Tony Hung’s Fiancée May Be Pregnant

Announcing his engagement last week, Tony Hung (洪永城) had actually proposed back in February. Keeping the engagement a secret, as Hong Kongers were still affected by the pandemic and social unrest, Tony only revealed the exciting news to a few friends and family members. In great spirits after his engagement, Tony calmly faced rumors that his fiancee, model/ fitness entrepreneur Inez Leong (梁諾妍), is pregnant.

As Tony is a very practical person, his attempted romantic gesture impressed Inez. However, his proposal inside their home bathroom did result in some humorous moments when she had to stop him before he popped the question, as she really had to go to the toilet.

Proud of his proposal plan, Tony had set everything up so that she would see the flowers and the ring right when she opened the door. “As her fiancé, I hope to bring laughter and happiness to her! We’ll have another topic we can talk with friends about too. The most important thing was a memorable moment full of happiness.”

He also took the opportunity to express his love for Inez, “During this time, not only us, but all of Hong Kong has gone through a lot. You definitely see the truth in adversity. During this time, we found ourselves to be really compatible, so I viewed her as ‘the one’. Actually, I had already thought of her as ‘the one’ very early on.”

They have not started planning for their wedding yet, but hope to hold it within the year. Due to gathering restrictions, they will likely hold a simple afternoon ceremony and just invite a few friends.

As their engagement was actually in February, many are wondering if they are announcing it now because Inez is pregnant. “We’re heading in that direction. A family does bring more happiness–I’m looking forward to it.” Asked if Inez is already pregnant, Tony replied, “I’m looking forward to it.”

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Tony Hung’s Girlfriend Laughs Over How He Proposed

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    1. @cutie777
      Yup another shotgun wedding… My family called those emergency weddings. They marry only for the baby. Sadly in some cases, those always don’t work out.

      1. @hetieshou exactly my thoughts. Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chen, William Feng and Zanilla Zhao are a good example accept Vincent and Yoyo haven’t announced their divorced yet.

      2. @cutie777
        Yup and when you only marry because of pregnancy, it usually does not last. Lasting is one thing but being happy and blissful is another story.

        Even if Vincent and yo-yo don’t announce their divorce, it is pretty much an open secret. Fate comes but it can also go fast..

    2. @cutie777 if they are already living together, who cares if it’s a shotgun wedding because they are having a kid? Their lifestyle before and after marriage would still be the same. It’s just a piece of paper to make it official.

      1. @theyenman
        I find it sad that people think marriage is just a piece of paper when it is way more than that. Being officially married is way more important than many think. If you are not officially married on paper, you are still considered outsiders to each other even if you lived together for 50 years so there will be many things you are not qualified to do.

      2. @theyenman so the kid is the main reason to make it official, and not to officialize the relationship? if they knew having a kid is in the plan, it actually make more sense to be married before than after a kid is produced because it shows planning. to me, having kids without marriage is fine, but don’t get married after you know a kid is in the pic to make themselves look better. If they care all that much about officiating their relationship, then could’ve done it before they got preggo. Theyre just shamed into doing it, which is even more embarrassing.

      3. @coralie if they are already living together as common law, who really cares? I honestly don’t get the difference if they are married on paper or not if they are already doing everything together. Instead of shamed into doing it because of a kid, maybe they wanted the ensure they were married so their kid doesn’t get made fun of later on. Cuz just from even this thread, it’s pretty evident people will gossip about it.

      4. @coralie ok, that’s just dumb, and now you are just being pedantic in your argument. How many people do you know would tell you the reasons why their parents got married? No one would know or care why parents got married. But they would know if they continue to not be married. You don’t think the kid would get made fun of at school if they weren’t? Kids are aholes.

      5. @theyenman how many kids are actually concerned about whether others’ parents are married in this day and age? I know IDGAF when I was young. and I grew up in the ‘hood where single parenthood is rampant

      6. @theyenman
        I used to think that too but I realize more and more just how important it is to be officially married on paper. If you are not then there are just so many things you are not allowed to do. Like in Asian countries, you are not allowed to sign health consent forms which can mean life and death in some situations. That actually has happened to a lesbian couple. Her partner died as a result since they were not legally married so she could not sign the health consent forms for emergency surgery. They waited too long so her partner died. A family friend’s girlfriend was not allowed to inherit anything after her “husband”( or boyfriend as they were not married) passed since she was not legally married to him so was considering an outsider. Being legally married is more important than many think. If marriage were not important than why does the LBGT community fight so hard for just that basic right while the straight couples just take it for granted?

      7. @theyenman
        How would others know, especially kids, if his parents are legally married or not? Getting officially married is more for their benefits not for others to judge. I doubt others would care but it is more for them as a family.

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