Tavia Yeung: “I’m Not Afraid of Him Law Hitting Me!”

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On March 5th, Him Law (羅仲謙) was photographed purchasing two dozens of pink roses and shopping for a diamond ring. Due to recent romantic rumors with Tavia Yeung (楊怡), the Hong Kong paparazzi immediately speculated that Him’s lavish gestures were for his rumored girlfriend, Tavia, who has been linked with Him for the last 9 months since the duo filmed Hong Kong TVB drama, The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>, together.

Appearing at a soccer-themed promotional event for HSBC with Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Tavia Yeung was asked whether she had received flowers and a diamond ring from Him. Tavia laughed and told On.cc, “Nope, I did not get them!” Tavia then added, “I asked Him about the incident and he said that he had purchased the flowers for his mother’s upcoming birthday. He looked at a diamond ring, but did not buy one.”

Asked whether Tavia was invited to Him’s mother’s birthday, she replied, “He invited me to a dinner with his mother, but I cannot attend as I have to work.” As her statement implied that she was on very friendly terms with Him’s family, Tavia was asked whether she gave Him’s mother a birthday gift. Tavia replied, “No, I didn’t buy a gift. I really don’t know her well!”

With Him Law’s physical violence scandal with Theresa Fu (傅穎) still fresh in the public’s mind, Tavia was asked whether she was afraid that Him will hit her as well? Tavia replied, “From day one, I was aware of the incident. However, I am very forgetful and it is okay being friends. Normally, I like to play violent sports as well!”

Image source: On.cc

Jayne: Although Tavia may not have received Him’s flowers, her answer implied that she was indeed very close friends with Him, implying possible romantic rumors. She admitted she asked him about the flowers and revealed that he invited her to his mother’s upcoming birthday.

Tavia’s response regarding not being afraid of Him hitting her…hmm…her statement doesn’t seem to deny that Him was in a physical shuffle with Theresa?

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  1. Him him is a filial son to his mum ow how cute! 😀

    1. If his mom’s birthday is upcoming, why would he buy roses in advance? And is his mom really young to like pink roses? A potted plant like orchids seems like a better choice.

      1. My mum doesn’t like orchid. LOL xD She like Lily. Every woman is different. Not all old lady likes potted plants. HAHAHHA

    1. @Vivien

      I’ve met Ruco in real life, and imo, he looks WAY better in real life than on-screen! LOL

  2. They’re promoting Rugby. It looks like it is for the Hong Kong sevens event.

    1. You are so right, it’s promoting the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens with the Hong Kong Mascot for the HK rugby 7s team.

  3. Hitting as in courting her or does she means pysychically hitting her? Which one?

    1. She prolly meant physically hitting. Ofcourse she is not afraid since she most likely haven’t experience to be kick in the butt. Im sure she will be afraid if he aims at her weakpoint, LOL.

    1. I don’t think she needs to fix it. She just needs to wait until those injections wear out and stop getting them.

      1. Isn’t it too late already? If she stops now her “natural” nose would look even more weird and expose secret to the public, hehe

      2. that’s right… Didn’t she get hyaluronic acid injections? But to be honest, I don’t understand what the fuss is all about. Its just injections, its nothing big. Coz its not like she cut up her nose and got rhinoplasty done. There’s hardly any side effects anyway so there’s really nothing to worry about.

        She looks normal to me. Don’t really care what she used to look like. I think she’s quite a pretty girl.

        Cosmetic Surgery are sosoooo common in their industry…Asians are over react. I mean comeon, look at the guys and girls in Hollywood. whooooo careeeessssss.

        Even Fala got a bit of stuff done. But we still think she’s pretty… so whatttt… get over it guys!

      3. True that plastic surgery isn’t a big deal in the circle and in normal life as well. However, I think the biggest deal is when people lie to their teeth about it. I think that is what people hate…

      4. I think even before teh injection, her nose already looks sharp and tall.. the injection just help her to prolong her nose bridge and make it longer Imo. TY is a beautiful lady, doesn’t need that but however with teh recent trend, many popular women tend to rely on PS to outshine themselves and I guess that’s what drive TY to enhance herself..

      5. but everyone lies about plastic surgery anyway……… i think its society seeing it as negative so that’s why ppl don’t want to admit it. even if they admit it, its not like the public will praise them for their honesty. they will continue to bag them out.

        I mean just look at Megan Fox. Its so obvious she went under the knife more than once and she still denies it lol. Her total face changed. She looks like a completely diff person.

        Whereas, Tavia only had some little injections done (in which her nose will return to normal if she stops the injections) and ppl are making a big deal out of it. Her face still looks the same to me. What I can is Asians… haha

      6. PS is really an interesting topic, I guess i’m with HTS, I can accept PS to enhance oneself but don’t deny it later cuz that’ll just make you look fake. No harm for enhancing one beauty if you’re dissatisfied with your old look as long as you got the $$$. However, to make yourself completely different than your old look is a bit exeggerating and too much imo, atleast keep something “old” of you in your face or whatsoever. For eg, like Angelababy and Viann, they look completely different compare with their old looks and that’s just too much and ppl get even madder when tehy denied having PS..

      7. I totally agree with Veejay. I feel that some enhancements are ok and at least keep something of your original look. BUt with Viann and ANgelababy look like completely different people. I feel that is sort of like they are not happy with what their parents gave them and then to lie about it makes everything even worse… It sorts of feels like they are indirectly disrespecting their parents and aren’t proud of how their parents looked since how you look is based on the genes that your parents gave you.

      8. HTS,

        Agree with you on the parent part because as a Parent myself, I’m proud of how my bb’s look when she was born and I don’t wish she looks entirely different and copied the look of some “plastic doll” when she grow up later.

      9. @fez: Other than the nose, I can see the eyelids, chin, cheekbone are changed in TY. Also botox to the jaw. So wat is the big deal of an injection? It is the most obvious change, but there are many other changes in her face :P. If her nose can become normal in the future, I really look forward to see.

      10. Veejay,
        It is great that you are proud of your child’s looks. I am not a parent yet but would be really sad if my future children completely change their looks just to look like a typical plastic doll. THe next thing you know, they stand next to you and look nothing like you and then people wonder if they are really your kids or not. It was just like when I saw PSS taking pix with her parents and she looked nothing like them…

  4. If he indeed did hit Teresa, then this guy is no good. I would run real fast if that man has a history of beating up his ex gf(s)………. OH YAH.. A CHEATER TOO. She’s prob into bad boys and thinks he’ll change for her LOL. Wish her well and not the next victim. She sounds a lil blunt to me :/

    1. Nothing to diss you but when has cheat become cheater? Is cheater now a legitimate word??

      Anyway if he did hit her which he did, I would think he can explain it. The cheating part, well, like I said, he may be a useless jerk, but that doesn’t make him an abusive man.

      1. What’s wrong w/ calling a person who cheats as cheater? Like the saying goes- once a cheater, always a cheater.

    1. agree with u. Let them rest for the sake of tired with this news.

  5. Wow, she sounds DUMB.

    The question is what she feels about her “friend” beating up another woman and if she’s afraid he’ll do the same to her – she responds that she’s forgetful and likes violent sports?!!

    She doesn’t bother to deny the allegations – so they are true? And acts like violence against women is NBD. Equivalent to a sports game? WTF.

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