[STYLE] 2013 TVB Anniversary Gala: Bringing Sexy Back

The annual TVB Anniversary Gala is always one of Hong Kong’s biggest parties in town and female artists pulled out their sexiest garb to entertain. Male celebrities explored bolder styles at this year’s Gala, turning towards splashy floral prints and big hair.


2013 TVB Anniversary Myolie Wu Leanne Li

Leanne Li (李亞男) appeared in a very revealing black dress that left little to the imagination. She must be a walking temptation to Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) in their abstinent relationship. I love peekaboo but when done in excess like that, it crossed the line to become trashy. 

For centuries, lace has been one of the sexiest textiles for good reason. Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Koni Lui (呂慧儀) both wore lace, but both failed to put it to its best potential. Myolie’s slinky jersey/lace dress might be a tad better, but the huge cutouts left much of her bare skin showing.

2013 Koni Lui Samantha Ko

Koni’s dress made me uncomfortable. Perhaps the designer was confused but it was everything and nothing at the same time. Cutouts with lace,  and asymmetrical sleeves–it just took away attention from the cleavage.

TVB sex icon, Samantha Ko (高海寧) did not disappoint. She was dressed in a feminine orange slim-fitting gown, with a eye-catching plunging neckline. 

2013 TVB Anniversary Gala Whitney Hui Jess Shum

Whitney Hui (許亦妮) wore a dress designed by Gary Hung. This is as sexy as Christmas wrap can get.

What’s there not to love in Jess Shum’s (沈卓盈) dress? Cascading satin, sexy vibrant red and a corset-like top made her breasts look full and beautiful. If the dress flowed down to a full skirt, it would be a sight to behold. However, the high steep slit revealed too much and made her look like she was trying too hard.


2013 TVB Anniversary Kate Tsui Linda Chung

The most surprising win of the night, on all counts, would have to go to Kristal Tin (田蕊妮). Her black/grey dress was simple but edgy. With her sleeked back hair and vampish lips, her attire shouted attitude, which she was all about.

Although Kate Tsui (徐子珊) is usually the epitome of sexy, she was dressed simply in a two-piece attire, revealing only a sliver of her waist. Her impeccable makeup and her minimal use of jewelry was understated and stunning.

Linda Chung’s (鍾嘉欣) Escada dress is another which I love because it suits her perfectly. And it was a beautiful choice. But, what happened with her makeup and frizzy hair?

2013 TVB Anniversary Grace Chan Nancy Wu

Dressed gracefully in a gold goddess gown, Grace Chan (陳凱琳) appeared elegant and beautiful.

I still could not decide if Nancy Wu’s (胡定欣) dress by Tony Ward Couture is a win or a fail. The sequins were lovely but the shade of blue was not. Whereas I know she is not totally flat, the dress made her seem so.

2013 TVB Anniversary Natalie Tong Mandy Wong Nancy Wu

Natalie Tong’s Pius Cheung lace and ruffle dress may seem frivolous, but it adds curvature to her torso and enhances her femininity.

Mandy Wong (黃智雯) was the frosty queen of the night. Dressed in a cream dress, it was nothing out of the extraordinary. But I love it what she did to her face and hair, which strayed from her usual style.

2013 TVB Anniversary Sharon Chan Oceane Zhu

Sharon Chan (陳敏之) and Oceane Zhu’s (朱璇) styles were oddly similar at the TVB Anniversary Gala, even receiving the same jewelry sponsor.

2013 TVB Anniversary Gala Tracy Chu Tracy Ip

Tracy Chu (朱千雪) caught my attention that night with her vavavoom bosom. I gave credit to the beautiful ivory gown she had on, but lose some of those jewelry, please.

Tracy Ip’s (葉翠翠) slinky sequined pale peach dress is a huge win. Putting the focus on just one asset, the little details such as the sequins and floral appliques on the dress complement, rather than take the attention away from the focal point.


2013 TVB Anniversary Carat Cheung Carol Cheng

Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲) opted for a “pink princess” look this year, complete with a little tiara hair piece on her head. I would love to see her dress her age.

Carat Cheung’s (張名雅) lavish purple gown is a rare color seen on the red carpet. While it was beautiful on her, it somehow also just screamed mainland China to me.

Eliza Sam (岑麗香) continued to exude her girly innocence with the floral gown. She chose to bare the most understated cleavage, which suits her perfectly.

