Siu Mei On Aaron Kwok’s 2017 Marriage Plans: “It May Happen”

The last single Heavenly King, Aaron Kwok (郭富城), has been dropping hints that he’s going to marry his girlfriend, Moka Fang (方媛), very soon. Moka, who is born in 1988 and thus 23 years younger than Aaron, started dating Aaron around mid-2015.

The 51-year-old award-winning actor and singer dropped the first big hint in early February when he was asked to comment on Moka’s pregnancy rumor. Aaron denied the rumor, but he did talk about wanting to be a dutiful son, and that he should settle down quickly for the sake of his aging mother.

Aaron dropped another hint a few days later in an interview with TVB, saying that it is time to start a family. At a press conference for his new racing team a few days ago, Aaron told reporters that having children is very important to him, and it’s definitely something he’s planning.

Today, a netizen from Mainland China shared online that it overheard a conversation about Aaron and Moka’s wedding being next month. The netizen said, “I heard one of the staff members at the bank say that her friend needed to exchange for some Hong Kong dollars because the parents are going to the younger cousin’s wedding. That younger cousin will be marrying Aaron Kwok. The younger cousin is Moka Fang.”

The netizen’s story can’t be verified, but Aaron’s manager, Siu Mei (小美), said that a wedding with Moka is definitely going to happen. Siu Mei said, “First off, I want to thank everyone for their concerns of Aaron. This should be no surprise, as Aaron has expressed his thoughts about planning marriage in the beginning of the year. However, he is very busy with his movie in Mainland China. I won’t be able to know the details until he’s done with it. It’s very possible that [marriage] will happen this year. I have no information about it at the moment, but I hope everyone can continue to give more of your blessings to Aaron.”

Source: Mingpao (1, 2)

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