Tiffany Tang and Roy Chiu’s Love On Brink of Collapse?

Taiwanese actor, Roy Chiu (邱澤) and mainland actress, Tiffany Tang (唐嫣) became a rumored couple after collaborating in romantic idol series such as Unbeatable <無懈可擊之高手如林> and Love Waking Up <愛情睡醒了>. They also appeared as a couple in several commercials. However, sources say that the two are on the brink of breaking up due to the involvement of a third party, actor Luo Jin (羅晉).

In addition, Tiffany’s mother feels that her daughter can find a better boyfriend, as Tiffany is a graduate of the prestigious Central Academy of China. Roy only has a high school background.

Roy denied the rumors and his manager, Liao Tianjun (廖天駿) said Roy and Tiffany have always been good friends.

Tiffany was also rumored to be the third party who came between Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), rumors which Tiffany claimed were false. Recently, another rumor is circulating saying that Tiffany is seeing her costar, Luo Jin, from the idol drama, Agent X <女特工>. It was reported that Tiffany’s mother likes Luo Jin because he graduated from The Beijing Film Academy.  He is also on the rise to popularity due to his performance in Schemes of Beauty <美人心計>. Tiffany and Luo Jin share very similar cultural and educational backgrounds.

With her incredible looks, Tiffany has always been drawn to gossips and rumors. Likewise, she hinted in her Weibo that all these vicious rumors are so ridiculous, and only the ignorant ones will believe it. Establishing her own production studio recently, Tiffany urged others to pay attention to her work instead.

“These two days, I saw many reports about my ‘private love life’. It’s strange that my mother has no ties with anyone in the entertainment circle and never accepted any interviews; where did these silly and false rumors come from? Please look at my hard work and efforts instead.”


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  1. Kowai.
    I hate it when parents determine 2 person fate based on their background.
    Sure, they may not have similar sch background.
    However, you have to frigging remember Roy qiu has already achieve much success. All these are based on hardwork.
    You can’t turn back clock to perfect yesterday but you can work hard to beautify tomorrow.
    I hate Tiffany mother omg. It’s just like my new fair princess wu ah ge mother again.
    Angry angry.

    1. just do you. be the parent that doesn’t look at your child’s “fate based on their background”

  2. Roy is so dreamy! They are both in the entertainment business as actors, the two look very promising in their career path by far, if they are dating why would her mother care. It’s not like Luo Jin is doing something else beside acting to. I know there was rumors of the two dating, but that isn’t even confirmed.

  3. Looks like Ron Ng really need a fierce aunty PA to ward of rumors, since he’s working with Tiffany soon.

    1. Sehseh,
      What is the name of Ron’s new project with Tiffany?

      Tiffany portraying a secret agent in new drama, “Agent X” sounds interesting. She can look pretty sexy with red lipstick.

    2. Really?? It will be more trouble for Ron is he does not handle it well..But then again, maybe it is a good opportunity for him as well…

      1. Really, Ron Ng? “who is fat, has a dog face and can’t speak Mandarin properly?” And a rap sheet that’s a mile long?

        Her mother would definitely place her under armed security 24/7 during the shoot. LOL!!!

      2. I still find Ron handsome even that he got fatter. Let’s dub Ron’s voice and everything will be ok 🙂

    3. Ron is a lucky chap that keep getting good opportunities after his many mishaps!

  4. Sounds an awful lot like promo for Agent X… but Luo Jin is really quite the catch, so get on it Tang Yan!

  5. Luo Jin? Googled him and ohhhhh that actor. Very scary looking lips but darn fine actor. In fact he was fantastic.

  6. Roy looks best with his ‘Office Girls’ co-star Alice Ko, they have great chemistry!

  7. I went dramawiki on Roy Chiu and OMO, his birthday is the same as mine and damien lau 🙂

    I’m actually surprise that she have that much money to do an production herself. But I don’t think she is dating, but Roy is such a hottie *Wave*

    Luo Jin, I actually didn’t know who that was, I’ve to google him up and I was like OMG, him ^O^ He was in Schemes of a Beauty and I <3 that dramas. I heard he was in Beauties of the Emperor, but I cannot seem to be able to finish it :/

  8. Is that her screenshot from the Agent X drama? She looks like normal girl next door up there and doesn’t look like any sort of agent.

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