“Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles” Ratings Peak at 35 Points

TVB and ATV disclosed last week’s ratings for their television programs on December 10. While TVB programs showed flat to minor improvements, ATV continued to struggle to even maintain 1 point in ratings.

TVB drama, Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族> averaged 30 points last week, which was a 1 point improvement over the week before. The drama had struggled to crack through 30 points in ratings since its broadcast, in which audiences complained of the predictable plot and slow development in the first half, despite the loud noise made for its love scenes. Last week, audiences tuned in to watch the Chung family’s melodrama in its last stretch, pushing peak ratings to 35 points. Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles will broadcast its finale, episode 40, on Friday, December 14.

The Confidant <大太監> has remained the most popular among currently aired TVB dramas. Since its initial broadcast in early November, it has not slipped below 30 points. Last week, The Confidant remained at 30 points. Leaked online spoilers reveal a thickening plot as main characters meet their tragic ends. An exciting 2-hour finale will be aired on Sunday, December 16.

TVB sitcom, Come Home Love <愛·回家> pulled in 25 points in ratings, without any change in ratings compared to the week prior.

While TVB’s weekly ratings held steady, ATV did as well. Six of the stations’ programs pulled in 1 point in ratings. ATV’s most successful production, its news program, had 4 points in ratings. ATV’s dismal ratings have lasted for multiple weeks, causing it to steadily lose advertisers to rival station, TVB. ATV apparently sees no hope in reviving ratings and announced it will withdraw from the weekly CSM ratings surveys to avoid continued embarrassment.

Source: ihktv.com

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  1. I am still waiting for Arthur to crash and burn. Still not crashing and burning. I find this series severely underwhelming with some cheesiet and worst love relationships to the point I don’t care anymore. Elena Kong is wasted as she is now mostly drunk. No development. Idy Chan is missing. Vincent Wong is missing. Everyone is missing. Rebecca Zhu is getting worse and worse. Kenneth’s character lacks balls. Basically no development and 10 episodes too long.

    1. Funn,
      I believe “Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles” is very popular in mainland China though. The feel of the drama and period setting may be more appealing to mainland audiences.

      1. It is more emotional than the usual cold Mainland drama of same era but popular? Statistics please?

    2. Very well said. Thanks for speaking my mind, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks.

    3. ahhhh!!
      Will siu yue really going to sleep with mok sui???
      Just the thought oredi make me wanna scream ahhhh again 凸凸

      1. Not implied. Straight on fell on top of her on bed.

        Question now is when is muk shui is gonna do it with Yvonne. Or have they? I love track since I sorta dozed off.

        Oh Kenneth spoke a lot of English in court case defending Chi Kwan. And all the while I was wondering how the judge gonna listen to the Eng version when the chinese guy is translating so loudly!

      2. Pity my kei sang 凸(T___T)凸
        The moment when he held siu yau hand and accompany her to accompany that stupid mok Sui sleep at the garden house so terribly sweet!
        Ahhhhhhhh!!! Super hate this stupid siu yau 凸

    4. Dunno why, I find Rebecca Zhu’s character to be insane as the series goes on. I really don’t know what SHE REALLY WANTS!

      1. Damien only helps in the historical accuracy part lah, not the whole script.

      2. Of course he did not. He co wrote. Helps check. Whatever it is, he has a say in the script.

      3. yes he has a say in the script. But what he mainly does was to edit the historical aspects of the show. He denied altering the storyline.

      4. yeah, siu yao is so damn annoying!! oh pls, get her out of the series already!

    5. Funn, I can’t agree more. Also, imo, congratulations to Rebecca Zhu and Ron Ng. This series pretty much ruined their rep because of the characters they play. I live in USA, and you guys have no idea how pissed a lot of the younger people as well as older people are after looking at the relationship Rebecca Zhu put up cheating on Kenneth haha…It’s true that there are dramas with similar love triangles as this, but as the years go by, this nonetheless pisses off a lot of the older audiences that watched TVB since the 80’s.

