Tavia Yeung, Raymond Wong, Ruco Chan, and Natalie Tong at “The Truth” Costume Fitting

Tavia Yeung Yi, Raymond Wong Ho Yin, Ruco Chan Ching Pang, Natalie Tong Si Wing, Louis Yuen Siu Cheung, Louise Lee Si Kei, Matthew Ko Kwan Yin, Lau Dan, and Li Sing Cheung appeared at the costume fitting for TVB’s new series, The Truth <真相>.

In The Truth, Tavia will portray a lawyer. When Tavia was younger, her mother had hoped that she will become a police officer, teacher or lawyer. Even if she had pursued advanced education, Tavia knew that she may never become a lawyer. Through her role in The Truth, Tavia will be able to fulfill her mother’s dreams. Among the professional roles, Tavia has not played a doctor yet.

Admiring the script for The Truth, Louise Lee agreed to guest star as a woman who suffers physical battering from her husband. Louise said, “I don’t understand why women who are beaten by their husbands do not leave them.  The women should not tolerate nor condone domestic violence.” Louise indicated that she will research domestic violence cases to prepare for her role. The media asked whether Louise will consult with Amigo Chiu [due to his physical dispute with ex-girlfriend Elizabete Kwong]. Louise said that arguments between couples do not qualify as [repeated] domestic violence cases.

Ruco Chan will be in a love triangle with Tavia and Raymond in The Truth. Playing a heavy role as an upright lawyer, Ruco admitted that he felt pressure. He was excited to have the opportunity to work with a talented cast such as Louis Yuen and Li Sing Cheung. He also praised Tavia for being a ratings guarantor and was not anxious about the series’ future broadcast performance.

Source: Compiled from Singtao and the Sun

Jayne: Ruco Chan is undeniably good looking, but I think he over-acts a bit. Looks like TVB is giving him a chance to be in the limelight.

Earlier, Kenneth Ma was listed as the cast in “The Truth.” Was he dropped from the cast due to his current filming project in “Female Fist?”

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  1. Happy for Ruco that he finally able to play a good guy in a TVB series.

    1. i agree. he has worked so hard and been through so much, he deserves to be in the limelight for once. Playing good guy roles will definitely make him more popular

  2. Finally Ruco plays a good guy…I thought maybe he would be like Eric Li (I think that’s he name…) and forever be stuck in villain roles.

  3. Is Tavia a ratings guarantee? I never heard that before!

  4. I agree that Tavia is a ratings guarantee!! And haha Ruco And Raymond were brothers in The Mysteries of Love, now they’re both in a love triangle with Tavia!

  5. yep agree with Kidd and Lorena that i am happy also for Ruco to finally play a good guy!!!

    Yeah Tvb seems to be pairing Raymond and Ruco alot..werent they always together in movies as well before both joined tvb?

  6. Haha, wonder if Ruco and Raymond will be another Ron and Sammul. 🙂

    So far, after joining TVB, they have appeared in the same series 3 times although they didn’t really have any interaction in MOL. Both were in ‘A Great Way to Care’ and ‘When Lanes Merged’.

    Beside ‘The Truth’, they will also appear in ‘Rosy Business 2’.

  7. Very glad that Ruco is finally getting lead roles. We will be seeing a lot more of him and Raymond. I’m glad they’re getting promoted because I’m tired of seeing the same leads/pairings.

  8. Jayne Kenneth Ma is gonna be in the series but he will be guest starring too =)
    And the reason why Ruco Chan got such a big role is because he signed a contract with TVB.

  9. I have never paid much attention to Ruco so will look forward to this serie. The pairing with him and Tavia should be fresh. I like Raymond W., he is quite a good-looking actor and can act as well.

  10. Ruco’s annunciation bothers me more than his overacting.

    I don’t really like the male cast in this series but I’ll still watch it =)

  11. Both Ruco and Raymond look quite dashing at the costume fitting. Natalie looks nice, and Tavia seems a bit thin…

  12. Sounds like Louise Lee has got a lot of domestic violence research to do.

    On the other hand, can’t wait for it to come out!

  13. Ruco is amazingly good looking…I think his acting is okay.. i think tvb should promote him more… and wow never knew his name was Ruco… thought it was Benny.. i read it somewhere and it said his name was Benny

  14. how old is ruco? i’m curious coz his profile on wiki does not provide one. from the photo, both ruco & ray wong are gd looking but nvr really pay attention to their acting skills. I’m quite excited abt this series coz of their fresh pairings with tavia. Tavia is over-worked she certainly looks thin than b4.

  15. gemfreak- On Wikipedia it says he was born in 1977, which makes him 33. I CAN’T believe he’s that young! He looks kinda old to me. And he’s younger than Raymond Wong(35 years old, can’t believe that either!)….

  16. hellokitty- hey thanks i didnt see that on wiki yesterday. I thot ruco looks younger than ray wong actually.., so my intuition was spot on. I think ruco looks cool with glasses – educated, smart and shuai!

  17. Yup actually his english name used to be Benny but that was only made up by his friends as a joke. He later told his fans the new english name is picked which is Ruco and we all started using that instead! Also I think the mistake of both Benny’s ChanChinPang and ChanHoMan was quite annoying so I’m glad everyone is used his new name now! In HK his fans and colleagues calls him “ChinPang” I’ve been a huge fan of him and so glad he’s finally getting lead role. So he signed a management contract with TVB? somehow I always thought he was signed to management after his return. I think it’s the photos and image that makes him look old! He usually looks quite young in other photos!

  18. When I was small I saw Chan Chi Pang on television . He was one of the best in ATV with Chan Kai Tai but Chan Kai Tai is the only tiger in ATV now .

  19. Ailin, Chan Kai Tai is not in ATV now. He’s has signed with I-Cable since ATV show no initiative in renewing their contract with him. He asked several time and they kept on delaying the contract negotiation. So, he went to I-Cable. The relationship between I-Cable and ATV is more lax. They can borrow one another’s actors. I guess that’s why Kenneth act in this ATV series.

  20. I see . ATV is poor . Does I-Cable still have Yip Suen ?

  21. Why are all hong kong actresses so stick skinny? They are skin covered bones! It’s so scary. They look good on pictures and on TV but in true life you got to look again and see their 10lbs makeup.

  22. Tavia has a few drams this year and I guess she must be over-worked. But nevertheless, she is a hardworking actress and we should give her morale support. Ruco looks good with Tavia in this drama. I love their bickering the most. Really hope to see them pairing up again.

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