2013 TVB Anniversary Cilla Lok Katy Kung Elaine Yiu Jacqueline Wong

When dresses are so short that you cannot bend without committing a fashion faux pas, then you obviously got it all wrong. While there’s a lot to love about Katy Kung’s (龔嘉欣) pale blue dress, I don’t like how short it is. The dress would have been very lovely if it were full length.

Cilla Lok’s (樂瞳) dress was rather similar to Katy’s in cut. Short with a lot of tulle, but would have looked better with a full skirt in floor length.

Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) is another who never crossed my mind as being sexy, but the structured monochrome dress flattered her body seamlessly. Unfortunately, her makeup was all wrong. Foundation too pale and lipstick in the wrong shade that it made her teeth discolored, resulting in an aged face.

Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) looked as pretty as a snow princess in her all white gown.


2013 TVB Anniversary Liza Wang Sisley Choi

Veteran actress, Liza Wang (汪明荃) went all matronly with her dark red satin gown and jade jewelry.

Sisley Choi’s (蔡思貝) dress seemed to be taken out of her mother’s wardrobe and would have been more fitting for a much older woman.


2013 TVB Anniversary Niki Chow

Vampire princess? Niki Chow’s (周麗淇) Robert Cavalli dress looks too heavy and makes Niki look washed out. Niki has a great complexion that can be complemented by lighter colors.

Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) is almost ready to pop in her red-ribbon dress. Why is Shirley always trying to squeeze into gowns that are a size too small for her? The cut and fit for this dress are all wrong for her.


2013 TVB Anniversary Priscilla Wong

When I saw Priscilla Wong’s (黃翠如) look, the first thought that came to my mind was “space”. The Jetsons? How inappropriate.


While the women dressed themselves to seduce, the men seemed to have a totally different agenda.

2013 TVB Anniversary Gala 2a

As for Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), I do not even know where to start. While his “69” floral ensemble was shocking at first, it did not look half as bad as I continued to stare at him. However, for someone like Bosco who always dressed for shock value, I would love to see him wear something more classic for once.

While Bosco dressed himself to represent Mexico, did Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) tour Scotland recently? I was half-expecting him to wear a kilt. I love the tartan on the lapels but I do not fancy the matching pattern in the pants. And the reddish brown shoes. Too much for me.

I do like Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) daring and different shirt but the coat was all wrong! Coupled with the lack of socks, and the folded pants, I see an old grandmother’s attire.

2013 TVB Anniversary Jason Chan Tony Hung

Jason Chan (陳智燊) looked as yummy as pumpkin pie. Here’s a man that can rock any suit, even if it’s orange.

Tony Hung’s (洪永城) jacket is best described as “disco lights”. He could have adorned with neon-glow-in-the-dark bracelets. A bit of fun, a bit of flirtation; it fits Tony well.

This fashion review is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Wow …………. so many pretty and sexy girls and so many handsome guys!!!

    1. myolie, nancy, mandy are very pretty in the gala.

      ma ming and kevin are the most handsome.

  2. Let’s discuss your favorite fashions at the 2013 TVB Anniversary Gala!

    It’s hard to choose best-dressed of the night because while the women looked good, none of the gowns were spectacular. Nancy Wu’s dress is the closest thing for me, as I love crystals and her dress was full of shine, like a gray snowflake.

    Myolie is becoming increasingly daring on the red carpet. She reportedly couldn’t even wear a bra underneath her dress and had minimal protection for the areas that matter.

    Samantha Ko also looked very good; the cut of the dress flattered her body shape very much. But then she has the height to carry any evening gown, as long as she strays away from frivolous ruffles and heavy princess skirts. The orange color is very refreshing as well, but the print of the dress takes away from some of its elegance.

    Leanne Li & Koni Lui- Were Leanne and Koni trying to show us how they look in lingerie? Their dresses are best left in the bedroom to seduce their boyfriend and hubby.

    Sisley Choi reminded me of a nude stocking…that color is hard to pull off!

    IMO, Jason Chan was the best dressed male! Elegant, beautiful, and sparkly!

    1. myolie is the best dressed and most elegant prettiest female.

      kevin and ma ming are the most handsome guys.

      most plain and old fashioned is raymond lam.

      most ridiculous and weird and ugly and alien are linda and bosco.

      1. most cheap priscilla.

        most crass and indecent are leanne and koni.

