Steven Cheung’s Wife Urges the Public for Forgiveness

Last year, Steven Cheung (張致恆) surprised everyone by announcing that he had become a father and was getting married with his fan, Au Yin-man (區燕雯). Steven’s announcement led to a discovery that he lied and cheated on multiple women at the same time. While Steven finally apologized for his behavior and promised to change, his image plummeted and he lost many fans.

After Steven got married, he stuck to his promise of starting over, learned to be a good father, and took on several odd jobs to support his family. His Instagram page now focuses on his family life, while promoting his appearance in the upcoming movie A Ghost Story <倩女幽魂:人間情>.  However as the public is slow to forgive Steven, many people do not view Steven’s marriage favorably and continue to gossip about the married couple.

Recently, Au Yin-man announced that she is two months pregnant with their second child. Feeling emotional during her pregnancy, she penned a message on her Instagram to voice her support for her husband and to ask for forgiveness:

“Everyone in the world makes mistakes. After they make a mistake, if you don’t give them a chance to change, they will be stuck at this point for all their lives.

Isn’t it a waste of a person’s life?

Before you scold someone for his mistakes, you should actually ask yourself. Have you made any mistakes?

Everyone must have made a mistake. You are not qualified to comment or scold others, and you have no right to drag him down.

When a person makes a mistake, no matter how big or small it is, God will give a punishment for him to bear. Bearing it is enough to make up for the mistakes. Each of us is not qualified to add any more words or go on counting and remembering other people’s mistakes.

There is actually no point to it. The earth keeps turning and the world is changing every day. In fact, there is no need to look back. Why not try to anticipate the happy things that a changed person will bring to the future.

Everyone is good deep inside their hearts. So I believe that no matter what mistakes anyone made, it can be changed for the better.

Giving someone a chance means giving the world another good person.”

Source: Sky Post

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  1. Mistake is something that happend unintentionally, cheating on multiple women however is not a mistake. Not sorry cause you got caught but sorry because you can’t ride the scandal out, what a disgrace.

    1. @sev2 agreed. this fan wife is too delusional. she just gave birth not too long ago and now having a second one to a husband who’s not financially stable. of course she wants their scandal to blow over asap so that he can continue to generate income.

      honestly I see too many of these women in ebiz. I’m not saying they’re wrong to stick around, but it’s hard to see a marriage like that last forever without some intensive couple’s counseling for a few yrs

  2. Men are playboys until they get their girlfriends pregnant. That’s when they start to grow up and think about fatherhood. American men would have probably chosen abortion, but he has chosen to take care of his child and marry the child’s mother. Despite his cheating, I give Steven kudos for taking responsibility.

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