2016 Miss Hong Kong Finalists Greet the Press in Swimsuits

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2016 Miss Hong Kong Finalists Greet the Press in Swimsuits

The 10 finalists for the upcoming 2016 Miss Hong Kong Pageant went to Fukuoka, Japan to shoot a series of promotional clips and photo ads. To prepare for their upcoming swimsuit competition at the pageant, the girls greeted the press in their tailor-made bikinis.

#2 Tiffany Lau (劉穎鏇) stole the press’ spotlight. She stood out like a flower among grass with her tall height and voluptuous figure. Tiffany, an avid fan of basketball, is extremely athletic, and it definitely showed in her figure measurements.

Despite wearing a one-piece, reporters noticed that Tiffany still had a bit of baby fat on her waist. She said, “I’m working hard to keep fit right now. I still have some baby fat, but throughout the pageant process, I have already lost 6 to 7 pounds. I’m jogging more now.”

Tiffany has earned the nickname “big Linda Chung” by the media. Tiffany said she doesn’t mind the nickname, but does get quite bothered when people comment on her size. “A lot of people would tell me that I look very big and strong. It does get kind of annoying.”

In regards to the pageant’s swimsuit competition, Tiffany said, “I used to go to beaches all the time when I was in [Los Angeles], but I’m not used to getting photographed in my bikini. I don’t wear sexy clothes all the time and I don’t really like to show off.” (With your good figure, are you confidant that you’ll look good in any kind of swimsuit?) “Not really. These swimsuits aren’t too sexy and I believe that the organizers will take cares of us so we don’t inadvertently expose anything.”

#1 Angellica Kwan (劉穎鏇), who also has a 34D bust like Tiffany, wore a one-piece swimsuit that really complemented her figure. #5 Andrea So (蘇韻姿), who wore a two-piece, was also noted for her larger bust. #4 Daisy Dai () continues to be a stand-out in the competition.

#6 Crystal Fung (馮盈盈), who has modeled swimsuits on her Instagram before, looked surprisingly flat at the press conference. Crystal said, “I was so nervous! This was my first time wearing a bikini in front of so many people.” (You look flatter than before.) “Maybe it’s the lighting. I have been on a diet too. Or maybe it’s the swimsuit design.” (You have a much more voluptuous figure in the photos you posted online! Why did it disappear?) “I’m still here! Nothing disappeared! But I have been dieting and exercising, so maybe that really toned my muscles, making it look smaller. I’m also much skinnier now compared to before.”

Like Crystal, hot favorite #3 Bowie Cheung (張寶兒) also won a two-piece bikini, and garnered comments about her skinny figure. Bowie smiled and said, “I don’t wear swimsuits very often. Before we left for Japan I found my old swimsuit and wore it to get used to the feeling. I wore it around the house. My dad also has to get used to seeing me in it.” (You’re very skinny!) “I’ve always been skinny, but I’ve gotten even skinnier after the pageant started. Maybe it’s because of the lack of rest.”


From left to right: Angellica Kwan, Tiffany Lau, Bowie Cheung, Daisy Dai, Andrea So


From left to right: Crystal Fung, Bonnie Chan, Mandy Yuen, Cherub Chen, Phoebe Sin

Source: Oriental Daily, HK01

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    1. happybi says:

      Tiffany does has a good body. Not skinny and very curvy. Think she’ll look better if she has a haircut.

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      • birchgirl replied:

        @happybi Tiffany most definitely has the best body. The others don’t really have much sex appeal to their bodies to me, except maybe Andrea…I see some abs there. For the most part though, all I see are women in swimsuits. But Tiffany looks like she works out and has nice shoulders. You go girl. Before anyone calls me a pervert (btw I’m a woman!) Let’s face it, if this pageant has a swimsuit segment, then what people are looking at are their bodies…and Tiffany’s is definitely a step above everyone else’s in the height, size, and shape departments.

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