TVB to Eliminate 10 Miss Hong Kong Contestants on Sunday

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TVB to Eliminate 10 Miss Hong Kong Contestants on Sunday

Pictured above: Bonnie Chan, Crystal Fung, and Mandy Yuen.

The 2016 TVB Most Popular TV Commercial Awards was filmed yesterday inside a hotel venue in Tseung Kwan O. The 30 contestants for the upcoming 2016 Miss Hong Kong Pageant were invited on the show to do various performances, and also did a self-introduction. The contestants were then graded by the judges and the sponsors present at the ceremony. TVB will then eliminate 10 of the 30 contestants on Sunday based on their performances.

Popular contestant Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) was asked if she had confidence to pass the elimination round. The 22-year-old said, “I think we should have confidence no matter what.” (What will you do to campaign for votes?) “I hope everyone would be able to see my sweet smile.” (A lot people liked you online?) “I got my friends to vote for me too. I’m happy that I’m able to enter the top 30. I’ve told my friends, and they’ve all been really supportive.”

Mandy Yuen (阮嘉敏), who has had experience in commercial modeling, was asked if she believed that her experience in the industry would give her a better edge to win. She said, “I do hope everyone will support me. I don’t dare to say that I have a better advantage, but I do have slightly more experience in this field.” (Do you have the confidence to enter top 20?) “I’ll handle it with an ordinary mind. I’ll do my best.”

Bonnie Chan (陳雅思) said she has confidence to pass the elimination round. “First and foremost, I must do my best and do what I can. I’ll do more yoga and exercise.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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