    6. i know, thats why i said its a mediocre series and not towards the end, i am up to 36 now so damn boring hahha…. kenneath’s character lacks balls yes but he is also looking like he’s aged so much in this series i dont know if it’s makeup or whatever althought, he was never a handsome man ahaha…it’s way too dragging, should have stick to 20-30 but 40 it’s all bs towards teh end now…

  2. Kenneth’s character annoys me! I’m sorry, but you don’t marry a girl without telling her that your father is involved in her father’s death and then not expect repercussions. He’s says he knows it’s a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, he just didn’t expect it to come so fast. BS! Even if Damian didn’t kill with his own hands, he used legal tactics to sentence an innocent man to death. I don’t feel sorry for Kenneth at all. He got what he deserved when Rebecca cheated on him with Ron. He knows that she loves Ron and he still married her. He hopes that one day Ron will understand him. Why would Ron ever understand? Kenneth married the love of his life! He had a chance to come clean to Rebecca, but he chose to hide the truth, so he can marry her. I highly doubt she would have married him if she knew the truth. Kenneth is just overall a stupid character.

    1. Agree. Charles Chung was a stupid and annoying character in SSSS vs. his profession as a smart barrister. Could not put these two together.

    2. “He hopes one day Ron will understand him”

      you got this part wrong. He assumed Ron was dead and asked Rebecca for her hand in marriage not just because of love, but he couldn’t stand her marrying a random rich old man for money.

      1. Kenneth said that after they found out Ron was still alive and attacked him both at his house and in jail.

  3. Man the sitcom ratings tend to be low these days! Was Best selling secrets the last sitcom to go above that?

  4. Sorry I should have put spoiler alert. Rebecca never stopped loving Ron, but she feels she owes it to Kenneth to stay with him, since they are already married. She only slept with Ron after she found out the truth about her father. She was about to run away with Ron, but Kenneth’s mom suffered a stroke chasing after them. Now Rebecca feels obligated to stay and take care of her. Boo!

    1. Imagine this. One guy treats her like a queen and never touched her. The other one who professes to love her had sex with her the moment he had a chance.

      My theory is she loves Kenneth but she doesn’t know it yet because she is stupid. I really so want Kenneth to ignore her, to throw her out but alas, those begging puppy dog eyes is getting on my nerves.

      1. Ahhhhhhhhh 凸凸
        Super hate ahhhhhhh!!!
        How could siu yau so ahhhhhh bad?!!
        Agree!!! Kei sang shld kick her far!!!
        But didn’t kei sang oredi slept with siu yau first? XD

      2. I think she loves Kenneth in a different way than Ron. Ron is a lifelong love. He’s been there for her since she was a child and he saved her from starving sort of like the childhood sweetheart. The one that can’t be forgotten. Kenneth, on the otherhand, she grew to like and possibly love. Either wat, I really can’t stand Kenneth’s facial expressions. It’s getting pathetic.

      3. I used to like Kenneth’s puppy eyes but the more he shows it in SSSS, the more I feel he has overacted..

      4. I’m annoyed at Kenneth’s puppy eyes. At first it’s cute but now I noticed he’s using it in all his dramas and it’s getting annoying and exaggerated.

      5. Rebecca Zhu is getting on EVERYBODY that watches this’s nerves. It’s pathetic. I enjoyed watching her with Kenneth, but after right what happened to her with Ron, omfg, I lost it LOL. No respect for her now. It seems the only talent she has now is a pretty face and the Miss HK title. Nothing more. Nothing less.

      6. Funn Lim: “those begging puppy dog eyes is getting on my nerves.”

        KM used the very same “begging puppy dog eyes” and the same crumbled-melted, pathetic facial expression, and the same 囧 gwing look in “Sentinel” too. Just as then as now, I found such KM’s performances nauseating to watch.

      7. his puppy eyes are not convincing here at all. i’m getting equally annoyed with him!

  5. If ssss wants to have an average of 29.5pts for the whole series, ratings for the final week need to be 33pts. Anything lower then ssss wont make it to top 10.

  6. Still don’t care and seriously hate siu yue plot line, can’t say I enjoy KM scene with her either, wtb more scenes between TY, Damian, idy and the family’s drama (obviously minus stupid siu yue and Ron -.-)

    1. Agree!!!!!
      Knowing that the stupid siu yau will sleep with mok sui.. Just wish this two characters vanish from this series!!
      Pity my kei sang 凸(T____T)凸

  7. lol , i like kenneth. rebecca is horrible at acting , her mouth doesnt move, and she has a weird accent. it would be interesting to see fala chen acted her character but too bad she got sick 🙁

    1. don’t think because of sickness Fala has pulled out from acting this character, rumor says she didn’t want to act as TY’s shadow aka 2nd line.. in SSSS hence she pulled out.

