“The Untamed” Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Today marks the one-anniversary of hit Mainland Chinese drama, The Untamed < 陈情令>, which opened the doors to the industry for male leads Sean Xiao (also known as Xiao Zhan 肖战) and Wang Yibo (王一博). Shooting to stardom after the Boys Love (BL) series aired, the actors’ fan bases expanded exponentially, and they also received significant work opportunities. To commemorate their fruitful year since the drama’s release, the team behind The Untamed released a 160-minute video of behind-the-scenes and an interview as a token of appreciation for fans’ continuous support over the past year.

Forming a Close Bond on Set

In the video, Sean and Yibo shared their first impressions of each other, as well as the blossoming of their friendship. Sean said Yibo initially gave him a boy-next-door vibe, but after interacting with each other more, he realized Yibo is quite playful. “Those who do not know Yibo well may think that he’s hard to approach and that temperamental,” Sean said.

Yibo agreed that he takes a while to warm up to others, and will act completely different around people he’s close to. Quickly bonding over games every day during filming, Yibo teased Sean by calling him a “black hole” in games. He joked that he only lets Sean tag along to gain a sense of accomplishment every time he helps him out. Bickering like close friends, Sean then complained that Yibo would hit him every day. Laughing, Yibo returned with a questioning look, “Who hits who?”

Funny Moments During Filming

Although their friendship translated to their on-screen chemistry, it became increasingly difficult to hold in their laughter as they became best buds. They would crack up with just one look at each other. Recalling hilarious moments on set, Sean disclosed Yibo tripped while carrying a kid in one scene. Yibo explained, “The costume was too long, so I accidentally stepped on it when I was running.”

Source: EtToday

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Filmed 2 years ago, 1st broadcast 1 year ago, rebroadcast soon… saw the Japanese blu ray set and that is one very special treatment. Saw 4K version, jaw dropped at how clear it is and everything is so pretty with heightened sense. Still jaw dropped at the average age of the actors, normally I will denounce it but well, they are great. Audition does wonders and one Cdrama I can rewatch again. However much I love certain cdrama even if 70 or 80 episodes, I can’t rewatch them except for this. The tweets for the 1 year anniversary was great fun too. Still impressed how the show got away with so much.

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