Tony Hung: “I have Higher Chances of Winning the Lottery Than TV King!”

Originally hosting TVB’s travel programs, Tony Hung (洪永城) and Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) began to take part in drama productions in recent years. Proving themselves likeable onscreen, both artistes were promoted to leading roles this year. However, Tony laughed that he is still far from obtaining the name of TV King, and would more likely win the lottery instead.

Tony is the male lead in Captain of Destiny <張保仔>, one of TVB’s anniversary series this year. Although anniversary series are heavily promoted and usually receive much hype, Tony exclaimed, “I believe my chances of winning the lottery is higher than winning the TV King award! But if I do get nominated, it means I’ll be onstage along with Wayne Lai <黎耀祥> and Ruco Chan <陳展鵬>. I’ll bring along my selfie-stick and take selfies with them!”

Speaking of who he thinks will become TV King this year, Tony expressed, “Ruco! He placed a lot of effort in filming Eye in the Sky <天眼>. The character design was great, and I hope he can win!”

On the other hand, Priscilla also remarked that it is impossible for her to become this year’s TV Queen. She would be happy just to get her name nominated. In terms of whether or not she hopes her boyfriend Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) would win the TV King award, Priscilla exclaimed, “He is already the TV King in my heart!”


This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars,com.

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  1. New to the entertainment industry so IDK who’s Tony Hung but he seems like a pretty humble and down-to-earth guy!

      1. @akinu He’s new to acting and not very good. Everyone was disappointed when he was chosen as the lead male cast for Captain of Destiny when the original guy dropped out.

      2. @akinu Yup. He needs major improvement as well as bigger fan base. He’s so new…. but it’s not hisbfault that he got the co-lead role though. Who would turn it down riht? Lol.

    1. @akinu Piggyback on Mike’s comment: Tony Hung is extremely green in acting. He’s far from male lead material. However, he has been in the entertainment circles for years. He had traveling shows and started as a host. He won an award for his show couple years ago.

  2. I hope Ruco wins Best Actor and/or Most Favourite Actor in TVB’s awards this year. This guy truly deserves these 2 awards. He can act, sing and a genuine nice guy as well. His eyes and facial expressions are so expressive and natural. He doesn’t need to yell at the top of his voice and deliberately act. He is such a natural in acting. TVB…please give him credit when it’s due.

    1. @lml1977 I agree with you 100%. I doubt tvb will let him win BA, maybe MFA. It isn’t that he doesn’t deserve either. It’s just that he’s not in grand enough production to garnish noise qnd poplurity for the awards. He shares leading role in the aired series for this year so far.

    2. @lml1977 moreover, I can’t remember a BA leader is ever from a shared lead series. All winners have been clearly the one and only lead.

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