“The Penthouse: War in Life” Premieres with Strong Ratings

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“The Penthouse: War in Life” Premieres with Strong Ratings

Korean drama, The Penthouse: War in Life, premiered this week and is receiving rave reviews for its cutthroat plot.

Starring Lee Ji Ah, Kim So Yeon and Eugene, the SBS drama follows the three women and their lives in Hera Palace, a luxury 100-floor penthouse in Gangnam. Life in Hera Palace is very competitive, and the women fight mercilessly for wealth, power, and prestige.

Behind the luxurious facade, the three women have their own secrets and selfish goals. Lee Ji Ah’s character comes from a rich family and is the Queen of Hera Palace, while Kim So Yeon plays a haughty socialite of the penthouse. Eugene plays a character with a humble beginning who strives to climb up the social ladder for a better life. Overwhelmed with their own ambitions, the characters get tangled up in a world of deceit and corruption and see their lives crumbling before them.

The Penthouse is helmed by talented director Joo Dong Ming, who also directed hit drama The Last Empress. With a strong cast lineup and production team, the drama thriller has attracted a strong following and received a viewership rating of 9 percent and 10 percent respectively for its first and second episodes.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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