Sisley Choi Didn’t Ask Him Law Out

Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) has been dubbed a “flirting machine” due to her friendliness with male co-stars. Apart from her romantic speculations with Alan Wan (溫家偉)Sisley was linked with Him Law (羅仲謙) after Young Charioteers <衝線>.

The romantic rumors have reportedly upset Him’s girlfriend, Tavia Yeung (楊怡). Sisley clarified, “I have never asked Him out to dinner nor have we ever had one-on-one dinners or even been in the same car together. I don’t know [if Tavia is upset]. I won’t comment on other people’s matters.”

Since her debut, Sisley has had many romantic rumors. Sisley expressed, “The romantic rumors are all coworkers from Young Charioteers. I am the only girl, so it is just a misunderstanding. We only have pictures together because of work.” Sisley further insisted that she is currently single. “Right now, it is just work, family, and then work again. There’s no time to go out and socialize. Today is my dad’s birthday and I still have to work and don’t have time for dinner. I barely even have time to spend with my family.”

At a recent promotional event for video games, Sisley was asked whether she is interested in gamers, Sisley laughed and said, “The ones who are good at video games are not charming, but can teach me how to play.” Asked how she would feel if her significant other neglected her due to gaming, Sisley replied, “Let him play. What’s important is that we get along well.”


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  1. the hk media is really out to get her, leave her alone

    1. ya its only her 1st year in the industry and its just making rumor after rumor, she already needs to focus a lot on improving as an actress

  2. I feel so bad that people are calling her a “flirting machine” JUST because she gets along with guys. Like…seriously? Would it be better if she didn’t get along with her co-workers? lol.

    But anyways…I hope she improves on her acting and try not to use that baby voice of hers. ‘Cause she’s really pretty esp on television. Hope to see her shine.

  3. Chi lam once said this sort of news was for promotion but and Ron once said the media has not good to write about artist guess they’re both right

  4. People seem more focused on her love life than her professional life. That is a bit sad.

  5. SisleY acting is atrocious !!! Wonder why she got the role !!!! Squeaky voice only serves to irate the audience !!! Wish TVB could just cold storage her !!!!

  6. “I am the only girl, so it is just a misunderstanding”

    Guess Jinny Ng & LXW don’t count, they did a much better job than Sisley.

  7. Was she THAT terrible? I mean seriously THAT terrible?

    1. No, she isn’t that terrible. But the people commenting here on her acting, her
      ‘rabbit teeth’, and her voice are THAT mean and judgmental.

    2. Honestly I think she isn’t really that bad. It’s just her voice that she needs to really work on. Her acting is alright for a beginner, but of course there is still a lot of room for improvement.

  8. first thing i saw was not Sisley Choi but it was dragon ball z xD

  9. I hate her when I watched her drama..
    when she talk, she has a baby voice.. UGLY face, rabbit teeth

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