Telford Wong Buys Dream Home With TVB Prize Money

Although 33-year-old actor Telford Wong (黃庭鋒) only ascended to leading status this year, he became a homeowner through a lucky turn of events. Appearing on TVB variety show How to Buy a House 2 <我要做業主2>, he shared his journey in how he became a new homeowner.

In 2018, Telford won $1 million Hong Kong dollars grand prize at the TVB Awards Ceremony. The winnings consisted of HK$510,000 in cash and HK$490, 000 worth of prizes. Originally, he had planned to send his parents on a trip to Europe, but they suggested he use the money for the down payment on a home instead.

In 2020, Telford successfully bought a new development in Tin Shui Wai and became a homeowner. His condo is a 500-square-foot space with three bedrooms. “It all happened by chance. We were looking at different properties, but it never occurred to me to buy a home.”

His mother had taught Telford from a young age to save money, so he is not a big spender and would often save half of his paycheck. “I feel the safest when I put my money in the bank. I’ve never really felt any sense of urgency or desire to use the money. However, my mother started to remind me about an [apartment] every other day, and said that I should use the money to pay for the down payment rather than just leaving it [in the bank].”

Thinking over the matter for three weeks, Telford mused, “I knew that if I keep delaying it, I’ll never be able to afford a home. If I continue to think about it, then another one or two years would pass. There will always be reasons to delay the process. It’s important to be decisive once you’ve planned everything out.”

Telford finds the building’s eco-friendly friendly design to be appealing as it “made windows that have no reflection in order to protect birds.” His home offers great views of the Hong Kong Wetlands Park, which he can see from his balcony. Telford  excitedly said, “I’ve never lived in a home with a balcony–it is one of the components of my dream home.”

The actor enthused, “The living environment is the most important thing to me. This is a place where I can leave work behind in the city. The place also has a lot of potential to increase in value, as some units are being rented out for almost HK $12,000.”

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