Tavia Yeung Prefers Separate Bank Accounts from Husband

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Tavia Yeung Prefers Separate Bank Accounts from Husband

Despite her convincing portrayal of an ambitious business woman in TVB drama Another Era <再創世紀>, Tavia Yeung (楊怡) is in fact quite the opposite in real life. In a recent interview, Tavia spoke about how she gets along with husband, Him Law (羅仲謙), and how they keep their finances separate in their marriage.

Baby in the Works?

Having been married for two years to Him Law, the 39-year-old actress says that family is her priority, and that her next step is to try for children: “I’m now resting and want to slowly look after and prepare my body. Having children is next in the plan, but whether and when that will happen is uncertain, In the meantime I won’t be filming any more dramas, and will instead take on some easier jobs.”

With Him now primarily working in China, the couple manages this by making sure that they are in regular contact. “The longest that we were separated was three months, but if it gets too long I will go and visit him, or he will come back to visit during filming. We are always talking on the phone or via video, so I don’t feel that we need to see each other every day.”

Him and Money

Again unlike her role in Another Era, Tavia admits that she is not good with managing her finances, but luckily her mother takes care of that for her. She also prefers to keep her finances separate from Him, saying that although they do not have a joint account, they do know how much money they both have.

So how does the couple manage their household expenses? Tavia explained that Him does not give her any money for household expenses, and that they do not have a set rule that the husband must give the wife money to spend. Instead, while Him is responsible for the bills, she is responsible for giving money to her mother, because she cooks for them.

Source: Yahoo.com.hk

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    This is good considering married couples fight a lot over finances. Sounds like a fair marriage, where everyone contributes, with Him contributing more to the table.

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