Tavia Yeung Believes in Him Law’s Talent

Tavia Yeung (楊怡) appears smitten with Him Law (羅仲謙) and believes he has a chance to shine at this year’s TVB Anniversary Awards.

There is no denying that Tavia and Him share a very close bond even though they have never officially clarified the status of their rumored romance. The two have publicly supported each other through thick and thin, and their relationship generated enough interest to propel both of their careers into new heights.

Currently promoting their latest drama, The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時II>, Tavia and Him are once again the media’s focus and have fielded many questions regarding each other’s career progress. Even though Him is still a distance away from the top honors, Tavia thinks that his latest performance will give him a fighting chance in the upcoming Anniversary Awards. On a radio interview on November 25, Tavia commented, “I don’t know which award he will be nominated for… but I hope that he will have a chance to compete. I will definitely support him.”

While she is not ready to discuss marriage, Tavia is comfortable enough with Him to consider a long-term commitment. Regardless of his alleged abusive acts in the past, Tavia finds Him a gentleman. “To me, he is a man who really knows how to take care of people, and is also very responsible….”

Already a TV Queen, Tavia confessed that she feels less anxious about winning this time around, and will face the Awards with a calmer mindset. More importantly, though, she hopes that her The Hippocratic Crush 2 co-star Kenneth Ma (馬國明) will take home the TV King title, and vowed to do whatever she can to help him achieve this goal.

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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      1. I ditto what you dittoed..hahaha…I really hate this couple. The age difference is so obvious as Tavia is not aging very gracefully.

        Sorry to Tavia’s fans but I just can’t stand her “nose” job either.

    1. You puke at every couple. Your life must be very colourful indeed.

      1. Actually only two if you can count, better than people adoring celebrities they don’t even know. You one of them?

      2. Then why come here? This is an entertainment site. If celebs make you puke then why do you continue to come? Strange.

      3. Well Hippo likes to puke for his/her entertainment,that’s why.

      4. I like them, I find them to be a cute couple. Moses and Amy makes me puke as do Raymond and Karena.

      5. So puking at celebrities you don’t even know is better than adoring them?

        What a strange concept.

      6. @ clementine and HeTieShou
        You guys don’t know how to count with your fingers or something? Two couples I don’t like and apparently I hate every celebrity. Sorry if I offended you because I don’t like your idols LOL.

        And Clementine, what has my colorful life has anything to do with any celebrity I don’t like? I live in a free country and say whatever I want without breaking the law. So ignore me if you don’t like my comment but keep you wannabe-smartass comment to yourself and don’t waste my time.

        And @Bobby, yes actually is.

      7. im with you hippo, disgusting couple. don’t let these other people get to you

    2. I love tavia but I really dont see the connection there compare to Karena and Raymond! I can see they do likes each other. Sorry I just dont feel the connection there.

  1. What talent?……..other than show off his ripped muscles when he gets the chance, the guy has no other talents.

  2. I love Tavia, but she looks like she has age so much lately especially in the picture above. Not gonna lie, but TVB leading fandan beauty are lacking alot these past years…The actresses from older generations are actually much more better looking than the Fadans now…

    1. Totally agree with you. Look at Cathy Chow. She’s already in her late 40’s.

  3. I support them 🙂 as long as their happy. That’s all that matters

  4. Imagine when she’s in her 40’s and he will only be in his 30’s. Ewww…this is not Hollywood guys.

    1. People like you need to be more open minded. What century/generation are we in already??? Five years difference is nothing

  5. Tavia looks pretty old in the picture above. It seems like she is not aging very well. She does not look youthful anymore compared to the other fadans. Myolie, Kate, and Nikki all look younger than her, even though they are the same age. They don’t seem to have aged that much.

    1. thats because tavia works too hard for tvb,its time to take a break for her,or leave tvb and enter the movie world.

    2. Tavia probably has a maturer face compared to her peers. I don’t mind that as long as she can act well, but I found that she has been stagnant and one note for a long time, including in OC2. Her emotional scenes can’t connect to me although she tried very hard. I feel more connected to the raw Tracy Chu.

  6. I wish them luck.
    I seriously don’t see what’s wrong with the age difference. Both of them don’t mind it, why should others?

  7. These days 5 years is really NOT that big of a deal. Since she does look more matured there’s no way he can make himself look older next to her. Whatever it is, as long as they can stand each other who’s to say who will NOT last? haha lol… and why the double standard? Some men married women 10-15-17 years younger?

  8. Why should you people even care about their relationship , it’s between them but actually I ship kenta more

  9. Honestly I don’t find Him’s acting good enough. He’s pretty one note, but he’s blessed with a good looking face and tough body so he looks good.

    He also sound like a very loving and romantic boyfriend to Tavia in all his interviews.

  10. who cares.. as long they love each that’s all it matter. we shouldn’t judge them..

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