Sisley Choi Learns to Let Go in Finding Greater Happiness

Sisley Choi‘s (蔡思貝) acting abilities were initially fraught with negative criticisms and doubt. Making tabloids with her romantic rumors, flirtatious behavior, and inconsistencies in her educational claims gave Sisley a lot of pressure. To avoid overwhelming herself with heavy emotions, Sisley learned the importance of letting go.

Reflecting on Changes to Her Happiness

Diagnosed with bipolar depression in 2018, Sisley’s mood would fluctuate dramatically, but now she has learned to adjust her mental attitude. “As an actress, having a huge range of emotions is definitely a good thing. However, if it makes you uncomfortable, then you will need to adjust it. I learned to take a step back and observe more before diving into something.”

Most importantly, Sisley became more mindful in managing her emotions healthily by not allowing bad feelings to take over. “Let go of others’ thoughts about you. Let go and live your life the way you want to live it. Let go and don’t be so stubborn about others’ hopes and wants from you.”

On whether she has become a happier person since, Sisley paused and said she realized that what makes her happy has changed over time. “Before I entered the entertainment industry, I enjoyed a type of carefree happiness. It is something that cannot be bought.”

After becoming an actress, “the continuous opportunities to learn and grow” made her appreciate the efforts behind her own achievements. “Even when I fell, I learned to pick myself up and learn from my mistakes. It taught me how to become a responsible person. That type of happiness is a bittersweet kind of happiness…. This type of happiness is enjoyment of the fruits of my hard work so far.”

A Dedicated Actress

Working hard over the years to improve her acting, her dedication has finally earned praises. Most artistes would use some of their own life experiences to flesh out their characters to make them live and breathe. The TVB Best Actress reveals it makes her performances easier if she can identify similarities with her characters.

For example, her characters in Line Walker 3 (使徒行者3) and Legal Mavericks 2020 <踩過界II>, have a common inability to confess feelings. “I am someone who believes in fate. If two people are fated, then there is not a need to specifically confess. You will come together naturally. It is because of this that I have never confessed to anyone either.”

Overcoming many obstacles, Sisley is always happy to be able to bring a different side of herself to screens, and it is a pleasure to see her continued growth as an actress.

Source: Sky Post

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  1. Just watch her and Owen Cheung in a clip of ‘Dub of War’. She was a revelation. She and Owen did an amazing job in the dubbing. Nearly 100% same as the original actors.
    When Amy Kok’s character start speaking, for a second, I really thought it’s Amy’s voice and wondered why Sisley hasn’t started her part. But, it’s actually her.

    Check it out here.

    1. @kidd
      Yeh. I’m a big fan of Amy Kwok and Nick Cheung. The impressive dubbing from Sisley increased my liking of her….

      1. @jimmyszeto

        I’ve since watched many more clips from ‘Dub of War’. The difference between this pair and other pairs and why they are go good here is because they really study the way the original actors speak (tone, enunciation, emotion etc) and try to bring that out in their performance.
        Many other contestants including veteran actress Chan On Ying dubbed their scene using their own style. So, even though Chan On Ying is full of emotions, she is not convincing as Charmaine’s character in ‘Line Walker’.

        Another actress to look out for is Fung Ying Ying. She was also good in her dubbing. The way she dubbed Myolie (War of the In-Laws) was also quite impressive.

      2. @kidd
        Yeh FYY is far better than than Owen if comparing the winners so far. Owen got lucky because he was in a weak group and that Nick Cheung was perfect for his type of voice. From the dubbing ,Sean Lau performance and other bit, he can’t stray away from his natural tone to match the acting in the scenes and he also quite unclear under pressure. FYY though is just amazing. Her speed of speech delivery when needed and pronunciation are brilliant and she has that confidence that no one else has. Her natural confidence and her experience in presenting helps. This 3rd group based on their introduction performances looks like the strongest pack of the lot. There’s no dead foreign rubber in this new group. All four look solid with Yoyo hopefully going to breakaway from her husband’s shadows….

    2. @kidd Thanks for sharing! That was impressive. I don’t understand Cantonese, but can tell how in sync she was with the words and emotions. Even her face was reacting perfectly.

      I really liked her different roles last year in Line Walker and Legal Mavericks. I didn’t really like how her character changed in Line Walker but that’s the script’s fault. She acted well in it.

    3. @kidd she was so good in that. I agree with you, for most of it, I wasn’t able to tell if it was Amy’s voice or her. I believed that those were their voices and not Owen or Sisley.

      They truly have great chemistry.

      1. @tt23

        Yeah. I’m looking forward to their other dubbing especially Sisley. I want to see if Sisley can do as good dubbing for other actress or not.

        Some comments under this clip said Owen is not as convincing dubbing for Sean Lau. I have not watched that clip yet. Maybe that was an earlier episode and he has improved this time. So, I’m still looking forward to his other dubbing.

    4. @kidd thanks for sharing! You are right and I’m impressed with Sisley! I like her even when she first started. Now that she mentioned, it could be the resemblance of Amy Kwok whom I really love =)

  2. I used to not like her as I really did not see her charisma as an artist (nor beauty as a pageant winner). But she grew out of the “Miss HK” phase so fast. That comment she made about how a producer likened her to Amy Kwok made me go oh! So maybe that’s what others saw in her. I think my fav from her is still Dean Jeh in LM1 and Ah Dou. She did the whole “undercop falls for gang leader” so naturally.

    1. @bubbles23

      What is series is the character Ah Dou in?

      Yes, she really grew out of the ‘Miss HK’ phase fast. It’s her attitude that made her improve so much. She listened to people’s criticism and work on improving those weaknesses. I think she did not just work hard, but, actually put a lot of effect in learning her craft.
      Despite her having bipolar depression and HK media likes to depict her as a flirt and boyfriend stealer, she just keep quiet and do her thing. She only reveal it after she’s better.

  3. She doesn’t have the onscreen charisma that attracts me and all the rumours about her love life doesn’t help. However, I cannot doubt her dedication and her will to improve herself. Good on her and may one day I enjoy watching her dramas much more than I do now

  4. Forgot about her educational scandal, she definitely has grown though which is good for her.

  5. Sisley is promising and she did incredibly well in this dub. I think Yoyo, Sisley, and Hoi Yeung have been the best on this show so far. I don’t watch every full episode and have only seen clips but these three are leagues above the rest from what I’ve seen.

    I still think that the media has been incredibly unfair to Sisley which has contributed to the amount of haters she has. I find her hardworking and she has improved so much over the past 7 years.

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