, but not the 100% truth. The same thing goes for the Lee family. Whenever anyone states their side of the story, they always claim to be the one that is right so there is always going to be biasness…

    She should not have said that she was pregnant in order to leave Gregory. That was a stupid move… I guess now we can all understand that it takes much more than just love in a relationship. I think Gregory is nice but is a weak guy and Shirley needs a stronger guy that can be there for her in times of hardship… They loved each other, but sadly things did not work out… I guess it just wasn’t meant to be…Anyways, they have broken up and hopefully everyone can move on now…

    1. HeTieShou,
      The below is just based on my own assessment of what happened in Shirley and Gregory’s relationship, cultured through various articles I have read on the topic:

      “IF she did not like his family, then why did she live with them for 9 years?”

      Shirley mentioned she and Gregory used to live in a Sai Kung apartment by themselves. She paid for the expenses. His family lived in the unit upstairs. Such living arrangement is okay because she still has her own privacy and space, while Gregory can be close to his family. Don’t know how long they lived in Sai Kung, it may have been for several years. Thus it was not 9 years of torture living in the same Kowloon Tong apartment with the Lee household.

      As Shirley grew older, practicality may have won over her initial passion and love for Gregory. According to the self-help books I read on relationships and my personal experience, when couples initially meet (Cloud 9 stage), they are more eager to do the best to please each other and tolerate flaws that may grow in importance later. Over time, as the passion dwindles and you get comfortable with each other, you start treating them like a family member and let you guard down. Which doesn’t mean you don’t value them, but our temper flares quicker and we are less impatient. Perhaps we even start thinking about our own interests even more, especially if there has been a pattern of irreconcilable differences (such as in-laws) in the past.

      “She also has her own family so why did she need to live with him since they were only dating.”

      From the sound of things, Shirley has at least 1 brother and possibly more siblings. Perhaps her mother stays with her brother? Also, with Shirley’s busy filming schedule in the past, to increase the time spent together with Gregory, living together was a good option. I do believe that living together before a marriage is a true test of whether things will work out down the road. If you can’t stand each other in the house or can’t resolve critical conflicts together (in-law situation one of such conflicts and a bigger deal if they live together with you), then you will be tempted to walk, married or not.

      Shirley’s living situation was no different to being married to Gregory. As she was not married to him, this likely prompted her to think more for her own self-interests and his family as his family rather than their joint family. Even married folks have trouble to accept spouses’ parents as truly their own parents and love them in same way. When living together, compromise is necessary and arguments will ensue. That’s why practicality won in the end. Shirley’s mother was only suggesting practical things for Shirley to think about the future. If she was not happy with the present living condition with Andy, it prompted her want to leave Gregory.

      Shirley’s desperation to leave Gregory only increased in recent months, to the point of saying she was pregnant. Sometimes, until you meet someone more suitable for yourself (and perhaps completely opposite of those negative traits you hate the most in your current partner), you may not wake up and see the better future that you can have for yourself. This is the case that happened to my friend, who agreed to get married with her ex-boyfriend of 7 years, until she met another man, more her equal and completely opposite of her ex, making her realize that her unhappiness was a choice and that she can choose a happier road for herself. She had a very tough time breaking up with her ex, who was a loner and she meant the world to him. She was afraid he would commit suicide after break-up, similar to Gregory’s case as well.

      When my friend’s heart changed and fell for another man, there was no turning back. What she had with her ex was history and she was already envisioning a happier road with her new love interest. It was awkward because she did go on dates the new guy, to test the waters and see if he is compatible with her. After three months, she found her answer. After being in a long, unhappy relationship and having tried many avenues to live with the unhappiness and work things out (which has a finite solution since compatibility is restricted by our personalities and certain factors that cannot be changed), she decided to pick the easier path for herself.

