The 2016 Miss Hong Kong Pageant Announces Top 10 Finalists

Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2016, hosted by TVB, has announced its top ten finalists. The pageant will be held on September 11, in conjunction with Mr. Hong Kong 2016.

TVB announced the final ten MHK contestants on Sunday, August 14. The contestants were selected by popular vote, with some input by a professional judging panel.

The Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2016 started with 30 contestants. 10 of them were eliminated in the second round, and additional 10 were eliminated last week.

The final 10 contestants have flown to Fukuoka, Japan on Monday, August 15, for some outdoor photography and commercial filming. They will be competing for the crown on September 11.

Viewers were pleased to see hot favorites, #6 Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) and #7 Bonnie Chan (陳雅思), making it to the final ten. 22-year-old Crystal said she is happy to be able to compete with Bonnie, who she described as a caring older sister. Bonnie, who is four years older than Crystal, said, “She tells me that I’m like her older sister. She is also a really adorable little sister to me.”

#4 Daisy Dai (代蓮羲丹美), who is part Mongolian, also managed to make it to the top ten despite showing anxiety earlier on in the competition. Photos of Daisy when she was younger has been circulating around the web, leading to plastic surgery rumors. Netizens pointed out that Daisy used to look very different.

In regards to this, she said, “I’ve never done plastic surgery. I am all natural. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten a lot skinnier, but I have realized that my eyes have gotten bigger.”

The 10 final contestants include:

#1 Angellica Kwan (關可欣)


#2 Tiffany Lau (劉穎鏇)


#3 Bowie Cheung (張寶兒)


#4 Daisy Dai (代蓮曦丹美)


#5 Andrea So (蘇韻姿)


#6 Crystal Fung (馮盈盈)


#7 Bonnie Chan (陳雅思)


#8 Mandy Yuen (阮嘉敏)


#9 Cherub Chen (陳睿雯)


#10 Phoebe Sin (單文柔)


Source: IHKTV

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  1. All of them are acceptable, but if just based purely on looks, I’d go with #2 and 8. #5 Andrea So looks a bit like Gem Tang and the rest bears some semblance to other artists already

  2. I changed my mind. #2 is too tall. #7 is cute but not too cute which is perfect for TVB. #3 is cute too but she reminds me of someone already.

  3. I think #4 and #6 are the best looking one so far I know. I just think all of them are way too skinny. I wonder if you really have to be that skinny to join Miss. HK? I remember Kate Tsui wasn’t that skinny when she became Miss. HK and she wasn’t that pretty either maybe because of her lip and nose? So I’m just unbelievable that she’s one of the Miss. HK.

  4. Based on media appearances, I’m going to have to guess either #2 Tiffany, #6 Crystal, #7 Bonnie, or #8 Mandy are going to place in top 3. Imo Bonnie has the best headshot photo which means she could be awarded miss photogenic and like almost every year, miss photogenic =auto win (I know, it’s rigged). Crystal and Mandy both speak very confidentally during media appearances so I’m sure they are going to do well when their wits are tested during the competition. Tiffany has the most balanced figure and not to mention tall too which is a great advantage for her. She also has a very sweet smile.

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