Simon Yam and Qi Qi Celebrate 20th Wedding Anniversary

Due to work obligations, Simon Yam (任達華) was unable to celebrate his 20th wedding anniversary with model-actress Qi Qi (琦琦), with whom he has a 13-year-old daughter, Ella.

This past week, Qi Qi and Ella went to Switzerland to spend their winter holidays. Simon, busy with a film, stayed in Hong Kong. Although she was not with her husband for their 20th wedding anniversary, Qi Qi said she is thankful for having a loving husband, and that every day spent with Simon was like their wedding anniversary.

Simon and Qi Qi usually stay casual and low profile on their wedding anniversaries, but as this is their 20th year, the couple decided to do something a little more special.

Qi Qi shared that her husband gave her three different diamond shapes and styles as a wedding gift. She said, “One diamond was shaped as a circle, another as a heart, and the third one was a square. Each of them represent our family—the circle represents our togetherness, the heart represents our sweet daughter, and the square represents my character, my sturdiness, and clarity. It’s very creative!”

Qi Qi, on the other hand, gave her husband a diamond rosary she designed herself.

The model-actress shared a picture of her and Simon on social media, writing, “Happy Anniversary! Every still with you is naturally perfect!”


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  1. Simon looks incredible for his age, face and body-wise and so does Qi Qi. Low key loving family and both still doing relatively well in the world of entertainment . Happy anniversary to both.

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