    2. Do all devoted Christians dress like Leanne? I got to get myself to church!

  3. I am 100% sure this article will shoot up to Jaynestar’s “Top 5 Most Popular Articles in 7 days” within a day or two.

    1. I couldn’t get my eyes off Raymond’s hair pouf to really look at his face… Phew, wonder how long it took to have it styled that way and to ensure it stays up….

  4. I’m sorry but TVB is in desperate need of good stylists. I thought nobody dressed well that night except for Grace Chan and Samantha Ko (but even then it’s her assets that makes the dress). The men…. I cannot believe some of the styles they picked. And what the heck was PRISCILLA WEARING? I was watching the show and Im like who is wearing that ugly green dress?!

    1. priscilla look so cheap. her dress look like made of paper cutout. shame on her. not only overpromoted and bad acting but also bad cheap dress.

      1. compared to how priscilla looked at the tvb presentation it got worse. she dresses uglier and weirder by the day

    1. Huh?! Do you know (or not know) most of the people??

  5. I actually really like Myolie’s outfit, I think it looks very elegant on her.

    I think Linda keeps choosing the wrong dress and her makeup + hair looks horrible.

    And omg Bosco’s outfit…HEELS? not to mention that cowboyish costume and why is there so many strings!? yuccccccck

    1. agree! myolie is the best dress!

      linda, bosco, raymond the worst! linda and bosco also don’t follow the elegant formal dress code! wrong wrong!

    2. Myolie’s dress is very elegant and demure. Great choice for her body type

  6. For ladies’ evening dresses, I like Nancy Wu, Grace Chan, and Tracy Chu the best.

    I like Linda Chung’s the least. It is too boring and too old-fashioned.

    For guys, I like the traditional outfits, i.e. Raymond Lam, Wayne Lai, and Kenneth Ma.

    The one I like the least would be Bosco Wong’s outfit.

    1. Sandcherry,
      I actually like Linda’s Escada dress, as it has nice texture. The look was ruined by her makeup and hair though, which made her look washed out. If she did away with the smoky eyes, kept her eyes simple, and put on bright red lipstick, it would have worked. Slick back the hair into a clean bun or do pin curls. Wear drop diamond earrings and perhaps a tasteful diamond necklace to add more sparkle to the wash of gray. Her look just need to be lightened, as the dress looks a bit heavy.

      I can see Fan Bingbing rocking this Escada dress.

      Bosco would have been better off ditching the matching pants and wearing simple black pants. And fans may be a little conservative to keep seeing him in these high heeled boots.

      1. Sorry, I don’t quite agree. Her dress just does not suit this grand occasion, especially among all the other “sparkling” artistes.

      2. disagree jayne. linda’s dress is the worst. simply ugly and not suit the formal occasion. her ugly makeup takes the cake.

      3. I agree with what Jayne said about Linda’s dress. Too bad her make-up and hair took the main focus. I kept thinking she looked like she had bags under her eyes and was in desperate need of sleep.

        As for Bosco, his goal isn’t to look good. I feel like his intention, every year, is to generate talk about his outfits…which he’s succeeded in (albeit, not for good reason).

      4. bosco is like those weird fashion designers who create weird stuff for runway show and think they are so good and artistic but actually won’t sold any of those unwearable outfits to the public!

        another guy who is as ugly dress and weird in hk is a fashion designer called wong wai mun! my mon hates this fat bald guy who looks gay all the time.

      5. Bosco’s outfit is daring and fashionable, but a bit too much. Black pants might be better? The 69 is the only shocky thing to me anyway.

    2. agree with sancherry bosco is ugly ugly ugly beast as always. never see him wearing a good outfit! glad everyone here agree with sandcherry and me he’s soooo ugly! feel pity at his fans who are so blind and still think he’s good looking! wrong!

      ugliest female is linda chung! what an ugly hair, ugly dress and ugly face! she lost in everything that night!

      raymond looks so old and boring! is there no other suit fashion he can wear? his face look so old beyond his years! he looks same age as wayne lai and older than ma ming!

      myolie hands down win the best dress! love her hair her face her dress everything! myolie is gorgeous!

      ma ming is very handsome! love his suit! simple and handsome! what a gorgeous man!

      kevin is so handsome! he looks younger than old raymond!

      1. selfiwu
        I never said Bosco Wong is ugly, or Linda Chung. I just did not like their outfits.