      1. haha, pulling out would of made no difference after watching this far in the drama. TY is pretty much useless and does the norm. No difference imo.

      2. Maybe TY just do the norm, but I just love her and her character ~_~ even if fala was playing siu yue, I would still hate siu yue, and considering I don’t like fala that muc, this would make me hate her even more >_>

  8. I enjoyed watching the interactions of Damian Lau and his 4 wives + 1 girlfriend. However, I could not stand Rebecca Zhu’s acting and accented Cantonese, so I skipped 97% of her scenes with both Kenneth Ma and Ron Ng. I also skipped all the scenes of Chow Chi Man with Sire Ma.

    1. i have the nickname for this drama “Skip Skips Skipped Skipping”

      1. It should be better known as sex, sexes, sexy & sexist. The development of story & character are so dull to the point that many ppl dont care that anymore. No balls!

      2. hhahahah OMG, how creative i love this title more haha… i agree, total bs now…

  9. Kenneth Ma’s character in SSSS was very stupid and ignorant, marrying a illiterate woman who loved another guy. With Charles’ education and family background, he should be a very smart and intelligent lawyer, not an stupid and dumb idiot.

    1. i wouldn’t say he is dumb. He loves her so much. Love is blind.

      1. Then I have to say that Charles Chung was “blind” because he married someone who only loved her old boyfriend.

    2. this kinda thing will nvr happen in reality! creative or dumb fairy tale script? haha

  10. I have mixed feelings for the series. Initially, I planned on skipping because I thought it would be a dramatic series, but like most netizens claim, it’s pretty mellow and even boring. With so many characters and so many episodes, not much is happening and I think TVB gave away the whole plot before the series aired.

    First of all, I really enjoy the acting (and it’s what’s keeping me to finish the drama), especially Damian’s. Mary, Elena, and Tavia are great as well. Idy is somewhat stiff and her emotional scenes are difficult to watch. Vincent and Sire improved. Rebecca is better than I thought for a newcomer; she has seems to have gotten more comfortable as the series went on.

    I really expected the series to have more and for it to pick up its pace quickly. We are down to the last week and where is that affair of Ron and Elena’s? So far, all they had was a little kiss and hugs. I actually thought it was going to be an ongoing affair for a while.

    Also, somewhere I read that Rebecca married Kenneth to get revenge for her father. We’re on the last week and there are still no signs that Rebecca wants revenge. Yes, she’s angry at Damian, but she’s not doing much with that anger plus she is super attentive to Mary.

    When the sales presentation clip for this series aired last year, there was a confrontational scene of Damian and Kenneth at court where the son disagreed with the father’s doings. Kenneth’s humble and quiet character does not resemble anything like that. Most of the time, he’s doing his things and he even says that he’s came to acceptable his father’s style of working. Not much father and son development here.

    Then there is Ben and Idy’s affair or lack of one. I expected them to elope or do something other keep saying that they only care for each other as friends in front of Damian. That was getting very old. And yes, it’s a problem when after Ben arrived, all Idy do is be guilty and stay in her room. What good does that do?

    Why did Damian ignore Elena in the first place? Maybe I missed something. Among all his wives, she seems like the one who is most willing to be submissive to him. She’s pretty, knows how to please him, and doesn’t talk back to him like Tavia does, so why is he ignoring her?

    SSSS has a good character foundation, but they’re not utilized to their potential. There’s not much development and for a series that shows the downfall of a prominent family, I expected a little more drama. Most of the characters are being too passive or resort to uselessness, i.e., Idy, Kenneth, Elena, Vincent, etc.

    1. I believe that he married Elena only because she got pregnant so he has never loved her like he did with Idy or maybe with Tavia.

      1. Yeah, it turned out he did. She was pregnant with his daughter when they married. And we didn’t learn this until they divorced, in the finale episode I believe.

    2. Men are generally weird species, they won’t appreciate those who treat them good with lot of attentiveness and they are more concern of those rebellious type .. Reason probably is because men like challenge and they think a woman who challenge him is something new to them.