      I suspect this is what Shirley did as well, once she had confidence that Andy shared the same serious intent to be with her in the future. For people such as Shirley who are willing to tolerate a long, unhappy relationship with certain irreconcilable differences, their tolerance is already very high. Allegedly, last year, when she started thinking about marriage and the future, which seemed dismal in her head, she thought about all her possible options, including leaving Gregory. However, after being in a 9 year relationship, there may also be a sense of fear….how do you know that you will be happier without him? A relationship offers companionship and many people in a long relationship do not want to be by themselves again. I do believe that without Andy’s entry, Shirley’s decision may not have been so decisive so quickly.

      Once her heart changed to Andy, of course her first priority will become Andy. I do agree that the intention of her Ming Pao interview was to protect her interests and Andy’s and will inevitably hurt Gregory by airing his private family matters before the public.

      1. That is if what she said is the truth. Andy certainly didn’t help things.

  33. tvb drama…. better then the current airing of the tvb drama.

    1. I wonder if they will consider adapting this into a drama?? Probably not… Or has this plotline already been used??

  34. Well, all I can say is that love is complicated esp among the celebrities. Sometimes we do not know which one is the truth. From what I read, I think Shirley tried her hardest to protect Gregory. Maybe she was hoping for a peaceful break up but things does not seem to go her way. I guess she should think thoroughly before she decided to use pregnancy as a way out. I don’t really get that as well coz using that excuse sure invites more accusations towards her. But, i think both parties have already experienced some cracks in their relationships for some time. I personally don’t blame Shirley to think about her future coz as a woman, stability and security are the main elements as our ages advance. I don’t blame Gregory but I do hope that he can be more aggressive in terms of thinking more about his future. He should do something to convince Shirley that he is the right man for her. I hope after the break up, both of them will manage their ways and continue their lives peacefully.

  35. Security is a very important issue for woman… I want my husband to be a filial son, but I also expect him to stand up for himself and me when his family oversteps their boundaries.

    I think when she used pregnancy as an excuse, she didn’t expect him to go blabbing that to the world… I think she wanted an easy way out without giving too much explanation. She wanted to end things w/o strings attached.

    1. Her career is also on the line right now… she is gonna do whatever it takes to help her image right now, even if it means hurting Gregory in the process. At first, I do think she tried to protect him, but after everything that his family did, she didn’t have a choice but to air his dirty laundry.

      I also think that for a period of time, she was seeing both Gregory and Andy… Whether it’s emotion or physical cheating, she was still unfaithful. It’s a tough choice to make: Gregory the safety net whom she is guaranteed companionship w/ but not necessarily happiness/satisfaction or to take a risk w/ Andy where there is a possibility it may not work out, but perhaps a brighter/secure future for a family.

      1. I never saw that Shirley really had a career for the last fews in TVB. She seems to have faded, at least in dramas. I haven’t seen her much. Maybe she is filming variety programs and hosting, which I haven’t seen.

        Agree that Shirley was cheating on Gregory for a while now. The fact that she didn’t get along with his family may be true, but that’s not an excuse to justify her wrongdoings of cheating. It is pretty safe to assume that she was using Gregory as a safety net while searching for bigger fishes in the sea. But now rumors has it that this Andy isn’t a well-off businessman, but a diver. So does he still have money to meet Shirley’s practical needs?

        Also, I just want to point out that Shirley looks old and tired in the header photo. It seems like her cute looks are slowly fading.

  36. They were both very young when they fell in love and maybe she fell out of love but was afraid of being alone so kept the relationship until she found someone better. It is a selfish act but some people are afraid to be alone. She was prob.two timing him but waited until she was sure of the other guys love then only break up with Gregory. Gregory sounds like a weak person ands is prob very dedicated to his family and Shirley, it can be tiring to support a weak man as every woman wants to feel safe and protected by their man. Gregory prob.threatens her emotionally every time she tries to walk away. I guess sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. Gregory will never be able to satisfy Shirley so I think it’s a blessing in disguise for both of them. As there are no children involved, both being still young, will find a better match.

