Stephen Fung Silently Protected Shu Qi for Twenty Years

Though they claimed to have dated for only four years before announcing their Internet-breaking marriage last Saturday, Stephen Fung (馮德倫) and Shu Qi (舒淇) have, in fact, known each other for nearly twenty years. The couple first met on the set of 1997’s Bishonen <美少年之戀>, a drama film about an ill-fated gay romance. At the time, Stephen and Shu Qi referred to each other as Jet and Kana, the names of their respective characters in the film.

stephen fung shu qi 1Though Stephen and Shu Qi did not have much screen time together in the film, they immediately clicked off screen. In a personal documentary released in 2006, Stephen went in depth about his close friendship with Shu Qi, and said, “I met her in 1997. I already had good feelings for her then. Shu Qi is someone with a very natural disposition; she doesn’t hide her feelings. When I first met her, I took the initiative and asked for her phone number.”

As both Stephen and Shu Qi lived close by, they often met up. Stephen became Shu Qi’s go-to technician, as Shu Qi would always him to fix her house’s electronics. But when asked if romance would be possible between them, Stephen said at the time, “Maybe the longer we’ve known each other, the more strange it is to be a couple. But Shu Qi is an actress I admire very much.”

stephen fung shu qi 2And now, ten years later, the longtime friends have finally confirmed that romance did happen—and it’s actually not at all surprising to see.

Even when they were still friends, Stephen and Shu Qi often confided their secrets in each other. Stephen was always the first person Shu Qi went to when she was feeling unhappy. He was always the first person to hear about her struggles. Stephen was always there when Shu Qi needed him the most—and that never changed.

Shu Qi faced one of the darkest moments in her career when she started dating Leon Lai (黎明) around early 2000. Egged and bullied by Leon’s fans, there was a period of time when Shu Qi was afraid to go out in the streets. Though Shu Qi had high alcohol tolerance, the stress from her public and private life had pushed her to a boiling point—and she would keep drinking until she passed out.

But even then, Stephen never left her side.

stephen fung shu qi 3The actor-director recalled in the interview, “She got herself really drunk one night so I had to take her home. Just as I was about to leave, she fell out of her bed and slammed her head against the floor. I tucked her back in and didn’t leave until she fell asleep. I need to make sure that she’s safe.”

The adorable and uncomplicated Shu Qi wears her heart on her sleeves—when she’s happy, she smiles like the sun, but when things aren’t going exactly as planned, she’ll look impatient and upset. Stephen never had to ask her about how she’s feeling—he could always read right through her.

“When she throws a tantrum, she can get really terrifying,” said Stephen with a laugh. “But I prefer to see her smiling.”

Sources: Sina (1, 2)

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  1. Aww so sweet. Really hope they will live happily ever after. I think she really deserves it.

  2. I can’t read chinese that well but unless I missed something, in the original article, Stephen does not mention anything about Shu Qi dating Leon. Don’t understand why the translator had to add this and continue this rumour that has never been proven (also, he started dating his ex-wife in 2005).
    Anyway, I’m very happy for the couple and it’s obvious that they will last forever.

    1. @nemo2
      ” obvious they will last forever” haha lol…. I love Stephen Fung but I have to say nothing is obvious and last forever. Even the most simple none celebs ordinary couples can have a fall out when you least expected it. You just never know! It was obvious and I thought he will be forever ever after w/that ex Karen Mok? Lol…it didn’t happen as expected. 🙂

      1. @went you are spot on. Yeah there is no guarantee of eternal love though we do wish the couple the best. Yup life is indeed unpredictable. Could it be also that they have always carried a torch for each other hence their relationship with others didn’t last. Sometimes it takes like forever to find that someone though that “someone” have been there all along lol!!

      2. @nigel
        lol… yeah, I mean sure we would like to believe that it will be happily ever after but obvious? come on, everyone would be obviously happy when jumpy when they first went out but even that excitement fades as time progresses. Doesn’t matter if they are celebs or ordinary couples sometimes the ones least likely to separate will take you by surprise or shocked. LOL..haha

      3. @went Yes indeed what you said is true. Excitement do fade even for Katie and Tom haha but most important is the that understanding that stood the test of time for them. Maybe it’s that realization of finally being together after being so close all these years yet so far. I guess they each learnt to cherish each other and will not take each other for granted similar to Faye and Nic whereas, for Katie & Tom, everything happenned so sudden….boom boom boom and the fire went off.

      1. @nemo2 coz the article mentioned Stephen talked about SQ in that documentary. Not quite sure but that’s what I understand.

      2. @nigel Oh I thought you were going to reveal something I haven’t known about all these years thus why this rumour has continued for so long and everyone seems to believe it. I don’t really follow celebrity news and my memory’s not great but I vaguely remember this egging & bullying happened when rumours started in the late 90s that they were dating and reports carried on until tabloids wrote a story about him committing suicide over her. This forced him to face the media to show he was fine and it was then that he confirmed SQ was just a friend, shooting down all past rumours.
        I see the date on the article has now been changed to early 2000 (which is no more believable than 2005). The media always claim that they dated for 7 years (N.B. there’s not been one single photo of them together in all those years). In 2007, he and Gaile were half-way to getting married.

  3. This is soooooooo sweet!!!! Super happy for the two of them!!! Was sad when he broke up with Karen but happy he and Shu Qi found happiness together!! Love this!

    1. @happybi again their story sounded straight out of a romance book haha. Boy meets girl, became good friends then had relationship with others and after many years discovered that they were meant for each other. Best friends turned into lovers. Guess I am a sucker for romance.

      1. @happybi agreed timing is important. Doesn’t matter that you are with someone for many many years but it might not necessarily last due to timing. They might not have married now if they have gone out with each other earlier as they would have been younger and might not know each other well enough ( or able to tolerate each). It takes time also for realization to hit them and knowing what they truly want after being with other people.

      2. @nigel true. He was with karen for almost 10 yrs and they end up breaking up. Too young and career was probably more important at that time. Just glad Karen found her other half with her first bf. And now stephen found his half too. Happy for all of them.

      3. @happybi true they met at a wrong time. Perhaps a little too young to know what they truly want from a relationship and guess you are right in that career was probably more important back then.

  4. Theirs is a love that is strong and real. They have known each other for so long, they know each other’s bad habits, good points, and they can be themselves when they are together, leave the acting for the big screen. Stephen is a man to be admired. Someone commented how Stephen accepted Shu Qi with all her faults. He knows about her past and he still loves her unconditionally. It takes a real caring, loving secure gentleman to have Stephen’s qualities. I am sure he has his blunders too and Shu Qi is willing to see beyond his faults. That is the definition of selfless, genuine love. We need more love stories like this. What is sweet about this love story is that it’s real, and not a movie, although it could be. I just want to wish this couple continued happiness. They truly have found each other’s forever love.

    1. @bubbletea yeah guess coz they have been friends first and probably he didn’t judge her because of that. And as he started to get to know more, he obviously found that something in her that clicked with him. Heard Stephen came back from US so guess it explained why he is probably also more open-minded about her past.

  5. Shu Qi went through so much hell during and after the Leon Lai period. So glad Mr. Right was waiting for her.

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