      1. I agree. Same thing with women sometimes though, take rebecca and Kenneth case, I think cause she knows that KM loves her so much, would do whatever it takes to make her happy so she kinda takes that for granted and does not treasure his love.

        Honestly, I dont like Damian character but I guess he is a pretty good actor thats why he portrays his character pretty well: a well-educated, successful, and ignorant man; an old-fashioned, unfaithful, and controlling husband.

        I personally liked the scene Tavia threw a huge rock into the glass door at the coffee shop, she did want to throw it into his face I believe but the glass door was in the way. I did not care so much when she got married into the Cheung family. She was kinda submissive. I liked her again now. She has turned back to her normal self before marrying Damian.

    3. Speaking of Ben and Idy…LOL. These last few episodes seem to cut them off completely. Idy’s locked in her room and Ben seems like he was never in the show!!!! haha, hilarious. SSSS is a complete wreck, well, for now. Next week will be a complete feeling for SSSS.

      1. I agree that the series is very unsmooth and choppy, too many characters to introduce and follow with their storyline so they end up dedicating some episodes to entirely one character’s storyline while totally neglecting the other (i.e. Idy and Ben- their storyline basically got cut off entirely half way through the series and only following up again during the final episodes..lol).

        I really think that most of the cast did a brilliant job in acting out their character, but in terms of how the storyline/plot is set out, it makes the series rather difficult to catch on.

        Even so, Considering the fact that when this series was written, filmed and produced it went through a sh*tful time, the current standard of the series is considered a good effort imo.

        But I have to praise, I love the settings and location in every scene..very beautiful 🙂 and lovelove the costumes!!

  11. I just wanted to say that I really like Come Home Love. It’s a cute little sitcom and it gives a chance for some of the supporting actors/actresses to shine in their own little storyline.

    1. Yup!!! It’s a great drama n everyone shines there!
      I wonder why so less ppl watching it ==?!!

  12. Amen!! SSSS is gonna be over this Friday. I’ve been waiting since the firsts came out. This series does not deserve to get nominated.

    Thank God there’s The Conidant. It’s pretty good. Too bad Raymond Cho had to die.

    Come home love – I watch it when I’m super bored. I missed back in the days sitcom. I like watching TV Squad, Kindred Spirit, and Vitrues of harmony. Now the sitcom is boring.

  13. I know. I can’t stand Kenneth’s puppy eyes anymore too. At first it’s cute but now I noticed he’s using it in all his dramas and it’s getting annoying and exaggerated.

    1. I have to agree with you on this. I like Kenneth and his acting, but in SSSS, his character is too goodboy to be true. Too good that even stepping on an ant would be considered a great sin.

  14. As the series progressed I begin to think Mary Hon is better than Elena. Mary’s robbed when TVB nominate her for 3K RPG instead!

    1. Agree. Mary Hon did very well in “SSSS”, she should not be nominated in “3 Kingdoms RPG”, but in “SSSS”.

      Elena Kong was mostly drunk in the last 10 episodes of “SSSS”. She did not have much scenes to impress her audience.

      This applied to Kenneth Ma as well due to the personality of Charles Chung. He could only “impress” people that he was an obedient son and a lovable husband.

  15. Possible spoilers:

    SSSS for me has surprisingly underdeveloped characters for a 40 episode series with so few story lines.

    Damian started off being complex, charming, hidden agenda, possible white knight then devolved down to one note easily distracted, controlling dictator.

    Idy, as people above mentioned, with Ben Wong was interesting then Ben disappeared and Idy hid in her room for 3-4 episodes (is that tv equivalent to 6 months?).

    Mary Hon finally gets to shine after her stroke but that story is nonsense too. You can watch her blood pressure rise every time Rebecca comes around…I’m sure there is collective yelling at the screen “leave the poor women alone and run off with Ron please!!”

    Tavia gave her best performance during the episode she broke up with Damian – it was truly powerful – then nothing.

    Elena Kong would have been delicious perfection if they allowed her to have some interesting lines at least. She has been drunk for 5 episodes? Yelling “Sleep with somebody even Ron and I hate Ron”!

    JJ is one note naive prostitute with heart of gold.

    1. I will also take this moment to rehash about how much I hate Ron and Adrian and the rest of the “poor folks” characters, dialogues, and story lines.