  37. so mess up x_x. why cant they just have a quiet breakup? from this story the family sound like A$$h$le & the dude so weak & the girl is a B8tch

  38. i kinda believe her. If she only loves money, she won’t be staying with him for nine years. She spend most of her youth with him. I think is a bit unfair for ppl to say that she’s gold digger. If she dated gregory for 1-2 years i can understand that, but 9 years?. Augustine already speaks for himself, what kind of men would said “she didn’t even buy mooncake for us” . He talks like shi lai. Anyway, all the best for her.

  39. he says, she says. each will tell his/her own side of it but shirley still comes off as high maintenance to me. she seems greatly annoyed by every little thing they do and likewise, they seemed annoyed by her. not many women want to live with their in laws so im not surprised it wouldnt last now. thanks for the new interview, they should just stay away from each other since they have so many trivial pet peeves. now i find both Greggory’s family and Shirley annoying as hell.

  40. She sounds sincere but why it took her nine years to realize Greg was not the one who she could relay on for the rest of her life. Nine year wasted…

  41. I want to know why Chinese family live together even the kid is already at their 20s? Why can’t the parents allow their kids to take responsiblities of their own lives when they turned 18? I personally believe people respect eachother when they got their own space. I’ve seen it way too many times how these Chinese all live together and hated eachother’s guts but the American families who doesn’t live together and are independent gives respect for their family more then anything.

  42. I am also not a fan of families living together in this manner. I realize that ppl in many cultures live this way but I think ultimately it creates to many problems. I worked with a Korean woman who had to give up a career that she really loved to work in her familiy’s store which she hated. Parents should let their grown children live their own lives and stop trying to control what they do.

  43. sooner or later TVB will step in calling them to all the allegation.

      1. No, TVB best interest (or rather investment) is in Shirley. Because Lee family isn’t exactly fully contracted or dependable on TVB, they can’t put pressure on them to hush up. Otherwise they would have shut up already.

  44. so what if Shirley cheated on Greg? If Greg did a fine job to satisfy her needs, then Shirley wouldn’t have cheated. Instead, he was indecisive and weak man that no woman wants.

    Shirley did everything she could, she tried to talk to him, convince him, motivate him. But instead he has a childish thinking, “getting a marriage certificate is easy”. But what about the future? Is he going to stay like this forever, pretending Shirley and his family can get along forever? He doens’t want to choose between his gf and his family. So Shirley chose for him, she left him for a BETTER man.

  45. I rmb that Shirley is frozen (and still being frozen) because of the relationship with Gregory. That’s one thing to see that Shirley was truly loved Gregory – satisfied her career for him.

    1. I believe that Shirley and Greg loved each other but the Lee family and Shirley just can’t get along. Typical troublesome war between in laws especially those who live together.

  46. Money seems to be big issue in their relationship. Shirley goes ‘they made me pay for the transportation fee when they have 3 people and I have one’ and Senior Lee goes ‘she didn’t pay for the horse riding lesson I gave her’. Senior Lee even remember the price of the meal Shirley bought him down to the cent. And what’s with blaming the speed ticket on her?

    Seems like both the Lee family and Shirley are very petty about money. ‘gan gan gai gau’.

    1. this is funny and stupid rofl. They really can never get along with each other and now fighting even over the dogs!

      What’s Greg doing now? Cry again behind his family? He’s now just screaming the image of a typical weak son stuck between wife and mum except they’re not married and there’s a brother.

      1. “What’s Greg doing now? Cry again behind his family? “

        Working, practicing for his race and still depress.

      2. “Working, practicing for his race and still depress”

        should just rephrase as run away from the problem

      3. and let his brother spoke out all the inside tales all he wants

    2. Such a war. Now they hate each other enough to fight for anything. Next time hope they won’t fight for the bed :).

  47. now Nicholas must know what a gem Cecilia is —compared to this—stuck by him thick and thin even when he wasn’t so famous

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