Steven Ma Promises Decision on TVB’s Filming Offer by Lunar New Year

With Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) claiming TV King and Raymond Lam (林峯) rumored to leave TVB, management executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) may be losing her status within the company to colleague Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍), who is allegedly fortifying her own power by gathering her favorites back to TVB. Catherine has summoned Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), Dayo Wong (黃子華) and Steven Ma (馬浚偉) to film dramas with TVB.

If Virginia’s favorite, Raymond Lam, were to leave TVB, she may face a marked manpower crunch in her camp. Having lost favorite, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) to the mainland China, she is facing the disappearance f her favorite siu sangs. Taking advantage of this situation, it was rumored that Catherine has been busy bringing back her favorite artists.

Steven Ma Touched by Catherine’s Sincerity

In early 2012, Steven, who was having an unsatisfying work relationship with TVB, requested for an early release from his management contract. After his leave from the station, Steven broke into the mainland Chinese market, filming dramas Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder <建元风云> and Yuan Yang Pei <鸳鸯佩>. Steven also expressed his interest in starting his own production studio.

Last December, TVB high executive Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍) slipped that she had asked Steven to return to TVB last September to film a 30-episode drama, but Steven rejected her offer due to his busy schedule. Catherine and Au Wai Lam (區偉林) have been trying to convince Steven to sign a per series contract ever since the actor left the station in March 2012.

It has been said that Catherine has left a spot for Steven to return in a Leung Choi Yuen (梁材遠) drama, which will begin production in May. Steven admitted that such plans has been made, but stated, “Tsang Jeh and I have remained in contact, but at this moment, I cannot promise anything. There are still many details left to discuss. Nonetheless, I will have a definite answer by Lunar New Year.”

At a promotional event today, Steven further commented, “Catherine Tsang is my sifu. My first choice is of course my sifu! I am not after money; the money important thing is the script and who the cast is! I wish to act with Fala Chen (陳法拉) and Tavia Yeung (楊怡).”

TVB Wasted No Efforts to Retain Raymond Lam

On the other hand, The Sun reported earlier this week that TVB will not be utilizing the one-vote-per-person system for the upcoming Jade Solid Gold Top 10 Music Awards Presentation  <十大勁歌金曲頒獎典禮> to retain Raymond, who has been nominated for the Most Popular Male Artist Award.

When told about the rumor that TVB will give him an award in exchange for his renewal of contract, Raymond cried, “I believe it’s only a rumor. Whatever the decision, it has nothing to do with me.”

Source: Oriental Daily; The Sun

This article is written by Karen and Addy for

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  1. Pls come back Steven!!! Missing his series badly… And well, he certainly adores his sisters much, Fala & Tavia 🙂

  2. please do come back steven!!!! it’s been a lot time since i’ve seen his dramas and i seriously think he’s one of the more talented actors in tvb.

  3. Please come back to…CTI where you will be treated as a person not just a piece of meat at TVB.

    1. Well he can’t exactly come ‘back to’ CTI because he was never there.

      1. Actually he can bc he is coming from mainland and back to CTI, hehe

    2. it say nothing that cti treat you as a person now,it just will say something if cti still threat you like a person when they’ve bring down tvb’s domination and become nr1 tv station.

    3. From the same interview Steven said this of CTI (HKTV):

      (Has Ricky Wong approached you, too?) We have been in contact but until I make a decision, I’m in a sensitive position.


      When asked if he had any interest to join HKTV (CTI) with its fresh/novelty drama themes? Steven said: “If want to, can film that (kind of drama) any where.” (Support issue of new licenses?) I understand TVB’s attitude, and also Ricky Wong’s proactive stance. I hope for a healthy competition. Even ATV I wish them well, too.[..]

      On an aside, Ricky Wong, who has been trying to get Steven to join them since the first day of 2012 Chinese New Year, had also invited Steven to join their CTI’s (HKTV) recent promotional event but because of his awkward position Steven declined to attend.

  4. whats there for steven if he comes back possible 2013 tv king

  5. Wow…. Eventually, everyone will go back to TvB.

    I like him in Daddy Good Deeds. They all did a good job. His dad was very funny.

    1. Daddy Good Deeds I somehow adored Ah Yap (Edwin Siu) more, lolz

  6. I think Steven will most likely come back. He is a very grateful person. I doubt he will let Catherine down and join CTI if Catherine is offering such sincerity.

  7. Maybe TVB promised Steven Ma that they will award him TV King in 2013 if he agrees to film more drama series for them.

    1. Actually Steven did not leave on not so good terms just from the fact that hitherto no other TVB artistes but Steven has ever terminated early his tvb management contract without a monetary penalty (at least not reported) and what’s more being pestered to sign a per series contract.

