[STYLE] Looks of the Week: November 15, 2014

What are the latest fashion trends and styles hot in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan? Looks of the Week is a weekly feature at JayneStars, in which the latest fashions worn by Chinese celebrities are profiled.


11_14_14 Carina Lau

Carina Lau has always possessed great fashion taste and never disappoints with her wardrobe choice. This black Ed Hardy dress accentuates her fit physique. The body-fitting leather jacket is complemented by Valentino heels. Her pulled back hair and classic red lips provides her with an overall chic glow.


11_09_14 Liu Yifei Gao Yuanyuan

Crystal Liu recently attended a promotional press conference for her new 2014 film, For Love or Money, in a gray-colored Gucci dress. The metallic gray dress, with its crystal (no pun intended) accents, strives for a chic, modern look. Famous for her elegant look in ancient costumes, Crystal instead appears round and matronly here.

With Fifty Shades of Grey dominating public interest, Crystal takes cue. Seen here in another gray-toned, crystal-accented Valentino dress, Crystal plays on her more familiar elegant style.

The recently married Gao Yuanyuan is once again accentuating her slim, hourglass figure in this floor-length Tex Saverio dress. Gao Yuanyuan’s look is overall simple and clean, but nonetheless dull and monotonous.  Her dress reminds me of a black disco ball.


11_09_14 Rainie Yang Fiona Sit Cecilia Liu

The queen of cute, Rainie Yang, attended a function in a sky blue Moschino dress. While the colors are vibrant, why anyone would wear cereal Fruit Loops on her dress?

Fiona Sit paired thigh high suede boots to complement her Alice + Olivia “Love is in the Air” dress. The drawn-on pockets and belt are eye-catching, but appears too casual.

Cecilia Liu turned to another whimsical print showered with glasses of red wine at a recent Jimmy Choo store opening. Red wine on a red dress, paired with a hot pink purse and matching hot pink strappy heels? Not digging it.


11_14_14 Jolin Tsai and Yang Mi

Dancing queen Jolin Tsai dons a blue, geometric panel Three Floors dress that is attention-grabbing.

Noticeably bustier after her pregnancy, Yang Mi emerged on the red carpet in reserved white Ports 1961 dress. With a set of drop earrings and a clutch, Yang Mi appears simple and clean.


Kathy Chow in Anthony Vaccarello at Style Icon Awards 2

Model Kathy Chow is sexy and she knows it. Appearing in a sensually suggestive Anthony Vaccarello dress after winning 10 Best Dressed Personalities Award 2014, Kathy definitely stole the limelight. The slanted side cuts of her dress tactfully run from the top of her back down to the side of her thigh.

This fashion review is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. @ Carina – No. Just no. She’s trying to mix polished with rock and edge. But that hair and the ensemble, imo, just doesn’t match. That print, esp, looks very tacky. The stuff she’s been wearing lately just makes me think she needs another stylist.

    @ LFY – boring, true. @GYY – polished but safe.

    @RY + FS – I really enjoy both outfits! Sure it’s a little weird that they’re using cereal banner for a dress, but my props to the designer for making it work and look so gorgeous and whimsical to boot. FS’ outfit does seem a bit too casual, but it’s refreshing for the eyes since it’s out of the ordinary. I dunno about LSS – her’s just a touch inadequate and tacky.

    @JT and YM – JT’s outfit is interesting, I give you that. But on JT, it doesn’t look right? But I’m one of those ppl who thinks a lot of JT’s outfit looks weird and really unfit for her body. Maybe it’s the boobs. And YM’s outfit is kinda boring and matronly. Nothing wrong with it, just…it is what it is.

    @KC – dunno what to say about her outfit. lol.

  2. I think Kathy is wearing the same one as Maggie Q on the premier of divergence? The 2nd picture of her is kinda eww :/ slightly too much >_<
    Cecilia looks bad -.- and her legs are like that of a 40yrs old :/ she should wear heels that doesn't bare too much and show those old veins :/ Chrystal's first dress was kinda bad, second dress is ok, but I agree with the writer, it's very boring choice. She looks so young, she need to be liven up a bit.

  3. Kathy Chow looks like a jungle girl….you know…the “me Tarzan, you Jane” kind.

  4. And yeah, she’s commando. Hope she washed that dress before returning to the sponsors if it isn’t hers.

  5. Fashion take is subjective and personal. Best look for me would be to look effortlessly NOT trying too hard, but glam and comfortable at the same time

    For me, the fugliest and tackiest in the lineup would be:
    – the 2 blue ones (Rainy Yang and Jolin Tsai)

    Gao Yuan Yuan’s black classic
    Kathy Chow’s black – revealing, but she’s got the healthy tan and body tone to wear it effortlessly well.

    1. I agree w/some the ugliest here.
      Rainy Yang looks ridiculous and pregnant. Jolin Tsai looks slighty better here compares to Rainy but i never like her much ever.
      Carina Lau – never find her attractive either, but she actually looks good up there and the right age group kind of dressing.
      The married Kathy – WOW, super too sexy and a bit too much but gotta admit she’s got a nice figure to carry it off.
      The Crystal Liu – long length one wasnt that bad, it fits her actually.
      Yang Mi – looks clean indeed.
      Gao Yuan Yuan? – looks ok but boring.

  6. gao yuan yuan’s dress is my favorite by far, it is simple but classy.

  7. Kathy’s dress is my favourite and I love how Huynh describes it, “tactfully run from the top of her back down to the side of her thigh.” I wonder how niki would look if she wore that ^^

  8. Love Crystal Liu in the Valentino dress!
    I love all the dresses I think it suits them. (:

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