Telford Wong’s Growing Career at TVB

Currently filming financial fraud drama, OPM (Other People’s Money), Telford Wong (黃庭鋒) has risen to leading status within five years of joining TVB. The 33-year-old also had the chance to host the Miss Hong Kong 2021 Semi-Finals, and is clearly favored by TVB as he continues to grow his career smoothly.

Handsome and fluent in English, Telford has been mainly hosting variety programs before catching viewers’ eyes in Beauty and a Boss <愛美麗狂想曲> earlier this year. Portraying Ali Lee’s (李佳芯) 19-year-old stepson in the drama, he however looked more like her younger brother due to their real-life age gap of 6 years. His performance convinced TVB to groom him into becoming the station’s next generation of leading actors.

Taught Physical Education

Displaying his incredible physique onscreen, Telford is very involved in sports in real life. When he was studying in England, he loved playing soccer and competed in regional competitions through his school team. He even had the chance to become a professional player.

“My coach used to be a former player in England for the Wolves and Aston Villa. At the time, he asked me to try out, but I know how competitive soccer is over there. I love sports, but I don’t have to become a professional. My biggest decision was whether or not I wanted to return back to Hong Kong. In the end, I chose to study physical education and then became a teacher,” Telford said. 

Previously working as a physical education teacher at an international school, Telford studied for his Master’s in Physical Education while working a part-time job as nowTV’s sports host. He then joined TVB in 2016 as the sports host for the Olympics. With his good looks, he immediately became a sports host icon as well as Pearl TV’s English host.

Telford later gained more opportunities outside of sports, which includes hosting the variety show Homegrown Flavours <香港原味道> and acting in drama Wife Interrupted <救妻同學會>. Although he was new to acting, he still earned a nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the 2018 TVB Anniversary Awards, where he won a large prize of $510,000 Hong Kong dollars.

Financial Controversy

Telford’s career has not always been smooth-sailing, and he was involved in debt disputes in 2019. Someone even spray painted on the walls of TVB’s gate, “Telford Wong owes money.” The actor immediately addressed the issue on Instagram, stating that he was surprised someone would try to discredit him and his family. Although he clarified that he was not involved in any financial disputes or gambling, his image did take a hit.

Regardless of the situation, Telford focused on his acting and gained TVB’s confidence. He was given the opportunity to participate in I’ve Got the Power <超能使者>, Battle of the Seven Sisters <七公主>, and The Line Watchers <把關者們>. With career growing, Telford was even able to buy his first home last year.

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