      But Steven in his own words can clarify his situation with TVB more clearly than mine would ever.

      Steven’s One Pen Ma Column
      March 1s (2012) is my temporary separation date from TVB.[..]I, from an unknown nobody to today slightly well known artist, all these TVB gave me. Every training, every opportunity developed me to slowly and gradually grow into a mature artist. The people and things from TVB, the gratitude and feelings; I remember them all.

      [..]Many people have asked me, since you loved TVB so much why leave home then? Why terminate your contract early?[..]

      Though today we part but as long as people remain, feelings remain and fate remains, we will sure to meet again.

      Eileen Cha’s interview March 6 2012 news report.

      But I persist with my question: “Since you are so faithful and cherish old friendships and old times, why then did you insist on terminating your contract early?” [..]

      I counter: “If TVB was so good why then did you want to terminate your contract early? And moreover, refused to sign a per series contract with it? ”

      “TVB by itself definitely poses no problem. (So Steven’s answer implies the problem is of an interpersonal issue?)

      Beset by me, Steven would only say: “Siu Yan jie, I’m a mute eating bitter lotus (suffered in silence) What can be said I’ve already said to you”



  8. Steven doesn’t care about awards besides he stated TVB will always be his first priority

  9. I wonder between Steven Ma and Kevin Cheng, who garners more ratings in HK? My feeling is Steven Ma.

    1. Seriously (??), although I’m a fan of neither. Didn’t know Steven Ma was that popular, I am really
      alienated from TVB for that long!!

    2. If both were filming the same script, it would be Steven Ma > Kevin Cheng.

      Steven Ma can even get the ratings on a poor script. 🙂 I miss him muchos.

      1. Producer Leung Choi Yuen wrote this weibo:

        材叔 12/29/2012 Fatt Dat Gor is a good character by Siu Ching. Strange, on festive occasions more than ever (I) think of “Ma”. Easter festival, World Cup, Chinese New Year, often will have Ma for company. 發達哥是小青創作好角色 奇怪 每逢佳節倍思「馬」復活節 世界杯 春節 通常都有馬相伴。

        Besides being warehoused twice, Steven’s series have aired 9 times in unfavorable timeslots within a 5-year span of a 6-year-TVB contract beginning with BOL in 2007.

        But, Steven’s series often opened high.
        7 Days 1st epi garnered 32 pts, peaked at 35 pts and that was in Jan 2011.

        AWT 1st epi had 32 pt around 2009 NY’s eve to become top 5 series in 2010.

        LTT 1st ep at 30 pts around Christmas

        DGD’s first episode garnered 31 points peaked at 33 point.

        Incidentally, the overseas released Stupid Cupid will premier on TVB in Hong Kong on Jan 30 at 2:45 pm.

        Since Jan 2nd at 11:45 am M-F, Safeguards rerun is presently airing on TVB in Hong Kong.

      2. @Clamine –

        We have an obvious Steven Ma supporter 🙂

        I’m glad there’s at least two of us here.

  10. TVB is utilizing the friendship card to its fullest. Steven seems to be a grateful guy so im afraid he will be lured back into the lion’s cave 🙁

    TVB: We have decided that from now on all awards will go to LF, bc he has threatened to leave and we can’t afford to lose him, LOL.

    What happened to the “I will stay with the company as long as 620 stays”? Yes if he only leaves TVB i.e not retiring that would make him a LIAR! But actually that’s not new information…

    1. =)) since you copy yours, I’d like to copy mine.

      TVB uses One man one vote is for LF and you complain it isn’t fair.
      TVB uses Executive decision is also for LF and you also complain it isn’t fair.
      What is more? He is so right, whatever change is all for him but in the end, he has nothing.

      So what if he is a liar, didn’t you want him to leave Txb ASAP? Why you have to mind if he will keep his word to stay in Txb as long as 620 dun leave like the Txb artists? If it’s better for anyone if he leaves, please keep your silence. Unless you are feeling bad as he can go but some others can’t and some others come back.

      1. Raymond is NOT a Liar…Three months ago, before the TV King thing…he already said he will only do one series for TVB per year…he will more on Mainland market! So “One people one vote” or whoever come back is nothing to do with Raymond…With or without the one people one vote thing, if TVB want to give the award to Raymond, he can still do so. if TVB don’t want to, like the TV King award, TVB gave to Wayne…so it is nothing to do with the voting…the vote is just a game so people. I am welcome Steven Ma come back to TVB, ever if he get the TV King 2013…I am okay…just nothing to do with Raymond…stop rumor on Raymond…and Raymond is not Liar!!!

      2. Now I can confirm that you are feeling very bad, exoidus :D. Poor you.

    2. Does he have rumour that he’s not well recognized by any Mainland companies and get not much job offered recently, that’s why he has to come back to TVB?