      1. Yes. Ron and Adrian as the poor folks who have no respect for the wealthy because they think that the wealthy are all jerks and trash. Wrong. it’s their stubborn attitude and the fact that they never seize opportunities that are in front of them is what makes them freaking annoying and pathetic. Just look at Ron and Rebecca in the beginning. He had total domination over her. Now it’s a freaking wreck that probably ruined both of their images, for now. Sire Ma….oh lord. Is this how love was back then? Needless to say, the end of this week will sum up my rant. Thanks for reading LOL.

    2. I just think every actor in this series did an amazing job at performing out their own individual characters. The big fat issue is that there is TOO MANY characters, which means too many storylines to follow thus making it all a big drag. Even at episode 35 now, it still feels like there is a lot left of the storyline to follow, and feels really incomplete despite the fact that there are 4/5 more episodes left till the end.

      Such a shame, the actors performances are brilliant, but the storyline not so much.

  16. Bad accents – I have concluded that this is probably re-dubbed in Mandarin or mainland audiences are not that familiar with Cantonese so they don’t really care as much about the accents.

  17. I think the costume is very nicely done.
    The leading man’ costume, most of the time with suits, befits the era with the classic bespoke cutting. They are impeccably dressed, nice color match-up.
    Damien and Vincent has much to offer whereas Charles is a little boring with his selection, too mainstream favoring dark suits.
    However, Damien is wearing the same spectator shoe through out, which is becoming really boring by now.
    Didn’t notice much about the ladies,I could only recognise the only flaw on Siew Yau’s (elope with Mok Sui) overchecks glenplaid single piece dress coat. The sleeves too long and too much room on her neck collar that seems to floats on her back, probably an oversized ready to wear off the shelf.

    1. How could not notice that TY has the best wardrobe lol xD love every piece of clothes she wears, except for the dark blue dress she wear to spite Damien xD that’s one a bit plain, but gosh her figure is to die for xD never notice how tall she is till she wear those flowy dresses xD

    2. yeah, TY has the best wardrobe!! loved all TY’s costumes so much & she looks so pretty in them 🙂

      1. i know, she looks so damn pretty in all the outfits. the stylist was NO JOKE when it comes to her particularly haha….

  18. If you haven’t watched SSSS for over 30 episodes, you won’t miss a thing. In other tv series, if you missed 1 espisode, you miss out a lot of good stuff. SSSS producers, you just wasted your money. Maybe, other part of China will enjoy it.

    1. You don’t know that the entire plot & selling point of this series are all about kisss, sex & masturbation?

      If you are not into this line of interest & passion, it’s really a unsympathized waste of your time & money watching it.

  19. ATV should sell out or merge with CTI with CTI leadership in charge. CTI may not need to wait for their new license but inherit ATV’s. I am sure CTI’s cutting edge or riske shows with draw in substantially more viewers than ATV now exceeding the measly less than 1% of the viewers.

    1. I don’t think ATV will let CTI take over them. ATV is suing (or going to sue) CTI for stealing their documentations on how to apply for a licence to set up a new free TV station. They are big enemies, even worse than the powerful TVB.

  20. I can’t help but to feel like Tavia’s character is quite in a conflict with herself. First, she was willing to throw everything away to be with Damien. Then after she got married…she wants everything her way, kept saying Damien is a dictator, control freak. Well, hello, you know he is like that already in the first place. What do you expect? And then towards the end, she decides to be the “Choi Fung Wong” tough-self again and be like all “OMG, I’m not gonna let you control me, I wanna be me…bla bla bla”. But didn’t she know this already before marrying him??!! Why wanna be all so arrogant and full of pride suddenly? Geez.

    Every character in here is so full of bull here, I don’t even know where to start and if I should even bother. SSSS is quite a failure.

    1. Agree that Hong Tse Kwan’s character was not consistent in the drama series. At the beginning, Hong Tse Kwan was an ambitious, self-confident and arrogant woman, then suddenly she changed to a very nice, timid, obedient and considerate wife of Chung Cheuk Man. She acted like she was a new person in the drama series. As soon as she found out that she was not Arthur Chung’s last woman, she changed back to the arrogant, temperamental Hong Tse Kwan. Her character was not written well in the script (or it was her acting?).

      The only well-developed character in SSSS was Chung Cheuk Man. Damian Lau acted really well interacting with his four wives and one girlfriend, all with very different personalities. We could identify his different attitudes and behaviours towards his 5 women.