      2. that’s the same, their outfit is ugly = they’re ugly. and those outfits are more for a party than a formal prestigious event like this. can bosco take his unserious wild manner somewhere else and be serious?

      3. LOLOLOL. What? Outfit ugly = theyre ugly? You must be beautiful everyday then or ugly everyday depending on what outfit you wear.

      4. ma ming is very handsome! love his suit! simple

        looks so old and boring! is there no other suit fashion he can wear?

        Lolz~. Such an contradiction.

      5. “glad everyone here agree with sandcherry and me he’s soooo ugly!”

        Lol speak for yourself, I hardly think everyone agrees with you. you plus one does not equal to everyone just in case you didn’t know that.

      6. Selfiwu

        I wonder how old you are. You should look at yourself in the mirror before you make these comments.

  7. I beg to differ with your comment on Myolie and Linda-

    I thought Myolie’s dress was really elegant. Although it had cut out that showed skin, the cut outs are laced which turns it trash into class. See something like Leanne’s dress- her dress had cut outs but it was practically see through, not to mention having it all cross her dress- she might as well wear a bikini top and bottom and drap herself with an invisible cloak LOL.

    Linda- her outfit cutting does suit and flatter her frame, but the patterns and colour of the dress is more like something you’d see in a quirky magazine editorial imo. I dont think it’s suitable for a Gala event. And her makeup and hair…dont even know where the hell to start. She looked pale, sick and very tired D: what made her give her makeup artist the all okay to walk out looking like that D: Her eye makeup was just…no further comment.

    1. Also myolie’s dress was quite simple and not overly done with showing skin everywhere. I mean, compared to most female artists that night who competed with each other in revealing their career lines and pushing their ‘two sisters’ up till they almost toppled over the top of their dress, I think Myolie did it best with elegance that evening.

      1. Though I don’t really like Myolie’s evening dress, it looks quite classy to me.

      2. agree! myolie is the best dressed that night! hate those who has no class flaunting too much skin! myolie did it the best! she has great taste!

  8. I would prefer to see guys wearing dress socks when they are dressed up. I don’t like Kenneth Ma for not wearing socks when he is well dressed.

    1. A vest and a chino don’t go hand in hand in most of case and here we have one.

    2. Didnt expect Kenneth to rock up the best dressed male anyway though- but his funny facial expressions already won me over- No need to look good xD His ‘O’ face floating around on weibo makes me laugh, he is one humble honest artist.

      1. ma ming may not be best dressed but agree clementine his humble and innocent demeanor is what makes him endearing and lovely as always. 🙂

  9. I agree that Kristal’s look is great. It’s not overpowering and it suited her. Kate is surprisingly classy with her understated look without going overly sexy. Sometimes less is more and I think Kate’s look is great for the occasion, it’s slightly different and it stands out.

    I find there’s way too much going on with Linda’s whole look. Her dress is already heavy in material and pattern wise, she should lightened up on everything else. She should wear light makeup with simple hair style and no jewelry.

    Nancy’s dress is just weird for me. The color isn’t exactly flattering and the sequins plus draping is off.

    Speaking of weird, Priscilla’s dress is uh…Who’s her fashion consultant?

    1. nancy look great. she and myolie are the most elegant.

      linda ruined the escada dress.

      priscilla dress maybe bought at dollar store.

      1. I like the cutting of Nancy’s dress, but the colour is a little odd to me, doesnt go flattering against her skin colour imo.

  10. leanne plain and simple she just looked trashy! i liked myolie’s dress i thought it showed the perfect amount of skin! oh koni koni i dont even know its just soooo confusing :S samantha i surprisingly liked her dress it wasnt too much cleavage and the orange suits her. jess love it! kristal looked amazing the edgyness really suits her! kate…wow what a disappointment 😐 i mean the jewelery and make up is great but the dress 🙁 linda loved loved her dress totally suited her…but her make up at first glance i thought she had really bad raccoon eyes from lack of sleep lol! Grace Chan! wow loved her dress loved her jewelery loved her hair everything was perfection i absolutely adore her! nancy’s dress hmmm im on the fence i dont hate it but i dont love it! loved natalie’s dress so fun and playful…not a fan of mandy’s dress! eliza’s dress was cute…def only she could pull it of! jacqueline’s dress? is she getting married? i mean its pretty but…and sisley wow her dress def not age appropriate…niki…i liked her dress it was def intense and now can we take a second to just say how HOT RAYMOND LAM LOOKED!!!!! haha priscilla hahahahahah that is all i have to say…and the guys again you left out raymond lam i thought he looked super dapper! i was surprised but in a good way lol! oh jason you are amazing! so hot!

