“Till Death Do Us Part” to Air Finale on June 9

There are spoilers within this article.

ViuTV’s Till Death Do Us Part <婚內情> will air its finale on June 9. For those following the drama closely, the tension surrounding Sunny Chan (陳錦鴻), Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯), Bernice Liu (廖碧兒), and Hedwig Tam’s (談善言) characters will finally reach a conclusion. There are three questions that are keeping viewers in suspense.

  1. Will Sheren Be Lonely for the rest of her life?

From previous episodes, Bernice reveals that her elder sister Sheren has already recovered from cancer but she is using her illness to win Sunny’s heart again. It was also revealed that Sheren had asked Bernice to approach Sunny and doesn’t love him. Ultimately, Sunny chooses to have a divorce with Sheren as he felt betrayed in being lied to.

Sheren also has a fallout with Bernice. Not only does Sheren lose a husband, but also a sister. Without her loved ones, will Sheren be lonely for the rest of her life?

  1. Bernice Will Be Left with Nothing

Both Sunny and Bernice’s boyfriend Shaopin Tsui (徐肇平) leave her since she doesn’t love them. Like Sheren, will Bernice be left with nothing at the end?

  1. Sunny to Marry Hedwig?

After Sheren’s constant lies about her illness and treating Sunny with no respect, the couple decides to get divorced. During this time, Sunny finds out that Hedwig is pregnant with his baby and decides to take full responsibility by marrying her. Will the mistress take the win? Does she really love Sunny or is there more to this manipulation?

With the finale to address these open issues, who will end up on top? Till Death Do Us Part will air its one-hour finale tomorrow night at 10 p.m.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Can anyone comment about this series? Is it good and worth watching to the end? I stop watching after 2 episodes, and is waiting for more feedback before i decides whether to continue watching this series or just skip it. I was watching it for Sheren Tang and Sunny Chan…but the show is kind of slow in the beginning.

    1. @diana80 , I echo that! I heard positive reviews and started to watch it. After 2 episodes, I’ve stopped watching as well. Not as good as everyone was talking about. I watched tried to pick it up again at episodes 29 and 30…Was it the ending? Honestly, it wasn’t attracting me at all. I was watching only because of Sharon Tang. Sunny Chan and Bernice Liu I really didn’t care for.

      1. @ricky721

        Thanks for your reply.

        Well, i’ll just skip this series then. TVB’s Big White Duel is airing already, i guess it should be more fast-paced & interesting than the above series.

    2. @diana80 IMHO, it’s not a series I would recommend to anyone. I’m a comedy fan and this whole series has been dark, very dark, from the story to the decor, the music, the clothes. Everything was just cold. After each episode I had this “wth did I just watch” moment and felt drained. I couldn’t get attached to any of the characters and yes, like you said, the show is slow. But at the same time, I feel like you can hardly develop a good story with only 20 minutes per episode, unless it’s a sitcom. The acting was okay and the only reason I watched the whole series from the beginning to the end it’s because I’m a CBC and I want to improve my Cantonese, so I just watch every Canto tv shows lol

      1. @fatchoy

        Thanks for your feedback.

        Wow…u was able to watch it from beginning to the end…that’s not easy for u since u are a comedy lover!

        Yup…slow and dark-themed dramas are not my preference. Therefore, no matter how much people have been criticising TVB series for its drop in quality in recent years (which i also agree), but i find their series are still watchable if u are just watching purely for entertainment…not for logic plot or finding the flaws. At least it’s fast-paced.

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