Tavia Yeung at Sister’s Store Opening

Tavia Yeung Yi’s older sister, Griseld Yeung Cheuk Na, opened a clothing store in Tsim Tsa Tsui. Griselda and her friends pooled their investments to open the store. Tavia, Sharon Chan Man Chi, Claire Yiu Ka Lei, Christine Ng Wing Mei and her husband were at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Griselda and her friends each invested a six figure sum. Within one year, she hopes to earn back her investment. Griselda intends to open a second store branch within the back half of the year. Acknowledging the financial risks in an unstable economy, Griselda decided to test the waters by selecting a smaller retail space.

Tavia said that she did not want to start a business. Due to her daily filming demands, she did not have time to devote to a side business, but she will support her sister, Griselda.

This year, Christine Ng will focus on managing her beauty salon. She took off one year from TVB. Christine was very happy for Griselda for her new business venture. Christine said that each person possesses their individual business savvy to develop their own market.

Earlier, Sharon shot several promotional photos for Christine’s business. Although Sharon’s photos have not been released yet, they are even more revealing than hot model, Chrissie Chow Sau Na’s photos. Sharon’s long legs are her“line of business,”while Christine’s “business line” lies in her palm!

Source: Tom.com

Jayne: Many secondary or tertiary actors are starting business ventures, relying on their existing fame to earn real profits. Acting is not a long term career for many people. Only a select number of lucky actresses continue to have successfully careers into their late thirties.

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