    1. raymond lam hot? you must be a fan. to a fan raymond lam looks hot 24/7 and bosco looks ‘fashionable’ with his ridiculous alien rockstar wannabe fashion statement that don’t belong in an award show. raymond lam looks old and tired and lifeless and his suit is too plain and boring.

      1. Lolz, you bite your mouth so often, don’t you?

        I bet you find a chino is suitable for an award show.

      2. raymond lam looks old and tired and lifeless

        Tired? Of course. He has just had an operation before the Gala. Old? Don’t see it.

      3. …and you must not be a fan of either of them lol
        haha im actually not a fan of raymond at all lol but i thought he looked really good…and it might have been simple but he wears it well and he does not look old :S maybe tired..
        bosco im a huge fan but he does not look ‘fashionable’ at all he looks ridiculous with his heels and that…”outfit” i totally agree with you on that…so i dont know if that makes me a fan or not…

  11. bosco and linda must be forgotting that they are going to a formal show not a party!! take those ridiculously informal outfit and weird makeup to a clubbing crazy party not a formal gala show! why nobody keep a check on the dress code and let those without a suit or elegant dress stay outside!

      1. tvb gala is not a party, it’s a formal celebration. why else would everyone wear their most elegant dress to this event? only to have it ruined by a guy who decide to wear a weird informal outfit or a girl who wear a hideous makeup and ruin an expensive dress

      2. it’s not a fun party, it’s a birthday pf tvb, but it’s still a formal event where everyone wears their most elegant outfit.

      3. Oh, you said above that simple suit is not what they should wear in this Gala, now you say that formal is a must to the same event?

      4. there are many kind of simple suits, but some add some little details such as cropped pants and plaids to make it look handsome and fashionable, but some others choose old fashioned plain suit look and look like an old man :p

      5. Well, a chino + florist shirt + grandma coat isn’t fashionable nor simple. Chino ended last summer. It’s old fashion.

        However I can see that your eyes on fashion are not sharp.

      6. It’s a staged and scripted party is how I describe it. But I agree Linda seemed underdressed- you looked very much out of place, and her makeup perhaps OTT- I dont even know how to describe her makeup really, like what in the world..its as if the makeup artist mistakened her eyeshadow for undereye concealer and turned her into a panda.

    1. I believe she’s still in Singapore shooting a series, so she had work on her hands and couldnt attend.

  12. OMG the men has really awful taste! I like Myolie’s dress, not so much Eliza, other then that I agree with the article.

    1. agree myolie has the best look!

      eliza looks plain and weird. look like middle school prom.

      1. that can be too. eliza dress material look like curtain or table cloth

      2. It does look vintage/’old-fashioned’ along with her hair. But I think she still pulls it off quite well.

    2. The men ALL need a lesson in fashion. Bosco is his usual disaster… it’s so common now that I guess he’s just typically a bad dresser.

      And no socks with a suit? Really? Terrible.

      And Kevin? Lol… he’s read for a 70s high school reunion.

      At least Wayne and Raymond showed up properly.

    1. agree myolie is the best and most elegant! she follows the formal dress code amazingly! nancy and mandy also look the best!

      shame on linda and bosco for wearing ridiculous weird clothes and makeup to a formal event! this isn’t halloween party!

      1. I actually like Linda’s dress hehe. But HOLY BOSCO, that is a no no!!

      2. linda’s dress would look fine to wear at an informal dinner or party but linda wear it to a prestigious gala show and ruin it with a horrible zombie makeup, so NO NO

      3. Yes agree it was no formal enough! It would look cuter too if it was shorter!

  13. To be honest , I love ur website and the news you write about celebrities but for this article. In this article, you guys criticise a lot on the fashion at the awards. To some extent, I believe these are personal reviews done by the writer. Anyways what I am saying is that ur criticism about the fashion is unbearable to stand, although some of these celebrities may not look that nice in those outfit, ur article or the writer just shows a lack of sense of fashion. We live in the 21st century, wats wrong with showing some skin, from this article, the writer just shows a lack of fashion, the writer just somewhat seems like they live in some ancient society, where showing skin is seen as negative. Although some of the fashion or outfits did not look as good, others did look fine, fashion could be anything these days, it’s all about creation and uniques design.

