Synopsis of “Beauty Knows No Pain”

In new TVB series, Beauty Knows No Pain <女人最痛>, Michelle Yim Mai Shuet, Maggie Cheung Ho Yee, and Joyce Tang Lai Ming portray three different types of middle-aged women torn between choices in their careers and love lives.
Beauty Knows No Pain is targeted towards a female audience, in particular, Hong Kong housewives. To avoid any interference on her career, Michelle Yim’s character avoided having children. After finding out her husband, Dominic Lam Ka Wah, had an extra-marital affair, Michelle chose to become pregnant in order to save the marriage. Despite this, the pair still divorce.

Maggie Cheung portrays Michelle’s highly ambitious subordinate, hoping to supersede Michelle’s position in the company. Despite her career accomplishments, Maggie makes mistakes in her love live. She is involved in a love rectangle with the married Joe Ma Tak Chung.

Witnessing the relationship failures of Michelle and Maggie, secretary, Joyce Tang loses confidence in her life as well. Having a voluptuous figure but ugly face, Joyce possesses low self-esteem. Colleague, Power Chan Kwok Bong, encouraged Joyce to get plastic surgery to increase her confidence. Joyce became a new person with her newfound looks. However, Power ultimately tricked Joyce’s love and money, bringing forth her downfall.

During the filming of Beauty Knows No Pain, Michelle’s boyfriend, Wan Chi Keung, died of cancer. However, Michelle continued to film for the series and like her character, the most heart-breaking for a woman is being left behind by a man.

Source: Sudden Weekly # 782

Jayne: I find the character synopsis of Joyce Tang’s character to be the most interesting. Getting plastic surgery virtually offers the chance of starting a new life. The face-off between Michelle and Maggie should be quite interesting. Maggie looks very elegant and stunning in the series.

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  1. It ain’t true you know. A woman can be ugly (as in normal ugly) but with a great body, she can go places. A woman who is pretty but overweight goes nowhere than this woman who is ugly. I have seen men with such pimple faced women who happens to have bodies to die for. I have seen pretty chubby girls without boyfriends. I think that speaks for itself.

  2. AWW Power Chans character is gonna trick Joyce’s love and money really? in the promo it seemed like he did like her =(

  3. Perhaps it depends on the man. Some men seem to care more about the face and some more about the bodies. But with both cases, the right make-up and type of clothes can make a huge difference.

  4. Totally untrue of Michelle’s character. She did not put off childbearing because of career ambition nor did she get pregnant to save her marriage.

    I really enjoy watching this series. The female leads were great. But my favorite character is Maggie. Outwardly, she is predatory as a ‘shark’ but inwardly, she is quite vulnerable. Kudos to the script and of course to Maggie’s brilliant acting.

  5. Looking forward to Joyce and Maggie’s character. Maggie can play any character so I’ll probably enjoy watching her. I feel pretty bad for Joyce though, she’s a great actress yet TVB always shafts her. I hope she’s one of the main characters, if not a supporting role. I miss “Sam Yuan” so much.

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