Stephen Fung, Shu Qi Make First Appearance After Marriage for “The Adventurers” Press Con

When Stephen Fung (馮德倫) and Shu Qi (舒淇) announced their marriage back in September 2016, the couple were working on the action film The Adventurers <俠盜聯盟> in Europe, directed by Stephen and costarring Andy Lau (劉德華) with Shu Qi. On their one-day off, Stephen and Shu Qi escaped the film set to take wedding photos and register their marriage. Their fellow cast members did not know about their marriage until after the announcement.

At the Beijing press conference for the action-packed film a few days ago, Stephen Fung and Shu Qi happily stepped on stage together, marking their first couple appearance since their union. Although the couple had Andy Lau standing in between them, reporters couldn’t help but to focus a lot of their media reporting on the pair.

In a clip they revealed at the press conference, Shu Qi slapped Tony Yang (楊佑寧) so hard that it shocked the cameraman. Shu Qi clarified, “I fake-slapped him at first but he (Stephen Fung) didn’t like how the camera angles were positioned, so I had to really slap him.” Stephen then quipped, “I don’t remember saying that to you.”

Tony said, “It was real even during the rehearsals! Nothing about that was fake. Big Sister slapped so hard even the staff two levels down could hear it!”

The Taiwanese actor then joked on the spot that he originally had a kissing scene with Shu Qi, but that scene was mysteriously cut on the day of filming. He joked, “Director Fung probably didn’t allow it!” Stephen quickly clarified, “No! It was originally a fight scene!” Andy sided with Stephen and said, “It’s true! The script never had a kiss scene in the first place!”

The promotional tour will stop by Taiwan before heading over to Hong Kong on August 22. The Adventurers will open in Hong Kong on August 24, 2017.


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