    1. No offence though. Please don’t take it personally, but I think this review went abit over and show a lack of sense of fashion somewhat.

      1. agree with you jessie, for example the criticism on myolie’s elegant bareback dress is uncalled for. this is the 21st century and top fashion commenters would praise her elegant and bold fashion.

      2. Jessie,
        We did not mean to offend in the fashion review, but as it was a review, we just wrote based on our personal preferences and did not mean to put down any celebrities.

        Everyone is welcome to share their thoughts.

      3. No worries Jayne… the only mistake made was someone said something against someone else’s favourite star. I actually agree with the reviewer in regard the cutout dresses. They may be bold, but they take away from the artist. the clothing should enhance the artist, not be the focal point.

  14. Jaynestar, maybe you should just stick to gossip and not fashion.

    I am no big fan of any particular actress but fashion wise, myolie wu’s dress was bad cause it had too much see thought cut outs?
    What the hell? She is the best dressed for the night, sleek and fierce.
    I so wanted to love linda chung’s look, it’s very safe and it almost works on her, maybe if she had more lower eye lashes, she would looked like a barbie

    1. agree that this article is a bit old fashioned. there’s nothing wrong with myolie’s dress since it doesn’t show much skin and looks elegant and classy. if it’s like leanne or elanne who take it too much it’s a different story.

      1. Selfiwu, If I read about how you praise myolie 1 more time I am just gonna puke! You must adore her OTT. I admire how you just wont stop at complimenting your idol but always end your statement trashing bosco and linda. Take a look at yourself first before cursing others and brand them ugly. If they are truly as ugly as you think they are, they wouldnt have so many fans in the first place

    2. So because you don’t agree they should stop? Seriously?

      I actually really enjoy the fashion articles on Jayne stars and more often than not find myself agreeing with them tbh.

  15. Glad that Mandy finally dun recycle her dress. She reminds me of Sharon Chan back then, both really know how to make themselves look older. They are pretty girls, they just need to dress well.

    Linda seems to have weird taste of fashion in recent times. She uses to dress well until she finds herself a uhmm… special weird taste. The dress and the makeup don’t match.

    As for Bosco, does he wear high heels? He looks taller than usual.

      1. Say it to the 70s.

        Bosco is already tall, the 70s high heels is the vintage style.

      2. this is the 21st century and not the 70’s. he’s giving a wrong fashion statement. guys don’t wear high heels anymore now.

    1. mandy looks great an angelic! she should wear elegant like this more!

    1. Check out the face of the one on Leanne’s left.. the one with that black thing on her head lmao Guess she didn’t like Leanne’s dress either

    2. Thanks for the link. I also like Rachel Kan’s outfit and makeup. She looked gorgeous.

      I like the colour of her dress and her pretty face. I hope to see a better picture of her. Why was she not photoed full length ………. just because she is not a highly-promoted actress by TVB? Rachel Kan is pretty, still looks quite young, and acts very well. She is under-promoted.

      1. Rachel Kan actually is quite young! i thought she was older, but she’s only 37!

      2. She was always asked to act older and mature characters. It makes people think she is older than her actual age. She is still young …… only 37. Myolie Wu and Tavia Yeung, Kate Tsui are already 34 years old.

      3. agree. really wish they’d promote her. i was disappointed that the internet has these full length pics of Leanne and Koni, but not elegant, classy Rachel 🙁

  16. Maybe because I grew up in australia and have different tastes but none of those dresses are nice to me at all. How different US actresses dress compared to Asians

    1. Honestly, they do look quite different ………. especially for male artistes. Most guys “adopt” the Japanese fashions ……..just weird to me. They would wear skirts (long or short) to any formal occasions, maybe not TVB Anniversary ceremonies.

  17. Mandy looks pretty in the above pic. She reminded me of Nadia Chan! They have similar resemblence

    1. agree mandy looks pretty!

      all the sister gang of myolie, nancy and mandy look wisely elegant and pretty! fitting for the formal occasion!

  18. I love Kate and Grace Chan’s dresses the most.
    as for Kate, I got used to her one-piece dress which hugged her body and revealed her curve, but this time it’s different and refreshing – very simple but elegant <3
    and Grace, don't know why but I think she's more beautiful than the last time I saw her, maybe the dress and makeup
    What with Bosco clothes and shoes? high heel? really? I know he has his own fashion style but it's not my taste

  19. It’s probably down to the lighting, but I love that peachy shade of orange on Samantha Ko. Not so much on the close-up though.