      Mary Hon’s 1st wife character was not bad. She was a typical good and well-behaved woman of a traditional and high class family.

      1. Hong Zi Kwan’s not meant to be a consistent character…hence that’s why she appears unconsistent. The character’s personality is meant to be up and down, not just one flat out ambitious woman.

      2. It should never be such a drastic change. I don’t think a person would change so much in personality within such a short period of time (within days or a few weeks).

        If you watch “The Confidant”, Maggie Shiu handled the change of her character, Empress Ci’on, very well. It was a natural, smooth, and gradual change, not a sudden and drastic change. In “SSSS”, I thought Tavia Yeung was acting two different characters, not just one Hong Tse Kwan.

      3. Yeah, drastic. That’s why I find the scenes of her and her ‘si jeh’ so boring and annoying sometimes because they talk about stuffs that don’t mean a thing since she’s not consistent in whatever’s on her mind.

      4. well, it could be inconsistent to many, but i somehow agree with her character storyline coz it happens in reality in most relationships! before one gets married & settled down, in the name of love… the girl will alwiz be most willingly to give up everything for a happy marriage to be with the man she loves. however, as time goes by… (or when something happens that strikes her of her past memory) she may be doing soul searching for who she really is, even if it means to give up her hubby who is not understanding to respect her for who she is. when a marriage has been stagnant for some time, ambitions will take over when u have the courage.

  21. I don’t get it why this drama has been dragging and dragging until now (and the script writer quit?) I’ll also be quitting if the producer request me to write crappy dramas! The plot is not developing into something more dramatic or interesting! It’s even flatter than the HK airport runway!

    1) Tavia’s character is really pathetic. Love-hate-love! Whatever!

    2) Kenneth-Rebecca-Ron’s characters are totally waste of screen time!

    3) Where is Idy Chan & Ben during the last few episodes? Disappeared into thin air or they have suddenly been called to cast in ‘Triumph in the Skies 2’?

    4) The so-called Elena Kong’s masturbation scene … what the … ? I rather she stays drunk!

    The rest of the casting are not even worth mentioning! I so not look forward to TVB’s 2013 dramas. What? Sequel again and again? No fresh ideas? Give us a break!

      1. Can’t remember exactly which episodes (probably 3 episodes back) where she feels depressed because her husband totally ignore her and the 1st wife got a stroke! She was dancing with a man’s jacket and touching herself on the hips, eyes closed and swaying around! When she opens her eyes, the husband and 2nd son was standing at the doorway! The husband asked what the hell is she doing and she answered … pleasuring herself!

    1. I watched the 1st few episodes but stopped watching even before Tavia got together with Damian cos’ the series dragged too much for me, then picked up on the episode where Vincent broke Ben’s leg. From reading the online discussions guess I didn’t miss too much.

      But Rebecca, Ron and KM storyline is really draggy and annoying for me to watch, and their annoying/pathetic characters and performances only made it more worse.

      And lol at KM’s court scene, and that Chinese interpreter’s loud voice overpowering KM’s.

  22. SSSS isn’t that bad but it isn’t that good. U can just sit there and watch for 10 mins and u will stand up and walk away and do other things.

    1. But the confidant is okay too and Michelle yim and Wayne lai was great but I think the 2 anniversary dramas is not that amazing.

  23. Oh wow, did anyone watch Ep36?? I just did and I cried like crazy. Surprising, isn’t it?? But trust me, it’s really a good episode (if only all episodes are this good!). It’s all about Yee Yin and the new Cheuk Man (who’s all turned likeable now). My heart’s aching now for them :(:(:( how unbelievable!

    1. Just watched it. Didn’t feel the same. I feel like he has yet to suffer. The story is still not exciting enough and I don’t get why she is leaving except she has to because Arthur has to end up with 1 wife. So the synopsis is wrong? No 5th wife?

      1. Maybe because I finally get to see the softer/nicer Damien (the type that I always like!) in here. He has put down any sense of arrogant, which is kind of a big change from his usual self.

        The part I liked the most was the separation scene towards the end. So touching…it made me wanna ask Yee Yin to stay and forget about Chai Yat Fai (the person whom I’ve been rooting for the whole time). So, yeah…good performance from them.

