Tavia Yeung and Him Law Return to HK, Will Hold Wedding Banquet

Newlyweds Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Him Law (羅仲謙) have returned to Hong Kong after holding their secret wedding in England last Tuesday.

tavia yeung him law 2Over 50 reporters from all over the region waited for Him and Tavia to step out of the airport terminal on Sunday, March 27. The couple, now officially husband and wife, greeted the press enthusiastically. During their ten-minute long interview, Him consistently referred to Tavia as “my wife” and even kissed her on the temple upon request by the reporters.

Tavia and Him’s Wedding Was a Surprise for Everyone—Even For Their Families

Tavia and Him planned their destination wedding in England under the radar—even their families were left out of the loop.

“We’ve always wanted to go on a trip with our family,” said Tavia. “Since we were going to such a beautiful place, we might as well use this opportunity to create some perfect memories.”

tavia yeung him law 4Tavia and Him did not formally send out any wedding invitations before their England trip. “We didn’t tell them anything,” Tavia pointed out. “Not even our closest family. We didn’t tell them the real reason. We just told them that we’re going on a big trip together, and you can come with us if you want to. In the end, some of [Him’s] relatives couldn’t make it.” Tavia and Him exchanged their wedding vows to a small, private audience of less than 20 relatives.

On why they decided on Leeds Castle in Kent, Him said he’s always been a fan of classical locations, adding that he wanted Tavia to feel like a princess for her wedding day.

The media broke the secret of their wedding when Tavia’s older sister, actress Griselda Yeung (楊卓娜), shared a few pictures of Leeds Castle on social media last week. Tavia said, “We originally planned to tell everyone about [our marriage] after we got back, but everyone found out a bit before we expected.” Tavia received many messages from friends and colleagues after the news broke. “I will be thanking each and every one of them,” she said.

tavia yeung him law 3Though the planning was done under everyone’s radar, not much effort was taken to pull off the secret wedding. “We were just very low profile,” said Tavia. “Also, we’ve been dating for a few years, so [a wedding] was something that everyone was expecting anyway. It wasn’t anything that was too shocking or unacceptable.”

Will Hold Wedding Banquet in HK for Family and Friends

Him declined to answer when and where he proposed to Tavia, but his wife said it happened “sometime this year.” Tavia said she was taken completely by surprise when Him popped the question to her, and even cried when he did. “I’d be such a failure if she knew beforehand,” said Him with a laugh.

tavia yeung him law 5As Tavia’s TVB contract will be ending next month, she was asked if it was likely that she would not renew her contract. She said she is still negotiating with TVB, adding, “I think it is more likely that we will hold a wedding banquet this year!” Him explained, “We will be holding a wedding banquet this year. We’re just not sure when yet.”

Asking if Tavia is pregnant, she laughed and said, “Already? I still have a 22-inch waist!”

Nonetheless, the couple did hint that a baby may come in the future.

“I am not in hurry,” she said. Him replied, “If my wife isn’t a hurry, why would I be?” Tavia added that they have not talked about having children, but will let nature take its course.

Source: IHKTV

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Nice couple. Wish them 白头偕老. Take care and cherish each other for the rest of their life. Congratulation to both of them.

  2. Wow.. even relative doesn’t know. Really is a low profile wedding. Will be interesting to see how their banquet will be like in HK.

  3. awwww congratsss!!! they were so cute and sweet at the airport. Seeing them makes me so happy 🙂

  4. Lol. I think Him trying to looking a little older by wearing his glasses. So in my opinion if he does try to look older than his wife I think he should have grow his beard just like Kourtney Kardasian boyfriend Scott he is also a few years younger than Kourtney then when he grow his beard he looks a bit older. If Tavia wants to start a family she better think it fast because like each of you guys says the clock is ticking plus she’s almost in her 40 just by few more years. Him look a bit like his dad and Tavia doesn’t look like her mom much. Does anyone know what happened to Him mom and Tavia dad? Because I don’t see them in the picture and not even mentioned about them. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Law!!

    1. @asian2015 if I remember correctly, Tavia dad passed away when she was very young. Him parents gave birth to him when they were very young and she left the family. Both his parents are now remarried. Him dad is young as had him when he was 19?

      1. @happybi Wow.. No wonder his dad still looking cool. Poor Tavia lost her dad at a very young age. So do you know if her mom got remarried? If you say Him parents got remarried then how come there’s no picture of his step mom? By the way thanks for the information.

      2. @asian2015 Just googled Him and it seem his dad is married to someone 20 year his junior that mean she’s only 30 yrs old. Even younger then Him and Tavia! They also have a little one together so maybe don’t want to fly or not in that close kind of relationship with his step mom. Don’t think Tavia mom remarried.

      3. @happybi Wow..I’m shocked about Him step mom. It seem like Him and his dad are opposite because his dad like a younger one and Him like a older one. It must be hard on Tavia mom for raising 2 girls alone. Her mom kinda reminds me of Bosco mom they look a bit alike.

      4. @asian2015 From his background, it kinda make sense why he will love Tavia. She probably give him the safe/comfort that he may be missing from his childhood. Still not a fan of him but do wish them the best.

        Yes, Must be hard for Tavia Mom. think that’s why Tavia is such a frugal person. She is a good daughter.

  5. I find it interesting to get married at this time. Does Him want to marry Tavia before she leaves TVB so they can continue to give Him work? Tavia has given so much time and dedication to TVB that I think this is a big lost to TVB and perhaps Him sees this as an opportunity? Either way, I wish them nothing but the best!

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