      1. And that article was published in FACE slightly less than a week from previous articles reporting TVB was luring Steven with HKS80,000 back to film a series for them. And a few days later the above article came out to totally blast that rumor apart. So obviously the rumor was written to ‘blacken’ Steven.

        Even before the FACE rumor was published online Steven wrote this on his weibo:

        2013-01-02 20:13 After reading a certain weekly even I also think myself so pitiful! Haiz, the content is so inaccurate, seems to attack just for the sake of an attack. But, whatever! I understand, will treat it as a blessing with make-up on! Haha!


        And Michelle Ye’s weibo response
        @叶璇 2013-01-05 14:03: I just saw the article, what rubbish! So hope we have the opportunity to collaborate! 我刚刚看到杂志,简直胡说八道!多希望有机会能合作!

        馬浚偉 1/05 21:20 Haha, will sure to have the opportunity, thank you! 哈哈,一定有機會,謝謝!

  11. I do hope he comes back to TVB. He’s a lot better than many actors currently at TVB…

  12. steven ma left TVB due to clash with virginia lok & he was not allow to film the popular “Mainland historical series then. so, he got angry and left,…Rumoured was once ridicule in TVB top management meeting by saying “His look is not even handsome, not worth the high value” Steven is a “high guarantee-ratings” for any TVB series he starred in even those fall under fodder-cannon time slot like holidays season… he is a good loving guy..He is consider GOLD now to all who is trying to sign him

    1. Wow, one statement, insulted so many people. Bowie for one, Moses another, etc etc.

      1. Where is Bowie now? In mainland?

        If they managed to get Esther and Bobby together (or, fingers crossed, Dayo and Dodo), I’d certainly like to see Bowie with Flora again… 2013 – the year of reunions…

      2. let’s add on Gallen and Jessica on the reunion list. Golden Faith was such a great series that showcase their chemistry.

        Louis and Jessica works even better 😀 I need a better ending in DIF4

  13. Well, if Catharine Tsang is calling back Steven Ma to TVB then I think she should get Wong Hei back as well. This way she can be up against Virginia Lok.

    1. Oh yeah, Wong Hei, the former dj. Whatever happened to him? Looks like TVB should and would really dig into their pool of previous cast-aways.

      1. wong he is gone to cti and i dont think he will come back to tvb,because he is a men with principles.

      2. talking about cti..what happen ? Licence still pending? march 2013 ready?

      3. I thought Wong Hei went to Now TV?

        Steven’s acting is so much better than Wong Hei’s. I’d love to have Steven back.

    2. Hell will freeze over before Wong Hei or someone such as Bowie Lam will come back to TVB.

  14. Well, Steven may not be as handsome as Kevin nor as man-ly as Moses in many eyes, BUT…. Steven has always been the most charming guy in TVB to majority viewers!!!

    1. I always thought he was rather stiff but remember him as a very lovable person with soft smiling eyes.

    2. er moses manly?. he has those grandfather look most of the time…

    3. Real professional actors don’t have to be handsome…. Cause I seriously won’t call Moses and Wayne as handsome, but their still the top 2 candidates for TV King. Cause they can act.

  15. It’s funny that this situation is kinda similar to Joe Ma’s last time but some comments are so different :P.

    Catherine Tsang’s side, after ganging up with Sandy Yu, really gets stronger. Well, maybe next time more newbies will be beaten because more relatives of Catherine Tsang will join :P.

  16. Loved Steven in A Journey Through Life and especially in A Watchdog’s Tale!

    Please come back!

  17. What I truly appreciate Steven besides his many talents is the glimpses into his person through his writings and interviews.

    Eileen Cha 2008 Radio interview transcript

    S: [..]One day while chatting with Kara Hui (3rd daughter-in-law in Safeguards) when she suddenly said to me, “Ngo sek ni.” (I love you) I was taken aback. What? She said whenever she had the opportunity she would tell people (people she likes, of course) that she cherishes them. And it got me thinking – true, when we still have the opportunity we should express our concern or love for other people. When I can thank people, I’ll thank them.

    C: You were thankful too in the past, only inwardly, but now you will express it outwardly.

    S: Right. Now, I’m not shy to express it anymore. I will speak out. [..]

    Besides cherishing his 3 TVB sisters, Steven also cherishes Uncle Choi very much.

    Steven’s CRHK Monologue Aired October 16th 2012

    We all called him ‘Choi Shuk’ or Uncle Choi. But I often called him “Foster Father”. [..]His trust in me, and the freedom he gives me is truly enormous. [..]So I can’t deny that all these years the person who has the best relationship with me and knows me best has to be Uncle Choi. [..]