        Yeah, no more 5th wife. Thank goodness for that.

      2. I read the summary yesterday, and it sounded interesting. I think I will watch this episode #36, too.

        Will discuss it with you guys after I am done.

      3. I finished watching Ep. # 36. It was a good one. I enjoyed the interactions between Damian Lau, Tavia Yeung, Ben Wong and Idy Chan. It was very impressive and touching.

        Very glad that Rebecca Zhu did not have to say a word in this episode. Her face was just shown briefly.

        Mary Hon acted very well even though she could not talk.

        JJ and Sire Ma were not bad either.

      4. Lol, sandcherry…you’re glad Rebecca didn’t say a word. Ditto!

      5. Ep 36, Tavia and Damien scene at that house. From daylight till night, some construction sounds and vehicles passing by. Like The Confidant got music blaring loudly and people chatting away. Rather funny.

        Anyway am tired of the non happening SSSS. Even when 2nd wife left and she cried and all and I was wondering why leave if you can’t bear to leave? Why cry if that is what you want?

  24. Wow! SSSS ep 37 I think, Vincent’s Jimmy made a huge mistake. Of course he will go to jail etc. And he deserves it. But what he said to Arthur was true, as Arthur never realised what sort of pressure Jimmy was in. Vincent Wong gave a standout performance, slapping himself, being slapped, etc. I find his role more challenging than the insipid Charles. I am at the end of my patience with that Siu Yau and I get it why Muk Shui is confused Can’t blame him. But SSSS is really like a series without waves. Too long, too stable, some emotion but something dramatic should have happened to Arthur to justify his change of personality.

    Anyway alert! alert! FINALLY Muk Shui had sex with Yvonne and it was… blahhhhhhhhhh

    1. Stupid for the 3rd wife to have sex with Muk Shui, not a good climax!

      It was already bad for Siu Yau to have sex wtih Muk Shui. Why did they have it when both of them were single?

    2. @Funn,

      Not only you losing patience with that Siu Yau.. me too!! My mom called her a crazy woman for not knowing what she wants.. 1st she wanted to get away from Choong’s family and elope with Muk Sui and suddenly stayed at Choong’s family just to take care of her mom-inlaw and changed heart and etc!! If i were Muk Sui, I’d also get confused and wonder why the sudden change?? I pity Vincent’s character too and but I pity more on Kenneth’s character for having such a confused wife!

  25. This is just my rant, so yeah….2 more episodes left to go. So far so bad. SO many plot holes that needs to be filled, FAST. They should have cut out the bull crap and shortened it to 30 or 35 episodes. Cut off Sire Ma’s love scenes and maybe cut off 1 love interest of Damian’s (JJ Jia’s scenes). She was useless, all she did was comfort Damian. Vincent Wong’s scene, oh don’t get me started….that fool just wrecked himself after the recent episode. Kenneth Ma, MAN THE HECK UP. His puppy eyes and coward traits needs to get over himself. All those times I see him and Ron Ng, I kept yelling “*** him up Kenneth!!!! HE slept with your wife!! And speaking of Rebecca, oh my lord. This girl’s debut will be remembered as probably one of the worst. It may only go down hill from here. Overall, this drama has been a wreck so far, and all the hype on it was all bs. GG TVB.

    1. Also, I kept feeling pity for TY…she should of had a much more bigger and supportive role instead of just being the one that comforts/support/listens to problems, as well as getting herself into them. TY would of gotten a lot more praise if her character did more, but too bad the other wives of Damian’s possibly overshadowed her, thus probably costing her the TV Queen title…No surprise if Kate Tsui will get it before her.

      1. The other wives didnt overshadow her. They hardley get any noise. As much as people praise Elena on the enlgish form, the media did not pay attention to her. As for Mary, she is nomminated for 3 kingdoms. I dont think Kate will get it before Tavia. This will be unfair for Linda who has been nomminating for the past years. This is Kates first year she she wins? Sorry, i dont think she will pull another Kevin Cheng back in 2006. As for the new voting system, you can seriously trust that TVB will follow the results. For now, Charmaine is “supoosdley” getting the most votes, but will she win? probably not. Tavia had a few breakthrough scenes in the series. Her perofrmance is good enough to win the title. If Myolie can win the award for her medicore anniversary series last year, so can Tavia.

