Sisley Choi Responds to Controversy Over Best Actress Win

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Sisley Choi Responds to Controversy Over Best Actress Win

The 2020 TVB Anniversary Awards named Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) Best Actress for her performance in Legal Mavericks 2 <踩過界 II>, successfully beating out another favorite Katy Kung (龔嘉欣). Some netizens did not think Sisley is ready for the award yet, and believed that Katy who has been with TVB for more years deserved Best Actress instead of the consolation awards she received. Nevertheless, both actresses are overjoyed with their awards and being recognized for their performances.

Sisley Comments on Winning Best Actress

Sisley’s career is growing at a rapid pace since joining the entertainment industry seven years ago. In 2017, she won the Most Popular Female Character Award for Legal Mavericks <踩過界> and the sequel elevated her to an even higher pedestal. While confessing that winning Best Actress has always been one of her goals, Sisley never thought about how long it would take to earn the title. Instead, Sisley felt it was rewarding when her colleagues congratulated her and commented on her growth.

“I work hard and hope that I can do well in every aspect. It’s not just in acting, but also how I interact with people. I strive for improvement in even the finest details. Since participating in Miss Hong Kong until now, the road was not  easy. I don’t want to make false promises, so I want to prove myself with my actions. Right now, I am very happy.” The actress, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder three years ago, has to learned to cherish herself more.

When asked if her rumored boyfriend Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞) congratulated her yet, Sisley responded, “I didn’t bump into him after receiving the award, but he wished me good luck. I will celebrate with him since we are friends.”

Katy Sincerely Thanks the Audience

Although Katy was a strong contender for Best Actress, she ended winning up two awards: Most Popular Female Character for Hong Kong Love Stories <香港愛情故事> and Malaysia’s Favorite TVB Actress for Death by Zero <殺手>. Flattered by the recognition, Katy thanked the audience for their support, “This time, I am glad that they gave me a lot of encouragement. Having viewers’ recognition is very important to me.”

Owen Overjoyed with Two Awards

Like Katy, Owen Cheng (張振朗) confessed that he never imagined that he would win any awards and felt moved seeing his co-stars Sisley and Vincent from Legal Mavericks 2 win TVB’s Best Acting awards. For this reason, Owen’s mind went blank after winning the Most Popular Male Character Award and the Best Partnership Award (alongside Vincent and Brian Chu 朱敏瀚) for their performances in Al Cappuccino <反黑路人甲>

Due to the shock and strong emotions of being called up to the stage, Owen accidentally left out his girlfriend and ViuTV actress Renci Yeung (楊偲泳in his winning speech. When the media asked if it was intentional, Owen replied, “She will understand. I thank her every day. We will celebrate with a dinner with just the two of us.”

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14 comments to Sisley Choi Responds to Controversy Over Best Actress Win

  1. sol365 says:

    Her win is only relevant within the confines of TVB and HK entertainment industry. Nonetheless, good for her that people believes she’s at the BA level.

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    • anon replied:

      I don’t think a TVB BA award even carries any weight in the HK film industry, at least in the past 10 years or so, none of the leading TVB actors have had successful HK film careers (Bosco Wong, Raymond Wong, Ron Ng, etc.). None of them can get leading roles (Raymond Wong, Ron Ng) or can’t consistenly get them (Bosco) in HK films.

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  2. ohmygoshy says:

    Sisley is not BA material yet but she still definitely deserved it more than Katy. Katy is cringey.

    Login or Register before you can reply to ohmygoshy
  3. mulder99 says:

    Sisley’s acting has improved but she is not BA level.

    if you take out the politics , true worthy winner would be
    Ali Lee or Priscilla Wong

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  4. m0m0 says:

    why is it controversial? it’s right on track w/ the fact that a tvb award is worthless now.

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  5. cutie777 says:

    I think Sisley Winning best actress are similar to Natalie Tong who doesn’t deserved on that level yet. They just got lucky!!

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  6. seriously says:

    OMFG who ever said Katy Kung was deserving of any award? Only this site that’s who. Lol like “fetch” she’s not happening. No one wants to watch that elongated face with all those teeths on their screen.

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  7. jingxi2943 says:

    Beautiful and talented:)

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  8. xystus says:

    To be honest, outside of Ali Lee and Sisley I really don’t see any other actresses that really shine throughout the 2020. Maybe Priscilla Wong in Life after Death but even her performance as an actor is highly debatable. So it’s either Ali or Sisley, and I personally would have given the award to Ali for her role in Death by Zero.

    That aside, holy Sisley looked stunning this year. She looks so attractive in LW3. Her hair on the awards night was really well done too. She looks fabulous.

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  9. tommybear says:

    Sisley Choi was so good in Ep 26, in Legal Mavericks 2, when she got mad at Vincent over her father’s sudden death. At scene in the hospital slapping Vincent’s glasses off and angry was Best Actress material

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    • charcoalmuffins replied:

      @tommybear i agree as well! Thought it was only me who noticed tHat part. It really showed her strength in acting ! I might be wrong but Seemed like that entire part was taken in one shot too! The anger and emotions were so perfectly done. She really portrayed that character well. If you compared her to oscar winners, of course shes not BA worthy but between her and the other TVB nominees such as Ali, Katy and Mandy.. i would say Sisleys character to be most memorable. The others were just not as strong. Ali is a natural but her character in DBZ was just meh. Katys role in DBZ was cringeworthy and in HK love story was just mediocre..boring. I dont even want to talk about Mandy because the way she portrayed MadamG was not even motivating enough. She did not look like a madam. I know the characters personality was supposed to be anti social etc, Mandy just couldnt pull it off well. Not even close. So well deserve to Sisley! Congratulations to Sisley!

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  10. eleven says:

    Well I feel like she’s getting harsh treatment. When compared to her predecessors, then yes she is not ready. She hasn’t shown much versatility. But compared to the the nominees this year, her win can be justified. This is unlike Natalie’s controversial win as she were Jessica, Nancy, Nina and Ali.

    IMO I think Katy is a more versatile actress but for some reason the characters she plays are not the most likable. Not sure it it’s her lack of charisma or the poorly written roles.

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  11. gnomageddon says:

    Of all those nominated for 2020, Sisley’s performance in LM2 was deserving of her win. Not saying her acting skills is great in general but we have to look at individual performance. Mandy was boring as Madam G and almost all characters she plays. Ali was good as Cash but Cash’s character wasn’t really special, and her acting in it was of normal caliber for her skills. Katy in HK Love Stories was good but it wasn’t outstanding. Priscilla’s performance in her series showed big improvements but still not BA level. Sometimes you have a good actor but a poor script or character will not ever yield you an award. Or you can have a good character but poor acting skills will not give you any awards either. Sisley’s character as Dino was explosive especially the last few episodes when her character shifted from being the annoying legal assistant to becoming her own. Only then do you realize how drastically different Dino was and how she truly embodied that character from start to finish. I think she still has a lot of room to grow as an actor, but her win was well deserved for the competition against her competitors last year.

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