Steven Ma Hopes to Sign Fala Chen to His Production Company

Steven Ma’s (馬浚偉) production company Zhonggang Yaoyuan Ma Jun Wei Studio (中港桃園馬浚偉工作室) was officially launched on January 1. In addition to producing film and drama series, the studio is also looking to establish its own artist lineup. Recent reports alleged that Steven has been in talks with good friend Fala Chen (陳法拉) to join his team, and is also eyeing other top TVB actresses.

Steven became fast friends with many TVB artists prior to his departure from the company in early 2012. He often prefers to work with people he is familiar with and enjoys sharing good opportunities with his friends. Allegedly, he requested Tavia Yeung (楊怡) to be his female lead when he was negotiating with TVB over his upcoming comeback, Storm in a Cocoon <守業者>.

Taking the same approach with his own business venture, Steven considered Fala for his studio’s upcoming film. Currently working on an independent basis, Fala has received many recruitment calls by top names in the entertainment industry, including Eric Tsang (曾志偉), HKTV’s Ricky Wong (王維基), and even Mainland actress Vicki Zhao (趙薇). Despite the great offers, Fala has yet to make a decision, leaving the public to speculate on her next move.

Recently, local media reported that Steven may have submitted his offer to Fala as well, hoping for a chance to work together. He confirmed the speculations on February 7, saying he has proposed the idea to Fala and will negotiate further when she returns from her vacation. He also expressed interest in working with his other friends at TVB. “I also want to sign artists I’ve worked with before. Fala, Tavia, and Linda [Chung] (鍾嘉欣) are all like sisters to me, so of course I am interested!”

Despite Steven’s enthusiasm, Fala is keeping mum about her decision. When asked to comment on February 10, Fala stated, “For now all of my work will be handled by [manager] Claudie Chung (鍾珍). I have not committed to any other partnerships!” Although the outcome is still up in the air, Steven will at least be able to work with Fala on their upcoming duet and its music video, both set to be released in March.


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  1. Allegedly, he requested Tavia Yeung (楊怡) to be his female lead when he was negotiating with TVB over his upcoming comeback, Storm in a Cocoon .

    The above info is not true. Steven has denied he had requested Tavia to be his female lead.

    He denies the rumor that he had specifically picked Tavia as his partner in his return tvb series. When asked about the said rumor, Steven says if he returns to TVB he certainly will not specify who his female partner should be, just like he never did when he was in TVB. He believes chemistry can be sparked with just any partner.


  2. does anyone know how these production companies work, like how they get money to pay artists who sign w/ them? i wonder why would fala choose his company if there are so many other people already recruiting her. i would sign w/ a bigger company to gurantee job stability.

    1. Agreed, which may be the reason for his denial to “cover his @ss”.

      “He denies the rumor that he had specifically picked Tavia as his partner”

    2. Steven has repeatedly clarified on TV and radio interviews that he is not the owner of his Beijing work studio despite its namesake and him as its CEO because he did not financially invest in it. Zhong-Kang Tao Yuan Company is the real owner of his Beijing work studio. Steven just gets an annual budget of a mere 10 to 30 million rmb as investment funds to run his studio autonomously per his own vision and wishes.

      If truly interested in Steven’s production studio goto

    3. wow, didn’t know the production company has backup. nowadays you hear so many ppl w/ production companies, it really makes you wonder what they really do and the differences between them

    4. A production company just produces dramas. If you have a lot of money you can set up your own with your own capital, but more likely – especially with all the actors who start up their own – they get funding from investors.

      As for signing, she doesn’t have to sign on to be managed – and I seriously doubt she will since that would be exchanging TVB for a similar type of contract. But she might sign on to star in one of their dramas.

  3. Great to know that Steven gets along well with Fala,Linda and Tavia. I loved Fala,Linda and Steven in Ghost Writer. No wonder they had such great onscreen chemistry. They are all buddies in real life too hope to see them collaborate again.

    1. I also enjoyed watching “Ghost Writer”. I started to like Fala’s acting in this drama series. She was very very sweet in her role.

      1. Yeah, love ghost writer and Fala’s character was so sweet and kind.

  4. one thing about celebrity, they’re always trying to make more money, travia’s frequently saying that she she hope to get more money, some of them don’t say it but its always at the back of their mind, as if they worship money, steven ma hopes to sign fala and the rest to his production co, fala also hopes to have her own production co and steven ma acting for her..

    1. I think it is human nature to want more everything including money. I certainly want more money and I am sure you do. Why single out celebrities for being human?

      1. agree with heather. we work hard for promotion because promotion=more money. we go to school for better education because education=good job= $$$
        its all about making money. you can love your job but you would still rather get a better salary. they are not money hungry… just whats best for their future

      2. Yup, we love money but do recognized that if you don’t have a big head, don’t wear a big hat. I don’t know why this guy haven’t disappear yet. Good luck bud!

  5. don’t think fala chen will work for steven ma, she wouldn’t want to be the slave but the master

  6. one thing i know is steven wanted to work with bobby in his comeback series

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