Sonija Kwok and Myolie Wu Promote Anita Mui-focused Film “Dearest Anita”

Directed by Clifton Ko (高志森) and Pako Leung (梁柏豪), Dearest Anita,… <朝花夕拾芳華絕代>, a film that centers on the aftermath of Anita Mui’s (梅豔芳) death, has kickstarted its promotional tour. It stars Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) as Anita’s childhood friend Amy and Sonija Kwok (郭羨妮) as one of Anita’s biggest fans, Edith. The film also features Alex Lam (林德信), Yuki Fong (方惠盈), Wong Wing-kit (黃榮傑), and Elvina Kong (江欣燕) as the voice of Anita Mui.

Sharing their experiences of doing the film, Sonija recalled a scene where she sustained a clumsy injury while filming a pivotal scene for the movie. The scene was about her climbing into a garbage bin to save some of Anita’s belongings, but when doing the scene, Sonija painfully slammed her knee against the pavement. It was extremely painful.

“I heard a loud crack when I landed,” she said. “The crew heard it too, and they were concerned, but I had to at least finish the scene first despite the pain. When I went home that night, I saw a bruise the size of an egg on my knee. My daughter helped me put medical oilment on it. It was so sweet of her!”

Myolie, who is also a mother, said, “I hope my son would know how to be that sweet to me!”

The film is inspired by a true story between an interaction between Anita and a fan. After doing the film, the former TVB actresses said they are not surprised at how revered and respected Anita was. They shared a story of how Anita, despite being sick herself, noticed that a fan who greeted her at the airport was very depressed. Anita grew very concerned for her.

Anita’s compassion and empathy for her fans is inspiring. Sonija said, “When I was younger, I would love it when fans come to my events to support me. But now, I would actually tell them to not come. We’ve all grown older, we all have jobs. The support is in my heart.”

Myolie agreed, “A lot of fans are now grown up, married, and with children. It’s good to meet up with them every once in a while for a meal.”


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