      2. That is true. But to each their own speculation and opinions on the artists and dramas. Do you really believe TVB will follow through? Ha..they are a big corporation, and they will do whatever they want, even if it means angering the viewers. By next week, the results will prove us all wrong. Only time will tell. And also, Kate Tsui pulling something like a Kevin Cheng back in 2006? Nope, she can’t do it. 2006 ‘s stunt was pulled by TVB to promote Kevin Cheng heavily, and a few years later they got what they wanted. Just another proof that Kate may get it. I have hope TY will get it next year though, for THC 2, since that is looking to be pretty good and going to be airing around this time next year. As for Myolie getting it, yeah I know what you mean, I too felt that was totally undeserved and bogus, what can we do? But like I mentioned, a stunt pulled by TVB. TV King will most likely go to LF, but I hope Kenneth gets it. A fan can dream.

  26. If Kate cant pull it then she probably wont win. Its already not justified that she gets it before Linda. As to say, she totally should not get it before Tavia. If you tink about it, Tavia’s contract ends next year. If she does not win tv queeen, how is she going to respond?

  27. This is what I want to see
    Best Actor: Raymond
    Best Actress: Tavia
    Male Character: Kenneth
    Female Character: Kate

  28. but raymond will probably get two awards. I think Kate and Tavia are both guarteed an award.

  29. i think the scene btw Rebecca and Mary Hon in esp. 34 was touching.

  30. actually, none of the scenes are esp good to me at this point, i just want to finish the ending for the sake for finishing it haha….lol.. i am at the last 2 episodes now, seems like TL n first wife will b the only 2 wives staying w/the old man ahaha….

  31. Saw the last 2 episodes and it was light STREEEEEEETCHING the scenes. Should have ended at 30. I was floored by the ending of Siu Yau and Charles as in literally. What utter nonsense. And funniest? She never loved Charles. Never. She just likes him. And that ending of Muk Shui hoping maybe someday again with her? Yeah right, going back to the guy who tried to kill you! I like Yvonne;’s ending, positive. Vincent as well, conveniently the maid didn’t die which explains why no police came to look for Jimmy. But Vincent did well.

    The sad part was 1st wife dying but I was annoyed knowing this will pave the way for 4th wife to be the true Mrs Chung. I still don’t think he loved her, he definitely loved 2nd wife. And also like the ending of 2nd wife ending up alone and not with Chai Yat Fai who she no longer loves.

    I hate the ending. Preachy. All these “So you’re willing to marry me even if I can divorce you?” line is lame. and all those flashbacks upon flashbacks upon flashbacks. Waste of time.

    Someone said she loved the series, cried a few tears and I was like I don’t get what makes Arthur change his way of thinking and sins of the father is repaid on the family. That someone says he is heartbroken than whatever he did hurt his family. Yes but for 40 episodes, that do not make for good TV. arthur still is well, fine, good, healthy. I want him to lose a leg. He comes off squeaky clean and fine.

    And the lesson of the series since it is preachy? DO NOT FALL IN LOVE. Why? You lose your leg, your life, your mind, everything.

    I just find the series way too long. If it was 30 episodes it would be better because the performances are good (save for Kenneth Ma and Rebecca Zhu-even Ron Ng was quite ok as the stubborn and very free Muk Shui who has no role other than to run after Siu Yau). I may not feel Vincent was right for the role of Jimmy but his character had the best character development and the way he cried he was illegitimate and scolded Arthur… Vincent’s best scene and that scene alone I understand why Arthur changed. But the rest, I don’t get it.

  32. just finished it, actually skipped thru it …..
    what??? 2nd wife didnt end up w/old love???? WTH not? hahaa lol….
    Ben Wong’s character is so likable in this series i think n even at the end he didnt get the woman? haha how lame….
    Vincent’s behavior seems better when he’s a pathetic dog hahaa his playful self is so NOT likable…kenneth still is as boring as ever, good thing the wife left shes super annoying too. Ron’s character is also very pathetic and a useless character who’s life seem to revolve only around a woman w/no purpose in his life. what utterless nonsense and still thinking he will have the woman after he tries to kill her? directors/scriptwriters are you sane when you write this crappy love story? haha lol..gosh, typical TVB endings, always starts off well but always typical bs towards the end.

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