    There’s one thing I’m most grateful to him is that he always said these words to me: “Ta-ke-la (It’ll be fine), you’re here I don’t have to worry.” Because he knows that I’m.. frankly speaking.. I’m a person with high standard. When I join a series I won’t just see myself as actor but will see this (series) as my son. So when I’m part of a production I wish it to be good. So for my own part I’ll give it my best, and Uncle Choi understands my character so he gives me lots of freedom, and plenty of space, and also enormous trust – we have this give and take interaction. So whenever I shot Uncle Choi’s series, we really were like a big family. In Uncle Choi’s production, I collaborated the most with Linda Chung. In almost all our collaborations there was also Linda, and Fala, too. So these two will understand more my relationship with Uncle Choi – I admit – a father-son relationship. I truly cherish it – of the people I encounter in my career life who have similar philosophy, similar ideals as mine, and also mutually tolerant and supportive of each other.

    Likewise, Uncle Choi is not shy of publicly expressing his affection for Steven. Below are just some of his weibo on missing Steven.

    uncle choi Feb 5th 2012 @ 馬浚偉: Seeing the recent work, and realizing no Old Ma’s share, so not used to it. It’s like the son’s not home from outside so can’t sleep, understand?

    看看近作 發現沒有老馬的份 這麼不習慣 有如兒子出夜街未歸 睡不著 明嗎?看看近作 發現沒有老馬的份 這麼不習慣 有如兒子出夜街未歸 睡不著 明嗎?

    5/21/2011 10:35 @材叔 Since wrapping up Thunder I haven’t seen Steven. Feeling a bit dejected so can only watch him on Book of Words and Apprentice Chef. He was great.[..]

    Guess it is true that Catherine Tsang had wanted Steven to film a TVB series right after he terminated his tvb management contact besides the reported September tvb series.

    Back in March 1 2012, Uncle Choi already urged Steven to come back.

    @材叔 Mar 1 01:13 @馬浚偉: Your mother is urgently calling you to come home soonest!

    Steven 3/1 01:27 I know I know, I didn’t get lost. Godfather, don’t worry.

    A reader asked if Uncle Choi is both father and mother to Steven:

    Uncle choi: No lah. Mother will appear soon.

    Uncle choi: 親娘急Call早點歸家
    Steven: 知道知道,我沒迷路,養父放心
    Uncle Choi 不是呀 親娘就快現身了

    Back in March 1 2012, right after Steven terminated his contract, Uncle Choi already urged him to come back.
    Steven: 知道知道,我沒迷路,養父放心
    Uncle choi: 親娘急Call 早點歸家
    Uncle Choi 不是呀 親娘就快現身了

    3/1 01:27 I know I know, I didn’t get lost. Godfather, don’t worry @材叔 今天01:13 : @馬浚偉 Your mother is urgently calling you to come home as soon as possible.

    A reader commented Uncle Choi for being both father and mother to Steven:
    材叔 :回复@怡怡333: No lah. Mother will appear soon.

  18. Steven Ma is one of those people who are constantly overshadowed and robbed of rewards. This guy can act, he’s really intelligent, and, again, constantly given pretty bad roles that leads to nowhere. He’s one of those people TVB neglect and never considered for the TV King. Hope I can watch him more, been seeing him on TV since a kid.

    1. My whole family fell in love with Steven ever since watching him in The Duke of Mount Deer. He is really charming with his soft eyes! His brother-sister relationship with Fala, Tavia & Linda is so lovable too!!!

  19. If Catherine Tsang was really sincere, why didn’t she help him when he’s still with TVB? Why only go over mountains to get him back to TVB after he left?

    It is really true the saying.


    Only when one lost something, one will start to appreciate it.

    1. There’s also a saying called 有心無力.

      You think Catherine Tsang is god or something?

    2. Actually, we fans do wonder what had Catherine Tsang done for Steven when he was a tvb managed artist. She could not get him into even one blasted grand production? Steven wanted to tvb in 2009, Catherine got Stephen Chan to intervene, and much good it did Steven to renew his contract.

      1. Inadvertently omitted “leave” as in Steven wanted to leave tvb.

      2. ” and much good it did Steven to renew his contract.”

        I think he was getting his wishes fulfilled when Stephen Chan was around. He get his own cooking show and stuff. But, Stephen Chan did not have time/opportunity to fulfill all his promises when he himself got into hot water.

      3. I know, it wasn’t SC’s fault. Just Steven’s bad luck. Got him the cooking show and for the first and last time a trip to Singapore to win his one and only Starhub award. And it was during that very Singapore trip that he and Sonija finally buried the hatchet and now became good friends. And because SC is no longer Steven’s boss they also became good friends. So guess something good did come out of that.

        But it is truly 人算不如天算. That “the best laid plans of men and mice…” totally applies to Steven’s situation then.

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