The Difficulties Star Shines’ Female Singers Faced

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The Difficulties Star Shines’ Female Singers Faced

Before they found success, life threw Hanna, Jinny and Shiga lemons.

Winning “Most Popular Female Singer” for the first time, Hana Kuk (菊梓喬) has risen recently to become the top Star Shines female singer. However, netizens are throwing doubt on her title and started an online campaign based on one vote per person to decide the top Star Shines female singer. Label mates Jinny Ng (吳若希) and Shiga Lin (連詩雅) were added to the poll.

The stars were dubbed as  “Hana Sis”, “ABC Shiga” and “Big Sister Ng”. During the vote, many became interested by the women’s intriguing backgrounds. While many thought that Hana had faced the most obstacles in her life, it turns out that Shiga and Jinny did not have it easy either.

Hana Worked Hard to Put Sister Through School

Her parents had divorced since young, abandoning Hana when she was 13. Hana was forced to take on multiple jobs for survival and to put her younger sister through school, including warehouse personnel, beauty salon intern, shampoo girl and dishwasher. The singer once said in an interview, “Out of all the flower varieties, I like Germany’s national flower cornflower best. Although it looks fragile, it’s very strong, just like my personality!”

Jinny Sought Help from Hong Kong Relatives

Born in Hokkien, China to a rich family, Jinny’s father encountered business troubles when she was a child, causing the family’s financial situation to decline. When her parents eventually separated, came to Hong Kong with her mother when she was just 10 and lived in a public flat with her aunt and grandparents.

Shiga Borrowed Money from Record Company

Living in a mansion in Kowloon district in her childhood, Shiga went to an international school and enjoyed a carefree childhood. However rumors had it that her father’s business failed, causing her parents’ divorce. She was forced to move to a subdivided flat and contribute to the family’s finances. When Shiga first started out as a singer, she had to borrow money from the company and had survived on just bread for three meals a day.


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The Difficulties Star Shines’ Female Singers Faced

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