Steven Cheung Returns 6-Figure Debt to Former GF April Leung

Multiple cheating scandals have turned Steven Cheung (張致恒) from a nostalgic pop icon to the industry’s most hated man. Among the women he had hurt in this scandal was his “official” girlfriend April Leung (梁皓恩), who only found out about Steven’s new wife and child through the news. Steven had lied to her about everything—even up to the birth of his son. According to reports, at the hundred-day banquet of his son, Steven had lied to April that he was attending a friend’s banquet.

April felt so betrayed and distraught that she contemplated suicide. April was completely devoted to Steven, even supporting him financially, such as paying for rent.

Fortunately, April did not dwell on the past. She cut herself off from Steven and left for Thailand to study her hobby—yoga. According to reports, Steven had already returned his six-figure debt to April. She no longer has any more relationships with Steven.

April’s trip to Thailand was for self care and enlightenment. In Phuket, April developed the habit of rising early at 6 in the morning and attending yoga classes with likeminded yogis from all over the world. She stopped using her phone, cleansing herself from the toxicity of social media.

In a text exchange with the press, April briefly talked about her trip to Phuket. She credited yoga and her classmates for helping her out of her depression. “This past month, I was faced with nothing else but the beach, the sun, and the ocean. I conversed with different friends everyday. They’re all angels, all full of love. We confided in each other, shared our difficulties with each other. I understood then that I needed to learn how to love myself. It would help control the negative emotions. I wouldn’t need to rely on medication to control the depression.”

What are her plans now that she has returned to Hong Kong? “I’m thankful for my friends for connecting me with yoga. I hope to continue acting and do yoga. I have some acting jobs pending. I’m fortunate to have the chance to do these two things until I’m 80 or 90.”

As for whether or not she would like to give Steven her blessings on his fatherhood, she admitted, “I cannot do that right now. I can only say that I don’t feel as emotionally attached to him anymore. Both of us have homework to do. I hope he will continue to grow into a better person.”

In a separate interview, Steven confirmed that he has already returned the rent money he had owed April. “I used my own ways to return the money. (She said she can’t give you her blessings.) Understandable.”

Pointing out that he had lied to April about his son’s hundred-day banquet, Steven admitted, “I’ve always held regret for the bad things I’ve done. I sincerely apologize, and am repenting.” Steven said he is still indebted to many people, expressing, “It’s not just her, but also Kenny, Joey, Ah Sa, and even my wife and son. I’ve done many wrong things in the past. I’ve never had to admit I was wrong. I never had to reflect. I only avoided it, but now, I will face it. I will continue to walk forward to take care of my family. I want to become a better person and start a new life.”

Earlier, it was reported that Steven had been working at a restaurant in a hotel. He said, “I will continue to work hard. My friend has also introduced me to other jobs, something behind-the-scenes. I’m willing to do it all.”


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Steven Cheung’s Messy Private Life: Multiple Women Expose Him for Cheating

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