“The Crossing: Part 2” Reveals Strong Supporting Cast

It wasn’t a steady sail for John Woo’s (吳宇森) disaster epic The Crossing: Part 1 <太平輪> when it was first released in theaters back in December 2014. Although far from being a box office failure, it did not meet the expectations of fans and reviewers. But part 2 of the blockbuster, which will open in Chinese theaters on July 30, 2015, promises to give the audience an exciting and unforgettable ride.

Based on the sinking of the Taiping in 1949, The Crossing is about three couples who meet tragic fates while on board of the Chinese steamer Taiping, which helped to transport many refugees fleeing from China’s Communist rule to Taiwan. The fateful end of the Taiping has been compared to the Titanic.

Although most of the public’s spotlight was focused on the three couples, played by Zhang Ziyi (章子怡), Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城武), Song Hye Kyo (宋慧喬), Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明), Tong Dawei (佟大為), and Masami Nagasawa (長澤雅美), the film’s strongest point is not the starry international leads, but the award-winning supporting cast.

New characters stills from The Crossing: Part 2 were unveiled recently, which introduced the film’s strong supporting actors to the public. Each supporting actor had either starred in a critically-lauded film or has won awards themselves.

Portraying Song Hye Kyo’s mother is Cong Shan (叢珊), best known for her performance in Xie Jin’s (謝晉) award-winning 1982 film, The Herdsman <牧馬人>. Hochi Film-winning Japanese actress Hitomi Kuroki (黑木瞳) plays Masami Nagasawa’s mother, while Takeshi Kaneshiro’s mother is portrayed by Taiwanese actress Yang Kuei Mei (楊貴媚), who won Golden Horse’s Best Actress for her performance in the 2004 film The Moon Also Rises <月光下我記得>. Also starring is award-winning Chinese actress Qin Hailu (秦海璐), who immediately agreed to star in the film when it was first offered to her.

In addition to the powerful supporting female cast, the supporting male cast is also attention-grabbing. It includes Chinese actor You Yong (尤勇), a military man; Taiwanese actor Johnny Kou (寇世勛), who plays a mysterious businessman, and Hong Kong actor Bowie Lam (林保怡), portraying a villainous and greedy entrepreneur.

The Crossing: Part 2 will open in Mainland China on July 30 and Taiwan on August 14.

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Havent even watched part 1. How was it?

    And with so many people where got time to give each such respected supporting cast any time to have any screen time at all?

    1. @funnlim Part 1 was actually a decent film. 6.5/10 from me. Overhyped, but still worth watching. Can’t wait for part 2. Watch part 1 for the development & light hearted comedy

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