  20. I like Linda’s dress the best as it look simple but classy. The other are too much IMO. As for the guys. Bosco and Kevin, what were they thinking! Wayne look the best in his suit!

  21. Kate, Myolie, Samantha Ko,Grace and Nancy looked great. These are the top five for me. Kristal, Niki and Linda looked a bit more edgy. For guys, Raymond and Wayne looked good.

  22. Linda Chung should have sacked her stylist. The matronly patterned dress did nothing for her figure. her hair was awful and her make up made her looked old and downright awful. She was neither edgy or provocative or sexy. She was almost like a walking dead.

  23. Every look stunning, beautiful and glittering but…oh…..Linda what happen…to you… she looks dull, gloomy and sad on her face some things not right probably her makeup and hairstyle or her dress not really good on her.

  24. I thought I remembered seeing Jason Chan in another silver jacket when he was picked for the car lucky draw. Didn’t see him in this jacket till I saw it here.

  25. The best dress of that night is Rebecca’s dress, it’s very elegant, graceful, and stunning.

  26. Yunie I agree with you. They look chic and edgy. No offense to the majority of comments in here but I think the review of this article is too traditional and conservative. Then again fashion is something very subjective

    1. As for guys, I personally like Raymond Lam’s outfit the most! Nice and simple 🙂

  27. Raymond looks very handsome! Of course, I love Mandy Wong too! For the dress, I like Myolie Wu’s, Kristal Tin’s and Linda’s.

  28. I like Samantha Ko’s dress… would like to see more of Sharon Chan’s. I also like Linda’s dress, but her hair is a bit of mess 😛

    What is up with Kate’s dress? So unlike her…

    1. I just noticed that Eliza managed to find the floral print that my mother had her couch recovered in! ;P

  29. Is this Linda’s way of experimenting with black clothes? lol She def needs a new makeup artists AND stylist.

    Ehhh None of the ladies have a good sense of style. The guys def dressed better this time!

  30. I like Myole’s dress the most. And her hairstyle suits her very much. Classy and sleek… and different from others. can quality to go attend Emmy awards, hahahaha

  31. I think Myolie has a good taste in fashion. She knows what will look good on her. Majority of dresses and outfits that she wears to events all look good on her. I like this laced dress she wears to TVB gala, it gives you an impression that she is sexy in kinda elegance way not down right trashy if you know what I mean. Besides, I do like Linda’s dress, it suits her image well. However, her make-up and hairstyle fail to bring out the overall prettiness of the dress thus makes her less stand out.

  32. Leanne Li’s dress looked worse from the back, if that is even possible. What was she thinking?
    Myolie is the best dressed by far. Kate and niki aren’t bad, and that’s a high compliment among this crowd.
    Kristal and Linda don’t necessarily have bad dresses, but they need to pick dresses that don’t emphasize their flaws. 1. Short neck 2. Manly shoulders
    The rest belong in the following categories:
    1. Dresses I wish to burn. What’s up with all that shiny satin, high school prom dresses and granny dresses?
    2. Make up/hair stylists I wish to burn
    3. Too much jewelry group.
    4. All of the above

    1. As for the men, I thought Bosco looked better than the year of the bathrobe, and thigh high boots, and those dresses he likes to wear.
      I don’t think Kevin’s tartan suit was bad, just his red turtleneck does not work well.
      The rest did not stand out nor left much of an impression.

  33. does anyone know what happened to JJ Jia ?
    Is she not apart of TVB anymore ?

  34. I find Myolie’s gown & hair do- BEST, very elegant & beautiful.
    I also like Kate’s simple yet interesting dress.
    For the guys, Jason Chan looks perfect as usual.
    Eliza gown is nice on her BUT the floral print spoils it. Another floral gown worn by Linda also not very appropriate.
    Did like Kristin’s gown as well.
    Kenneth should have socks on & Bosco, well as usual never fail to amuse..lol…

    1. In addition to : “While Bosco dressed himself to represent Mexico, did Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) tour Scotland recently? I was half-expecting him to wear a kilt. I love the tartan on the lapels but I do not fancy the matching pattern in the pants. And the reddish brown shoes. Too much for me.”

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