Sunny Chan, Sheren Tang Generate Strong Sparks in “Till Death Do Us Part”

Sunny Chan (陳錦鴻) and Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) star in ViuTv’s new drama Till Death Do Us Part <婚內情> which explores modern day values about love and relationships. Sunny’s character is a romance novelist who decides to have multiple affairs and cheats on his wife (played by Sheren).

In real life, Sunny has also written his own book though it is about his experiences raising his autistic son. He exclaimed, “I will not write romance novels or books about marriage because I’m afraid that my wife will be unhappy! A relationship between two people will always have its tough moments; if you bring it up it means that you will have to resolve it. If you don’t bring it up, then we can just leave it be. In my opinion, as long as my wife is happy, life is good. However if you write a book, you will need to be rational and analyze from both points of view.”

Collaborating with Sheren for the first time in Till Death Do Us Part, Sunny is excited for the opportunity, “Every co-star is special and has their own unique strengths. Sheren is well loved by the audience which proves that she is a very successful actress, and I hope I’ll be able to learn something from her.”

Even though it is the first time that they are collaborating, Sheren indicated that Sunny is very easy to talk to and she is familiar with the crew so there was no warm up time. It has been many years since the both of them have filmed Hong Kong dramas and they both realized how much they missed speaking in Cantonese. Seeing their old colleagues, whom they have known for 20 years, was also very heartwarming.

“Till Death Do Us Part” Trailer


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  1. Sheren has first hand experience with this role. Tried to steal Kong Wah away from his wife.

    1. @mike and Kong wah. A slag man, hiding behind his wife turn on her saying she seduce him like he have nothing to do with it. I mean if you going to call out her, might as well call him out too. It take two to tango.

      1. @contae If Kong Wah was in this series, I would have said the same thing about him. So the most experienced real life main cast is Sheren in this series.

      2. @mike I never heard Kong kwah name called out for anything besides he is a great actor. And you did bring Kong wah in here, just forget to mention his deed. I just think it should be fair when a women call out for being a third person, to demean her personality, then the slag man should be include too. Don’t want people to forget and only think it all one person fault as it take two to tango. There alot of cheating relationship going around now. Since you bring out sheren cheating scandal. I think it nice to remind everyone of it of the slag man. just a little reminder. Didn’t mean anything by it.

      3. @contae People all forgot about Kong Wah and Sheren scandal since it was over 10 years ago but thanks to Andy and Jacquline, its been dug out. Furthermore, Kong Wah stayed out of the spotlight and changed careers while Sheren stayed in the entertainment industry and just happens to be the main character in this series. Of course her name is bought up, this series is about her! If it was just Kong Wah in this series and my comment is about Kong Wah having 1st hand experience in real life cheating, you wouldn’t bat any eyelid. Equality please!

        Read what’s been talked about in the Andy and Jacqueline scandal news comments. No one sided with Kong Wah at all and name both him and Sheren as two that got caught before.

      4. @contae
        Calm down this female protection. The event happened during the dial up internet days with barely any social media so obviously it never quite exploded within the media. Why do we have to equally mention both parties anyway? Don’t be stupid! @mike doesn’t need to criticise Kwong Wa equally before gaining authority to criticise Sheren. If that person has done wrong then we have to freedom to criticise that person under no other obligations.

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